Pendleton Ceiling Fan – Best Features, Review and Illustrated Manual

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Hampton Bay Pendleton Ceiling Fan

The very clean and straight lines with its interesting design, the Hampton Bay Pendleton 52 inch Ceiling Fan will enhance the decor style of any of your rooms.

This eye-catching ceiling fan comes complete with five walnut blades, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.

Not to be confused with the Hunter Pendleton Ceiling Fan which we will also discuss later below.

The light kit on the Pendleton Ceiling Fan is very interesting and unique with the amber iridescent glass that gives it an uptown look.

The Hampton Bay Pendleton 52 inch Fan has a 3-speed function with a reversible option for the winter months.

In this article we will cover:

Main Features of the Hampton Bay Pendleton 52 inch Ceiling Fan

  • Convenient 3-speed (High, Medium and Low) reversible operation for that all-year-round comfort and energy savings
  • Included Light Kit with a beautiful uptown looking amber iridescent glass
  • Full function handheld remote control included
  • Lifetime Motor warranty

Review of the Pendleton Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan has a total of 374 customer reviews to date and counting. Its still in the Home Depot stores and has a very good and strong 83% customer recommendation rate.

A total of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars overall with Ease of Installation letting it down with a 3.9 star rating.

Now lets look at some specifics.

I have to admit that I have been bitten by the current Smart Home bug rage and so jumped in with both feet.

Starting with Wink and then quickly switching to Smartthings. I have to say that the one problem area is ceiling fans. I feel that the solution for the non-wireless Pendleton ceiling fans would be a zwave switch.

Hampton Bay Pendleton Ceiling Fan in Living Room

For the price of the Hampton Bay Pendleton Ceiling Fan, we expected much more than what it delivered.

We paired the ceiling fan with Bond which was explicitly guaranteed as being fully compatible, however, once paired the actual performance we would consider to be spotty at best.

We would say that it would be close to a 50/50 chance, or less, that the command will successfully get through to the ceiling fan from about four to five feet away without any obstructions.

We also tried pairing our electric fireplace, also within four to five feet away, and although Bond claims that it has registered the remote control unit, absolutely none of the actual commands will work.

If you have a ceiling fan remote control unit that requires you to push the same function button many times to change the Pendleton ceiling fan speed or to operate the lights, you are out of luck.

We will, however, mention that the robust Alexa compatibility does seem to work fine, however, it does get a little bit frustrating and annoying to ask Alexa to turn off or on the ceiling fan light, three times before it actually does happen.

We also found that you need the original Pendleton remote to be able to program the Bond, which means you just can’t really use it to replace a lost remote control.

We don’t think we would purchase the Hampton Bay Pendleton 52 inch Ceiling Fan again at full price; maybe at half price.

However, in saying this, many customers have said that they waited a while to get the Pendleton Ceiling Fan, and now that they have it installed and operating wish that they had bought it much earlier.

This article wouldn’t be complete without a comparison between the Hunter Pendleton Ceiling Fan and the Hampton Bay Pendleton Fan. So let’s take a look at both of them side by side.

Comparison with the Hunter Pendleton Ceiling Fan

The Hunter version of the Pendleton ceiling fan combines a Southwestern pattern with a modern design and looks completely different to the Hampton Bay model.

Take a look below at both of them side by side. Notice the complete difference in style and light fixture. The Hunter has a more sleek and streamlined attractive appearance.

Comparison between Hunter Pendleton Ceiling Fan & Hampton Bay Pendleton Fan
Comparison between Hunter Pendleton Ceiling Fan & Hampton Bay Pendleton Fan

The only similarity is that they are both ceiling fans and the name Pendleton, but that’s about it.

It seems that the colour style of the Hunter Pendleton fan is, as they put it, designed to capture the subtle movement of sunlight skipping across the mountains and panoramic views of Utah’s Canyonlands.

The modern Hunter ceiling fan features a bright LED light, a handy remote control, and a nice and easy pre-installed receiver for simple and quick installation.

These ceiling fans are equipped with a 4-speed, reversible WhisperWind® fan motor which is able to deliver very-powerful airflow movement with a whisper-quiet operation so that you are able to get the cool air you want without any of the noise.

The Hunter Pendleton fans are more expensive and better quality in our opinion to the Hampton Bay Pendleton Fans.

Hunter Pendleton Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Pendleton 54 inch Canyonlands with LED Light is so beautifully made.

It carries an elegant yet sophisticated feel about it. We absolutely love the totally reversible blades!

The actual installation of the fan is pretty straightforward and simple. The remote control is easy to use with 4 speeds, which makes for a variety of settings to accommodate your personal needs for airflow movement.

Can be used in your bedroom, kitchen area or living room. We are using ours to cool our living room.

We feel the LED light is a plus, making our living room much more comfortable.

Overall we are very satisfied with this ceiling fan, and we would highly recommend it!

Download the Hampton Bay Pendleton Ceiling Fan Manual

To download your copy of the Pendleton Ceiling Fan Manual please click on the link below. The manual is in PDF format and will require Adobe PDF Reader to view.

To Download the Pendleton 52 in. Walnut Indoor Ceiling Fan Manual Click Here

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