Troubleshooting Your Remote Controls Step by Step

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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes

If you are like me and have had a few problems with your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote not working then this is the article for you. I don’t claim to be an expert but after researching many articles, I have put together a comprehensive list for troubleshooting your remote control. These suggestions work perfectly well for any make, model or brand of remote control. Here are a few basic reasons after which we go into detail with full explanations, and more so please read on.

  1. Check Power off/on Button
  2. Check and Replace Batteries
  3. Change Dip Switch Settings
  4. Try a Universal Remote Replacement
  5. How to Contact the Manufacturer

Also in this article, we will cover:

First, the transmitter, (can be handheld or in the wall), sends a signal to the receiver module, (located in the fan).

The first thing you need to do is to determine if the transmitter is receiving the signal, so check that your batteries are not dead. Replace them with new ones if necessary and then try the remote control again. You will need to know where the receiver location is to switch off the fan.

Where  Is The Hampton Bay Fan Remote Receiver Location?

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Receiver Location: If your transmitter has a reverse button, then the receiver will often usually be in the Switch Housing (located between the blades and the light kit).

Sometimes you will find it around the top of the motor, on the side of the motor, or in the canopy, at the ceiling. If your transmitter does not have a reverse button, the receiver will usually be in the canopy, at the ceiling.

Both the receiver and the transmitter must have power. So you will need to change the battery in the transmitter and make sure that the wall switch is turned on before testing. Remember to always turn off the power before working on the fan.

Hampton Bay Fan Remote

Ceiling Fan Stopped Working Suddenly – Reset and Sync!

Most problems can be sorted by resetting the remote and syncing it with the ceiling fan.

This is what is called a Remote Reset.

How is this achieved?

First, turn off the power then switch it back on again and within 30 seconds of turning it on you will need to hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds.

Doing this will reset it. However, if that didn’t work then you may need to sync the sensor in the fan with the remote control.

To do this most of the remote controls will use Dip Switches (see the drawing in this article Dip Switch Settings and check the picture further below) to set the channel on the receiver and transmitter.

If you have more than one fan with a remote control, then the switch settings, on one transmitter along with the corresponding receiver, can be changed so that this transmitter will only operate the ceiling fan with the corresponding setting.

Or if you had 2 or more ceiling fans in the same room and wanted them to operate together, you can set the receivers to the same setting and then any transmitter that is also set to that same setting will then operate the fans.

Note that a receiver will only accept a signal from a transmitter that has the same dip switch setting.

Nothing works on my Hampton Bay Remote and the small red light on the transmitter works with all of the buttons!

You will need to Check the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Dip Switch settings.

Before you begin opening the fan, to expose the receiver, try these settings;

If you have 4 dip switches, try ALL ON, try #1 OFF and #2,3,4 ON, try #1,2,3 ON and #4 OFF. If you have 5 dip switches; try #1,2,3,4 ON and #5 OFF, try ALL ON, try #1 OFF #2,3,4 ON and #5 OFF.

If these settings will not work, then click here to see all the possible dip switch settings. Try each and every one of the different settings. If none of these settings will work, then either the transmitter or the receiver is probably bad.

Nothing works on my Fan Remote and the small red light on the transmitter does not light up!

If this happens then the transmitter is most likely bad, but before you buy the part, you can send for FREE TESTING. See below on how to avail yourself of the free testing for the transmitter.

The fan works but the light does not. The red light on the transmitter works!

The receiver is most likely bad, but before you buy the part, you can send for FREE TESTING. See ” Free Testing ” below.

FREE TESTING: Please note this is not our service but someone we recommend. Electronic parts that you purchase, are NOT RETURNABLE, So before you buy something, you can send us your old transmitter or receiver or both, for free testing. Send to: Gulf Coast Fan 5810 Parr CT. Damon, TX 77430 — Please include a note with your name and phone number.

dip switches both

What Are Dip Switches For My Ceiling Fan Remote Control?

If you are like me, you may be wondering what a DIP switch is. It is actually a set of small switches in a dual in-line package or DIP for short, that is used to alter the operating mode of the ceiling fan.  DIP switches are becoming less common because most ceiling fans have technology that no longer requires any manual configuration.

Can I add or change an IN-WALL remote control wall switch?

In most cases, YES. If your fan has a handheld remote control, there is a wall switch that would replace your standard wall switch.

You could then control the fan functions from the wall or the handheld remote control. Check our post on Hampton Bay Remotes for more information.

Troubleshoot Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes

When using the Remote Control the Fan Works But Light Doesn’t or Light Works But Fan Doesn’t

This is also a common problem and can also include nothing working at all, or perhaps the fan just works on low speed only.

The reason could be that someone has pulled either one or both the pull chains. The reason why the remote won’t work if this is the case is that the pull chain switches are in sync with the remote control receiver unit.

So if the pull chain is in the off position the remote control will not be able to get any power to the ceiling fan light or fan.

The solution is to press the fan high button and then light on, on the remote control unit, and then pull the pull chains until the light comes on and the fan runs on high.

If this doesn’t work then your problem is something different.

Another thing you might try if the fan works but the light won’t turn on is holding down the light button on the remote while pulling the light chain a few times. Remember that holding it down is the key.

If you have a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan then you might like to also check out our article specifically for Harbor Breeze: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote

Universal Remote Replacement

You can also get a good universal remote to operate your ceiling fan if you lose the original.

It is easy to find a replacement on Amazon. Just search for Hampton Bay Universal Remote (Affiliate Link to Amazon) and a number of recommended remotes will show.

However, if you can, it is always best to get an original Hampton Bay Remote Control, Just check here, as it will have more setting available. Universal remotes typically will have limited settings.

Lastly, you may want to contact the manufacturer or the place you bought the ceiling fan from.

This may be one of the Home Depot stores as you cannot contact Hampton Bay directly.

We cover how to get Hampton Bay Replacement Parts in this post here. If you are wanting to get a replacement then you really need to check out this post by clicking here.

These universal remotes will also work well for the model fan-9t.

How To Change The Frequency On A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Frequencies

If you have found your Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control or your wall fan control unit has all of a sudden stopped working, more than likely it will be related to the fan and remote frequency settings.

First thing you need to do is to follow the remote button reset instructions in the manual that came with your remote control.

Check below for a link to available manuals online. Also please check above for quick reset instructions.

If the quick button reset method doesn’t work, then disassemble the ceiling fan canopy and check all of the dip switch settings.

Ensure the numbers inside the remote unit align with the numbers on the base of the fan.

Lastly, tighten any wires that may have worked themselves loose and ensure all wire connections are secured properly in position.

If you find that none of these suggestions solves the issues that you are experiencing, then the receiver or the fan switch might have failed.

You will need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement or for the warranty information. Please check our article Hampton Bay Replacement Parts for help with this.

Tip: As mentioned above in this article before you go ahead and dismantle the canopy at the base of the ceiling fan, double-check that the batteries within the remote control are working.

What Is A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Kit?

If you are looking for a remote kit then this is just another name for a Universal remote.

You may also get a wall bracket with the kit, but essentially it is just a remote, and the batteries are not included. Again check on Amazon for these remote kits.

What Is A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote APP?

This is an app you can download, usually for free that enables you to use your mobile phone or tablet to act as a remote for your ceiling fan.

Not all apps work for all ceiling fans so its best to try a few until you find one that will sync or interface with your fan. Just go to Google Play Store and do a search for ‘Universal Remote’ or ‘Ceiling Fan Remote’ and download and try the app.

If you have an app that you like and use for your Hampton Bay Fan then please share it with us so we can recommend it for others.

If you use an Apple device then going to Apples’ store and typing the search term above will show a number of apps you can also try.

How To Install A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

In this section, we will take a look at how you can install the ceiling fan remote along with any issues you may encounter.

Basically you may have followed all the instructions but still the remote may not work.

You may have connected correctly the remote receiver input (wires coloured red/black and white) from the outlet and output (wires coloured blue, white, black) to the fan.

You may also have set the same dip switch (0-0-0-0) to both the receiver and transmitter but when you press the remote button nothing happens.

You may also have tried changing the dip switch to a different setting such as 1-1-0-0 on both the transmitter and the receiver. Still the same thing, nothing happens.

In these cases could the transmitter or receiver be defective? Could the battery be dead?

Before starting turn the circuit breaker off. Make sure to test all the components with a voltage detector before you touch any wiring.

Below is the Hampton bay fan remote receiver wiring diagram, this is how the fan is wired.

Hampton Bay Fan Remote Wiring Diagram
Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Wiring Diagram

The next possible reason why the fan is not working is to consider the remote.

When a button is pushed on the remote, a red LED light should light up. This tells you that the fan remote control is sending a signal to the fan receiver.

If this is happening then the battery is ok, and the ceiling fan remote is functioning in a proper way.

In this case, if the fan is new or still under warranty you can go back to The Home Depot store you bought the fan from, with the receipt and get a replacement receiver.

If after doing all of the above steps the fan still doesn’t work then you will need to get a multimeter and start testing the voltage between the white and black (or red) wires.

Five of the Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Universal Remotes Available

So we checked what Universal Remotes are available and came up with a definitive list of six that we consider being the best. Some are Wink enabled, others are Basic and some are LCD with thermostatic control.

1. Hampton Bay Premier Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Hampton Bay Premier Universal Remote Control
Premier Universal Remote Control

Our first choice is the Hampton Bay Premier Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

This remote control is good with most styles of ceiling fans, including Hampton Bay and Hunter. It will control the fan’s light with dimming and speed.

It is wireless and the receiver is included in the $41.34 price. Its a sleek design and looks good and functions very well.

The delay-off is a really helpful feature enabling you to turn off the light from the bed and the delay means that the light will wait a short while to turn off so you are able to exit the bedroom in light.

we found as most have that the installation is very easy with no problems. We give it 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

You can’t go wrong with this remote control as 89% of customers would recommend it. You can check it out here.

2. 3-Speed Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

3 Speed Universal Remote Control
3 Speed Universal Remote Control

Again we recommend this remote as it also has a dimming feature and is suitable for most ceiling fans.

We found it easy to install and very compatible with LED, Incandescent and CFL light bulbs.

The dimmable lights, we use LED’s, work well. When using the universal remote control only, the fan/lights come on pretty instantly.

Wiring is easy enough. No issues or hassles there. At $34.97 seems a little bit pricy with only a few features but because it just works so well we gave it a 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

A total of 79% of buying customers would recommend this Remote here.

3. Thermostatic Remote Control with LCD Display

Our third choice is the Thermostatic LCD Universal Remote.

The nice thermostatic feature included in this remote control will turn the fan on/off at a temperature that you set.

This is an energy saver as it will reduce the speed of the fan if the room reaches the desired temperature.

However, you will pay a bit more for this feature. The cost of the remote control is reasonable, and being a Universal Remote its going to be good for the Hampton Bay models.

Sometimes the fan will turn on on its own and not when at the set temperature, other than that it works well at self-regulating the speed with a nice easy display.

Another feature it does not have is the reverse blades button, which is semi-important to me during the winter months.

If this is not an issue for you then this is a good replacement remote control.

This ceiling fan remote has 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

4. Wink Enabled Universal Ceiling Fan Premier Remote Control

Wink Enabled Universal Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control
Wink Enabled Universal Remote Control

This Wink Enabled Hampton Bay 4-speed Universal remote control comes compatible with the WINK automation system to enable you to control your ceiling fan by means of your smartphone or Tablet.

It features a light/fan timer as well as what they call a Comfort Breeze setting. This setting will randomly change the ceiling fan’s speed to create a ‘breeze’ effect in your room.

You pay for all these extra features at $49.99!

However, if your ceiling fan isn’t on a switch you are going to have a not so easy time pairing it with Wink.

The process of pairing requires the power to be turned off from the ceiling fan.

I had the unfortunate lesson in this after installing the remote and calling the customer help number and spending an hour on the telephone.

I had to go through a process of connecting a temporary switch between the ceiling fan and power line in so that I could pair with wink.

Then I had to disconnect the switch and then reassemble the ceiling fan.

After cutting a slot in the canopy and then mounting the antenna outside as far as I could, it now holds a nice steady connection and is online.

If I had of known all this up front I would have given it a higher rating.

However, to be fair, for most people installation will be a lot easier than it was for me.

We give it a total of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars and a total of 74% of buying customers would recommend this remote control.

5. Universal Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Thermostatic Remote

Universal Thermostatic Remote Control
Universal Thermostatic Remote Control

The final Hampton Bay Remote Control that we recommend is this stylish Thermostatic Remote.

The design is universal making it compatible with pretty much most ceiling fan brands. This includes Hampton Bay, Hunter and more.

Overall, we found that this ceiling fan remote kit is a great item.

The kit is very easy to install, even to those that may be a novice with electricity. If you are able to match colours, then you are able to install the receiver.

The remote control buttons are very intuitive, however, those of you that are not so experienced with wiring will need to read the directions thoroughly, and not carry out the installation if they are not comfortable or not skilled with the wiring.

We gave this remote control a total of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars and 90% of customers said they would recommend it here.

Hampton Bay Remote Ceiling Fan Manual

If all else fails then reading the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Manual may be of some help so we have included it as an option here.

Since we have many manuals and are adding to them each day you may want to check if your ceiling fan model is included in our list.

To check out our Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals please click here,

You will need to make sure you know the Model Name of your ceiling fan.

Please link back to this article and like and share it if you found it helpful. In this way, others will be able to find the article and also benefit from it.

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