Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan – Manual, Reviews, Parts & More

Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan
Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan

The gleaming white finish makes it easy to match any Home Decor style. With 5 white fan blades, the Westinghouse Contractor’s Choice 52 inch ceiling fan adds a touch of comfort along with reliable performance to your room.

This ceiling fan is suitable for room sizes up to 18 feet x 20 feet. This is more than ample for any bedroom that may need cooling with style.

After doing a little research we found that this ceiling fan features a very efficient 153 mm x 15 mm motor made from silicon steel along with a triple capacitor for that quiet yet powerful airflow that you need around the room.

As standard with most Westinghouse ceiling fans, the Contractors Choice 52 inch Fan has three fan speeds along with a convenient reversible switch to ensure you are pleasantly comfortable during the winter and summer months.

The Westinghouse Contractor’s Choice Ceiling Fan can be used with a remote control.

It comes with a nice lifetime motor warranty along with a generous 2-year warranty for all the other parts.

In this article we will discuss the following:

Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan

Features of the Westinghouse Contractors Choice Indoor White Ceiling Fan

  • 5 gleaming white fan blades with a 12° blade pitch to increase the airflow
  • 3 easy to change speeds, high, medium, and low with a reversible switch to keep you cool and comfortable during the summer and winter months; can be adapted to use a remote control
  • Gleaming white finish to easily complement most home and office decor styles
  • Designed only for indoors
  • With a blade size of 52 inches, you can keep a room size over 20 feet x 20 feet cool and comfortable
  • Powerful yet quiet 153 mm x 15 mm steel motor
  • Very easy to install
  • Airflow (4,099 CFM)

Before we take a look at the performance and reviews of the Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan we thought you might be interested in a little bit of the ceiling fans history and origins.

Who Make White Westinghouse Ceiling Fans?

Apparently it was back in 1886 that George Westinghouse founded what we know today as Westinghouse Ceiling Fans through his Westinghouse Electric Company.

He was a skilled Engineer and is known for introducing the transformer and promoted the use of AC current.

So what has happened to Westinghouse today? Well in 2018 Westinghouse Electric Company was acquired by partners from Toshiba and Brookfield Business Partners after having filed bankruptcy in 2017.

What Types of Ceiling Fans Does Westinghouse Make?

We have found that Westinghouse ceiling fans offer a good range of low-cost ceiling fans for commercial and residential use. Here are a few following:

Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan

We have found that these particular ceiling fans are beautifully and efficiently crafted to cool your kitchen, bedroom or even office without detracting from your overall home décor.

Being available in a wide range of styles and designs, from nautical to antique, and beautiful finishes, from the traditional white to copper.

Westinghouse Indoor Ceiling Fan
Westinghouse Inddor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The exterior style of ceiling fans are specifically designed and made to stand up against the relentless weather elements that pound your patio, porch, or pool and bbq area without rusting or sacrificing overall function and performance.

For outdoor conditions you will need to look for a damp or wet UL rating on your Westinghouse outdoor fan.

You might be pleased to know that damp or wet rated ceiling fans are also suitable for use in your bathroom. They can help prevent any mold from developing by keeping the moisture down and air flowing.

Westinghouse Commercial Ceiling Fan

These larger and more powerful ceiling fans are built and designed to circulate a larger volume of air over those large, open spaces such as a storeroom or warehouse.

The Westinghouse industrial ceiling fan is designed to keep staff and workers comfortably cool and also assists in the prevention and buildup of mould by providing good airflow circulation.

If you are looking for a good Hampton Bay Commercial Ceiling Fan then we would recommend you check out the powerful Hampton Bay Industrial Fan with its 60 inch blades and powerful motor it can move a lot of air in those larger spaces and rooms.

How To Install The Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan

In this section, we discuss the Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan installation instructions.

Most of the Westinghouse ceiling fans come with the quick and simple Instaloc system.

What was once a challenging job is now easy with the Instaloc system. The fan can be assembled and operating within minutes with no prior experience.

It has a simplified design and some factory preassembly to make it so easy to assemble and install.

Most ceiling fans have 50 or 60 parts whereas the Instaloc fan has only fifteen parts including the light kit and glass shades.

The hanging bracket makes hanging the fan easy and also simplifies the wiring process.

As with any electrical work you will need to disconnect the power before beginning.

Remove the old fixture and disconnect the wiring, making sure that the fixture box can handle upto 35lbs of weight.

Connect the wires in the ceiling to the corresponding terminals on the mounting bracket.

Once all of the connections have been made set the mounting bracket into position and screw it into the ceiling.

Carefully lift the ceiling fan onto the mounting bracket and rotate the fan until it locks in place.

With the bracket holding the ceiling fan attach the male and female adapters from the fan to those leading from the terminal block.

Raise the canopy bracket up and align the holes with those on the mounting bracket and secure with the screws.

With the Instaloc system you simply insert each blade into the slot on the ceiling fan and turn the flywheel until all five blades are locked into place. This only takes 30 seconds rather than the typical 30 minutes with most other ceiling fan blade installs.

The last step is to attach the light shades for the light kit. The shades simply twist on. Screw in your lightbulbs and you are ready to go.

The installation and assembly process only takes a few minutes and will give your home decor look a beautiful lift enhancing the beauty of your room.

All of these steps can be seen in the video below.

Review of the Westinghouse Contractors Choice 52 in Ceiling Fan

Unfortunately the Westinghouse Contractors Choice Fan does not come with the Instaloc system. However it is still pretty straightforward to install.

I have pretty much assembled and installed several hundred ceiling fans, and the Westinghouse Contractors Choice fan was fairly typical of the effort required to install.

What I liked is the quality of the assembled ceiling fan was pretty much flawless.

There were pleasantly no issues, no exterior or interior damage, and the fan worked fine.

It came complete with all the parts and screws required for the install, even some wire nuts and a few different screws for making it easier to mount to the electrical-box.

What I really appreciated was that it did not require the blades to be balanced, even though it did come with the balancing kit.

My final prognosis is that I will be ordering more in the near future.

We took a look at customer reviews and of the 13 customers who left a review they gave a total overall score of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars and 100% said they would recommend this fan.

Download the Westinghouse Contractors Choice Manual

Click on the link below to download the Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan Manual in PDF format.

Click Here to Download the Westinghouse Contractors Choice 52in Ceiling Fan Manual

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