Where is Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Made and is it Good?

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

If you have bought or are thinking of buying a piece of Hampton Bay patio furniture you may be wondering if its any good and where it is made. Since I at first didn’t know the answers to these questions, I did a little bit of sleuthing around and found some interesting facts along with some further information about parts such as covers, cushions, and fabrics. We also found a few pieces of furniture that we consider to be good quality along with contact service numbers if you have problems.

The simple and short answer to where Hampton Bay patio furniture is made is that there is no definitive answer. My guess, and I believe it to be right, is that it is manufactured in China and then sold and branded by Home Depot. Is it any good? Although a few people have had bad experiences the majority have found it to be good value for money and would recommend the furniture. But remember, as with any purchase you pay for what you get. Always make sure you have a warranty and check the item before taking it home.

We will discuss these topics one by one in this article so please keep reading:

  1. Where Is Hampton Bay Furniture Made
  2. Is Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Any Good?
  3. Best Place To Buy Hampton Bay Furniture For The Patio
  4. What To Do If You Have Issues with Your Purchase
  5. How To Fix Your Patio Furniture
  6. How To Get Replacement Parts & Repairs for Your Patio Items
  7. Reviews of The Top Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Items

Where is Hampton Bay Furniture Made?

Home Depot stores throughout the United States and Canada sell the Hampton Bay line of products along with the outdoor patio furniture. Although they are the wholesalers, they are not the manufacturers.

Hampton Bay appears to be made in China, and as such is considered a poorer quality product, however when you take the price into consideration then the value for money is good. Home Depot then brand the items and sell them as through the Hampton Bay name.

This is why it can be so hard to find the Hampton Bay direct contact, telephone number or website as it just doesn’t exist. The best option you have if you want to contact Hampton Bay about your product is to contact the store you bought it from. Your local store will be far more helpful than the National Home Depot number.

Is Hampton Bay Furniture for the Patio any Good?

I have answered this question a little above but will expand upon it. As you may already know, we run a volunteer website for helping those of you who are looking for a manual for your Hampton Bay product. We get a few disgruntled customers, and specifically disgruntled about their outdoor patio furniture.

Some of the problems range from tables rusting, to damaged products upon receiving, fabric deteriorating and just straight poor quality.

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For these tips, advice and more on Hampton Bay Cushions then please read our article here: Hampton Bay Cushions

Of 123 reviews on consumeraffairs.com, 91 gave the product they had bought a 1 star out of 5 stars. Three people gave their furniture a 5 star, 1 person gave theirs a 4 star, 2 gave a three-star, and the remaining 26 gave a two-star.

Now to be fair, the only time a person generally gives a review is if they are dissatisfied. I think I am pretty well safe in saying that thousands upon thousands of Hampton Bay patio furniture pieces are sold throughout the USA. So in context, only a very small minority have had difficulty with their furniture. Which in my humble opinion is not too bad considering the price comparison with other similar brands. So again, value for money – ‘Pretty Good’.

How To Get Replacement Parts & Repairs For Your Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

If you are looking for replacement parts and repairs check out this video below. After Which we provide contact numbers.

The contact number we called in the video above was Home Depot  1-877-527-0313 Try to have your UPC# or Model number or SKU# ready if you have it.

You will be given a list of options of different brands, you will need to select Option # 2 for Hampton Bay. After this, you will be asked to select from 6 different options relating to your item. You will need to select Option # 2 again for Patio.

Finally, you will be presented with a list of 3 options. You will need to listen carefully. Option # 1 is if you have the UPC# or Model # and bought your Patio set within 2 years. Option # 2 is if you don’t have your UPC # or Model # and bought your Patio set within 2 years. And finally, option # 3 is is you don’t have your UPC # or Model # and bought your Patio set 2 or more years ago (they also recommend you take a photograph of the Patio item so they can help you identify it)

Please Note your UPC number or Model number can be found on silver sticker under your chair or on the label of your cushion.

They will send out replacement parts for example if its a chair they will send out an arm or leg but not the entire chair.

We also found that they recommended chaircarepatio.com for repair work such as chairs and cushions and fabrics.

Where to Buy Good Hampton Bay Furniture for Your Patio?

The best places to buy the Hampton Bay outdoor furniture are either directly through Home Depot or online. The online options include eBay and Amazon.

The advantage with directly going into Home Depot is that you can physically see the item you are going to buy and talk to the sales staff, asking any questions you may have and getting a direct reply. Purchasing through the Home depot will ensure you get an official receipt and warranty, both of which you should keep if you have any issues or problems with the item in the future.

The advantage with Amazon is that you can read the reviews of each item before making the purchase. You can order from the comfort of your home and you will more than likely get a cheaper price for the same item.

I would suggest getting the best of both worlds if you can. Go into Home Depot and take a look around and see what piece of furniture you might like. Do your due diligence and ask any questions that you might have from their staff. Make a note of the price of the item, then when you get home, take a look online at Amazon for the same item. Check the reviews, make sure you read as many as you can to get the context as some reviews can be made up, then check the online price and the reputation of the seller. If you feel you are getting a better deal online the purchase online. If you feel more comfortable purchasing in-store then go ahead and do that.

What to do if you have issues with your purchase? Customer service and Contact Number

Always start with the local store you bought it from. If you bought it from a store that’s not local, you can still try your local store first. Make sure you have as much information as possible such as photographs of the issues or damage, proof of purchase and purchase dates, along with warranty if you have one. The contact number of your local store should be in the phone directory.

Next, try the National customer service number on 855-HD-Hampton. In my opinion, this can be a little frustrating. Reports about being unhelpful are rife on the Internet, so be wary of this one. Your local store is going to be the best bet.

The other option you have if you cannot get any help through the local store or National number is to bite the bullet and try getting it repaired, either by yourself if you are a handyman or by someone else. I have listed a few of the furniture problems below and how you might tackle them. Also please check out our post on Hampton Bay Replacement Parts for Patio Furniture

How do I fix my Patio Furniture Covers, Cushions and Fabric That are Not Good?

Obviously the best way to fix something is to replace it. So if you can afford it go to Amazon and see if you can purchase a replacement cushion for a reasonable price.

This may actually be a cheaper option than getting an upholster to fix the cushion for your dining chair or lounge chair.

However if you cannot find the exact match fabric cushion on amazon and you really love your patio furniture you will either have to buy a set of replacement cushions on amazon or in Home Depot or get one made up from a qualified upholster. Remembering that they may charge around $50 or more per hour, including the cost of the replacement fabric.

Same applies for covers. However the furniture covers are mostly made of canvas, so any tears or rips can be covered with a patch. You can sew a patch onto your cover that should fix the problem. If you don’t like the idea of sewing then you can use duct tape. Just be sure to tape both sides of the rip or tear. A cover will protect your patio furniture from the sun and also from the rain.

In fact, to prevent rust from becoming an issue I would recommend purchasing a cover, if the furniture doesn’t get wet, it is not going to rust.

Fixing Other Parts of my Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture has already begun to show signs of rust, especially on the weight-bearing legs, then its probably time to get a new set. However, if the rust is maybe more cosmetic and on the armrests then there are a few things you can do.

  1. Use some diluted bleach to wash down the area. After drying, use a wire brush to brush the rusted area removing as much of the surface rust as you can.
  2. Sand the area with a medium grit sandpaper getting rid of as much of the rust as you can, then finish with a fine-grit sandpaper.
  3. Wipe the area with a damp cloth. Optionally you can then apply some rust kill and allow to dry.
  4. Fill the hole with a metal patch and filling compound. After scraping flat with a putty knife, allow to dry.
  5. Sand with a medium grit sandpaper finishing with a fine grit sandpaper.
  6. Paint with desired paint and leave to dry. Finish with a second coat of paint and leave for another 24 hours before using.

There may also be other parts that may need attention, such as a cracked glass tabletop. Unfortunately for this, you are going to need a replacement.

Remember that some older products may be discontinued and so getting replacement parts may be difficult to find. In this case you may just have to look for a new piece of furniture.

What are some of the Good Hampton Bay patio furniture items that we recommend you take a look at?

We list them and a reason one by one below:

Belleville 7-Piece Padded Sling Outdoor Furniture Dining Set

What I like about this set are its nice sleek look and comfortable sling chairs. The colouring is also a nice powdered bronze finish with grey tone tiles for the tabletop. The table size is 39.5 in. x 64 in. , which in my opinion gives you enough space without being too big. I highly recommend you Take a look at the Patio Furniture ideas and designs here.  (Affiliate link to Amazon)

Because a lot of people have bought this item you will find there are a lot of reviews so, you can see what others have found to be issues and positive factors before purchasing. I would recommend doing due diligence before purchasing any item anyway.

Can You Use an Umbrella on the Table?

It has the facility for an umbrella hole in the centre if you wish to use an umbrella with it, or if not then a tile can nicely fit in the middle section.

Are the Chairs Stackable?

The chairs are solid and sturdy but unfortunately are not stackable unless you unscrew six screws (three per arm) in which case the whole set can then be stacked compactly back in the box they came in!

Can You Replace The Table Tiles?

Yes, you can replace any of the tiles through Home Depot or through a tile shop, the tiles are standard floor tiles. They can also be replaced, along with any other part, from http://www.yotrioint.com/support/missing-parts

Does the Fabric Fade and is it Possible to Replace the Fabric?

Any fabric left in the sun for a considerable amount of time will eventually fade. The upside is that the fabric is a light colour so any fading won’t be so noticeable. If you are able to use a cover, when not in use, to cover the chairs and table this will protect them from fading and the weather. The fabric can be replaced but the factor is cost. It’s going to be likely done by an upholsterer and could be costly.

Out of 1498 reviews the total review score was 4.5 out of 5 with 1,018 giving it a five star and only 54 giving a one star. Overall quality was 2.8 out of 5 and overall value was 2.8 out of 5.

Beacon Park Brown 5-Piece Wicker Outdoor Furniture Deep Seating Set with Toffee Cushions

The first thing that stands out about this set is its woven beauty. It comes with a loveseat, two swivel chairs, table and side table.

But what are other buyers saying about it?

Sturdiness and overall quality we think it’s a 9/10 – Well I have to admit I’m a little picky, I’ll admit that fact. But we are very satisfied with the stability and construction of this set. Nothing gives or squeaks when you sit, rock or swivel in the chairs. The wicker is nice and smooth, so there are no loose or sharp ends. It has been raining here twice in the last month and so far, no issues. Our set is out in the full sun and rain.

Style – 10/10 – We looked at probably 1,000 different sets online, and another 50+ in stores. This set is right up there with the nicest (& priciest) we’ve seen…without the high cost. The armrests, in particular, are amazing. So wide it gives them the look of much more expensive pieces.

Assembly – 8/10 – We spent 30-40 minutes per piece. A few holes didn’t quite line up, but overall it went together fairly well. Directions were easy to follow. The assembly video on HD’s website for this product was very helpful.

Customer Service – 7/10 – We had a problem during assembly with one chair and when we called, the rep said this set is so new she didn’t have it in their “system” so would have to find the sku for the part we needed. The left side to one of our chairs has a stripped bracket so would not fully tighten. It’s been a week now and we are still waiting to hear back. Hence the 7/10 rating. If it is in stores and available to buy, they should have the parts too. Hopefully, they get it figured out soon as I think this set has the potential to be very popular in the coming summer.

Price and Value – 9/10 – We were looking at furniture in the 2-3k price range when we settled on this set. We spent around 1k, and have seating for 5, plus two ottomans, a coffee table and end table. Granted, we were looking at aluminium, not steel, but the sets were also not as PERFECT as this is. I mean…the chairs are A M A Z I N G. You just cannot imagine…they are so comfy. Swivel AND rock? A rare quality at this value. Since we had steel chairs that rusted on our patio in the past, we decided to err on the side of caution and put an outdoor rug under this furniture…just in case it ends up rusting over time.

Of the 1289 reviews we found that 919 gave a 5 star and only 54 gave a 1 star. Overall Quality was a 3.3 out of 5 and Overall Value was a 3.1 out of 5.

In conclusion, Hampton Bay is probably made in China and then branded by Home Depot. It is good value for money, but you need to do your due diligence by checking the reviews and if possible checking the product in-store. A few complaints are posted online but these tend to be due to delivery damage, which Home Depot will fix, its just a matter of time.

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