Troubleshooting Your Remote Controls Step by Step

Troubleshooting Remote Controls

This article covers all remotes including your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

If you are like me and have had a few problems with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote not working then this is the article for you. I don’t claim to be an expert but after researching many articles, I have put together a comprehensive list for troubleshooting your remote control. Here are a few basic reasons after which we go into detail with full explanations, so please read on.

  1. Power off/on
  2. Replace Batteries
  3. Change Dip Switch Settings
  4. Universal Remote Replacement
  5. Contact Manufacturer

The transmitter, (can be hand held or in the wall), sends a signal to the receiver module, (located in the fan).

ceiling fan remote

The first thing you need to determine is if the transmitter is receiving the signal, so check that your batteries are not dead. Replace them with new ones if necessary and then try the remote control again. You will need to know where the receiver location is to switch off the fan.

Where  Is The Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Receiver Location?

Receiver Location: If your transmitter has a reverse button, then the receiver will often usually be in the Switch Housing (located between the blades and the light kit). Sometimes you will find it around the top of the motor, on the side of the motor, or in the canopy, at the ceiling. If your transmitter does not have a reverse button, the receiver will usually be in the canopy, at the ceiling.

Both the receiver and the transmitter must have power. So you will need to change the battery in the transmitter and make sure that the wall switch is turned on before testing. Remember to always turn off the power before working on the fan.

Ceiling Fan Stopped Working Suddenly – Reset and Sync!

Most problems can be sorted by resetting the remote and syncing it with the ceiling fan. This is what is called a Remote Reset. How is this achieved? First, turn off the power then switch it back on again and within 30 seconds of turning it on you will need to hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds. Doing this will reset it. However, if that didn’t work then you may need to sync the sensor in the fan with the remote control.

Most of the remote controls will use Dip Switches (see the drawing below) to set the channel on the receiver and transmitter. If you have more than one fan with a remote control, then the switch settings, on one transmitter along with the corresponding receiver, can be changed so that this transmitter will only operate the ceiling fan with the corresponding setting. Or if you had 2 or more ceiling fans in the same room and wanted them to operate together, you can set the receivers to the same setting and then any transmitter that is also set to that same setting will then operate the fans.  Note that a receiver will only accept a signal from a transmitter that has the same dip switch setting.

Nothing works and the small red light on the transmitter works with all of the buttons !

You will need to Check the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Dip Switch settings.

Before you begin opening the fan, to expose the receiver, try these settings;

If you have 4 dip switches, try ALL ON, try #1 OFF and #2,3,4 ON, try #1,2,3 ON and #4 OFF. If you have 5 dip switches; try #1,2,3,4 ON and #5 OFF, try ALL ON, try #1 OFF #2,3,4 ON and #5 OFF.

If these settings will not work, then click here to see all the possible dip switch settings. Try each and every one of the different settings. If none of these settings will work, then either the transmitter or the receiver is probably bad.

Nothing works and the small red light on the transmitter does not light up !

If this happens then the transmitter is most likely bad, but before you buy the part, you can send for FREE TESTING.

The fan works but the light does not. The red light on the transmitter works !

The receiver is most likely bad, but before you buy the part, you can send for FREE TESTING. See ” Free Testing ” below.

FREE TESTING : Please note this is not our service but someone we recommend. Electronic parts that you purchase, are NOT RETURNABLE, So before you buy something, you can send us your old transmitter or receiver or both, for free testing. Send to: Gulf Coast Fan 5810 Parr CT. Damon, TX 77430 — Please include a note with your name and phone number.

dip switches both

What Are Dip Switches For My Ceiling Fan?

If you are like me, you may be wondering what a DIP switch is. It is actually a set of small switches in a dual in-line package or DIP for short, that is used to alter the operating mode of the ceiling fan.  DIP switches are becoming less common because most ceiling fans have technology that no longer requires any manual configuration.

Can I add or change to a IN WALL remote wall switch?

In most cases, YES. If your fan has a handheld remote control, we have a wall switch that would replace your standard wall switch. You could then control the fan functions from the wall or the hand held remote control. Check our post on Hampton Bay Remotes for more information.

how to troubleshoot your remote

Fan Works But Light Doesn’t or Light Works But Fan Doesn’t

This is also a common problem and can also include nothing working at all, or perhaps the fan just works on low speed only. The reason could be that someone has pulled either one or both the pull chains. The reason why the remote won’t work if this is the case is that the pull chain switches are in sync with the remote control receiver unit. So if the pull chain is in the off position the remote control will not be able to get any power to the ceiling fan light or fan.

The solution is to press the fan high and then light on, on the remote control unit, and then pull the pull chains until the light comes on and the fan runs on high.

If this doesn’t work then your problem is something different.

Another thing you might try if the fan works but the light won’t turn on is holding down the light button on the remote while pulling the light chain a few times. Remember that holding it down is the key.

Universal Remote Replacement

You can also get a good universal remote to operate your ceiling fan if you lose the original. It is easy to find a replacement on Amazon. Just search for Hampton Bay Universal Remote and a number of suppliers will show along with pricing. Usually, for less than $25 you can buy a new remote control if you have lost the original.

Lastly, you may want to contact the manufacturer or the place you bought the ceiling fan from. This may be one of the Home Depot stores as you cannot contact Hampton Bay directly. We cover how to get Hampton Bay Replacement Parts in this post here. If you are wanting to get a replacement then you really need to check out this post by clicking here.

These universal remotes will also work well for the model fan-9t.

What Is A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Kit?

If you are looking for a remote kit then this is just another name for a Universal remote. You may also get a wall bracket with the kit, but essentially it is just a remote, and the batteries are not included. Again check on Amazon for these remote kits.

What Is A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote APP?

This is an app you can download, usually for free that enables you to use your mobile phone or tablet to act as a remote for your ceiling fan. Not all apps work for all ceiling fans so its best to try a few until you find one that will sync or interface with your fan. Just go to Google Play Store and do a search for ‘Universal Remote’ or ‘Ceiling Fan Remote’ and download and try the app. If you have an app that you like and use for your Hampton Bay Fan then please share it with us so we can recommend it for others. If you use an Apple device then going to Apples store and typing the search term above will show a number of apps you can also try.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Manual

If all else fails then reading the manual may be of some help so we have included it as an option here. Since we have many manuals and are adding to them each day you may want to check if your ceiling fan model is included in our list. To check out our Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals please click here,


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