Hampton Bay Sidewinder 54 in. Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Sidewinder 54 inch Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Sidewinder 54 inch Ceiling Fan

Sidewinder Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Sidewinder 54 inch Ceiling Fan comes in two finishes. A stylish Brushed Nickel finish and a beautiful Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.

This ceiling fan will give your home that updated transitional decor look.

This elegant and trendy 3-speed ceiling fan comes complete with 5 silver blades (that appear to look like a sidewinder – rattlesnake that moves in a sideways fashion that looks like ‘S’ shaped curves) to help move the air quietly and very efficiently around your room.

The Hampton Bay sidewinder ceiling fan blades are very comforting and relaxing to watch as they spin.

The light kit offers stylish white opal glass and also includes a halogen bulb for that brilliant illumination. The handheld remote provides independent light and speed controls.

In this article about the Hampton Bay Sidewinder Ceiling Fan we will cover:

Hampton Bay Sidewinder 54 inch Ceiling Fan Main Features

  • 5 stylish ‘S’ curved silver blades with a 14-degree blade pitch for more airflow movement
  • Completely integrated and attractive light kit with opal white glass
  • Handy and convenient handheld remote control with handy 3-speed along with manual reverse function (for the movement of warm air in those colder winter months)
  • Choose from two different finishes. The Hampton Bay Sidewinder Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan finish complements a variety of decor styles. The Hampton Bay Sidewinder Oil Rubbed Bronze finish for that more Mediterranian look.
  • Not wet rated – intended for interior use
  • Powerful and quiet 188 mm x 20 mm motor gives you that superior air movement
  • Airflow 5600 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), Has an airflow efficiency of 71.79
  • Ideal for those larger rooms and spaces up to 20 feet x 20 feet with blade sweep of 52 inches
  • Dual mounting installation options for standard and sloped ceilings
  • Lifetime motor warranty
Hampton Bay Sidewinder Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Sidewinder Ceiling Fan

Sidewinder Ceiling Fan Assembly Instructions

For full details of the Hampton Bay Sidewinder Ceiling Fan Assembly instructions you can download the manual below.

We have covered a few issues in this article such as ‘How to Change the Bulb’ and ‘Where to Get Replacement Glass’.

How to Change Hampton Bay Sidewinder Light Bulb

The lightbulb cover appears complex with three metal fins holding it in place.

By its appearance, it might appear you need to release the fins somehow to remove the cover.

Hampton Bay Sidewinder Ceiling Fan Replace Bulb
Hampton Bay Sidewinder Ceiling Fan

You might also wonder if you might need to loosen side screws or remove a lever to release the glass.

However, when inspecting the covers design you will see that it is a single assembly, made of metal and glass with 3 outer pins allowing it to be screwed into the base of the ceiling fan.

Sidewinder Ceiling Fan Single Assembly Light Cover
Sidewinder Ceiling Fan Single Assembly Light Cover

The instructions also show that a user simply needs to screw in the assembly clockwise to install.

So removing it is just the reverse by unscrewing it counterclockwise.
The bulb you will need is a 100 Watt halogen which you can pick up from any Home Depot store.

Always remember to wear gloves when installing a new halogen bulb. The oil from bare fingers will otherwise make hotspots on the bulb which will dramatically shorten its life.

Once your bulb is installed simply replace the cover by screwing it in clockwise.

How to Get Hampton Bay Sidewinder Fan Replacement Glass

Replacement glass can be found by checking out our post on Hampton Bay Replacement Parts.

This article goes fully into the details about where to get your replacement parts and glass and where you might go for any repairs.

Video demonstrations are also included so make sure you check out the post Hampton Bay Replacement Parts.

Hampton Bay Sidewinder Ceiling Fan Review

With 440 customer reviews, the Sidewinder Ceiling Fan received a total of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars, with 83% recommending this ceiling fan.

I can say that I absolutely LOVE this Hampton Bay ceiling fan.

Because the ceiling fan wasn’t on display I was a little hesitant as to what it would look like. After only viewing it online I took a chance and went ahead and purchased it.

My main concern was that it might look “cheap” with the silver blades.

However, after receiving the Sidewinder ceiling fan and installing it, it looked expensive and very trendy. Which was what I was wanting!

The Hampton Bay Sidewinder Ceiling Fan works extremely well and looks very stylish!

The only thing that I have noticed is that if you have more than one Hampton Bay fan that needs a remote control, then you will need to make sure you change the settings in the sensor that’s inserted in the top of the fan.

This ceiling fan is just so pretty against the dark grey walls and the light grey carpet.

The fan motor is very quiet and the air movement is extremely good, which is why you buy a ceiling fan for. The only thing I would have liked more is for the light to be brighter, however, it is adequate.

Overall this is a good ceiling fan and I would buy another again.

A few of the concerns and problems that customers have experienced with this ceiling fan are quality issues. The light turning on at random times along with the fan switching itself on.

Broken pieces due to shipping and transit, which can happen with any item. If this is your concern then check back with the store you bought the item from for any damaged part replacement.

Hampton Bay Sidewinder 54 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

You will need to download the manual below for the full Hampton Bay Sidewinder Installation and Assembly instructions.

The manual is in PDF format so you will need Adobe PDF reader to view it.

Click Here to Download the Hampton Bay Sidewinder 54 in. Ceiling Fan Manual

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