Why My Hampton Bay Air Conditioner is not Cooling

 Why My Hampton Bay Air Conditioner is not Cooling

why my hampton bay air conditioner is not cooling

I was sitting in my room staring at my air conditioner that was on low cool thinking why is my Hampton Bay air conditioner not cooling?  You may have wondered the same thing or had a similar problem. I decided to do a little research and here is what I found out. This applies also to Hampton Bay Window Air Conditioner not cooling.

The first thing that you need to do is determine what the problem is. There are a number of reasons which I will expand upon below. It could be one or more of the following:

So that’s the list and here is what we found out one by one:

1. Air Conditioner Air Filter Is Clogged

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner can be greatly reduced if the air filter is blocked. This is because the air cannot flow properly through your air conditioner.

To fix this problem you need to check the air filter for debris. Debris is things like dirt, dust, leaves or any organic matter that has collected on the air filter over time of use.

If there is debris then try to clean the debris off the air filter. If it is not possible to clean this debris off the filter then you will have to buy a new air filter. In addition to this if the air filter is clogged the evaporator coils will frost over.

2. Dirty Condenser Coils

As the coolant transfers through the air conditioners coils the condensing coils have the job of dispersing the heat. If the condenser coils happen to be a little grubby then they won’t be able to disperse the heat as efficiently.

Because they are located outside they are subject to all of the environmental conditions that go along with being outside. Muck, that’s my way of saying dirt and organic matter,  will naturally build up on the condenser coils over time and needs to be routinely removed.

You will need to check the condenser coils to ascertain if they are grubby or unclean. If there is any debris or muck on them you will need to clean them.

3. Defective Compressor

It’s not usual for the compressor to be defective so make sure you check the other components first such as the compressor capacitor and overload protector.

I know these are technical terms for those of us who maybe not so technical but your air conditioner manual should show you where to locate those items.

If you do not have a manual or your manual or handbook does not have this information you will need to do a search online with your particular model to find the locations of these items.

You may also acquire the manuals here from our website free of charge. Check the end of this article for details. If you find that the compressor is defective then it should only be replaced by a licenced technician.

Air Conditioner 6000 BTU

4. Defective Thermostat

To ascertain if the thermostat is faulty you will need to start the air con and set it to cooling.

Using a multimeter you can then test for consistency or continuity. Continuity essentially means that current can flow through the circuit.

If there is a break in the circuit, i.e. the thermostat is faulty, then the thermostat is defective and will have to be replaced.

The thermostat has the job of monitoring the air temperature. Once it reaches a certain point the thermostat flicks a switch to turn on the compressor and fan.

If you have made it this far then well done. Stick with me there are a few more checks you will need to make to ensure your air conditioner is working correctly.

Again I understand that some of the information is a little technical but then your air conditioner is a piece of technology so there are going to be a few technical requirements.

Depending on your level of expertise this will be either easy or a little involved. My technical expertise is an absolute beginner, so if I can do this so can you.

5. Faulty Main Control Board

I found out that the main control board within the air conditioner is responsible for controlling the voltage to the fan and the compressor.

However this main control board is very often misdiagnosed so it’s always best to test the other possibilities first before shelling out, that means paying money, on a new main control board.

Remember if you are doing this you are obviously trying to save money like me.

6. Defective Temperature Control Board

Only replace the temperature control board if you are certain no other parts are defective.

That is check all the other possibilities first before replacing this board as again these boards are also often misdiagnosed.

If you are certain the temperature control board is defective then go ahead and replace it. A defective temperature control board will not provide power to the compressor or fan.

7. Faulty Thermistor

Use a multimeter to test for continuity. For the specific resistance values along with temperatures, you will need to consult your manual.

If there is no continuity or the continuity does not change with a change in temperature then the thermistor is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Its function is to monitor the temperature of the air by using a sensor which is attached to the mainboard. Its resistance value will change according to the air temperature.

A lower air temperature will result in a higher resistance value. If you do not have the manual, then again please check our website, we have a number of manuals for many of the Hampton Bay products free of charge.

8. Burnt Out Run Capacitor

To check this item you will need to locate your compressor as the run capacitor will be connected to the compressor via some electrical leads.

The compressor will be unable to run if the run capacitor is burnt out. You will need to test the capacitor using your multimeter.

The capacitor should have continuity, indicating electrical flow. If there is no continuity or electrical flow you will need to replace the run capacitor.

Well, that’s the full list above of the items you can check and test on your Hampton Bay air conditioner, or any air conditioner for that matter, to work out what may be wrong if it is not blowing out cool air.

Hampton Bay Air Conditioner 6000 BTU in Kitchen

Where Can I Buy The Hampton Bay AC Replacement Parts?

The next logical question you may have is where can i get the replacement parts from if there is a faulty part on my air conditioner?

We did a little research and found the best place below in the article.

Please check this article: Hampton Bay Air Conditioner

We are not affiliated with the websites recommended in the article in any way. They seem to be reputable businesses and are based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

They can be contacted via telephone and a real person will talk to you that works for the company, not some Asian call centre. We find that a real business with real contactable people are always the best companies to deal with. 

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about Hampton Bay itself. My personal experience is that Hampton Bay is based somewhere in China. Maybe a factory that produces a number of different models and products under different brand names for companies such as Home Depot in the USA.

So when you go to try and contact Hampton Bay with a problem you are unable to find any business identity in the USA.

The best you can do is contact Home Depot, but they can be very unhelpful. They may suggest getting in touch with Hampton Bay directly, but you cant do that. They just don’t exist in the USA.

My final piece of advice is to buy from a more reputable brand. Preferably made in the USA if you can afford it.

If it is a cheap brand it is likely made in China. If that is the case if you have any problems or need a replacement then you are on your own.

If anyone can recommend a Hampton Bay website that does help with product concerns then please leave a comment and let us know so we can inform our readers.

Some Interesting Hampton Bay Statistics

Since we run a Hampton Bay Manual site where you can download Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Manuals for your product free of charge we come across a few complaints and some praises for Hampton Bay products. 

The biggest complaint we receive is for customer support. There is just no customer support for there products in the USA. We often get wrongly thought of as the legitimate outlet but we are no more than a few volunteers just locating and finding the manuals for their products free of charge. 

The next biggest complaint we see is the quality of the products. As far as ceiling fans go there are a lot of complaints, from blades breaking to lights not working if you have a fan with lights.

We have had an occasional motor catching fire but thankfully this is rare. As the saying goes: ‘You pay for what you get’. Since Hampton bay products are on the lower price range you are going to get a lower quality product. So buyer beware.

Download Your Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Manual

To download your Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Manual click on the link below. Find your model then follow the instructions.

Click here to Find and Download Your Hampton Bay Air Conditioner Manual

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