Hampton Bay Hayward 52 in. Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Hayward 52 inch Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Hayward 52 inch Ceiling Fan

You are probably here because you are looking for a quality ceiling fan that will suit your cooling needs. Or you probably own this model and have few questions about this Hayward 52 in. model ceiling fan. Today, I will be sharing what we have found as we did a great deal of research about this unit, including a downloadable manual at the end of this article, and hope this will be helpful for you.

The Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan is an indoor ceiling fan that is designed for a room with low ceilings. This particular ceiling fan comes in two similar models. The Hampton Bay Mediterranean Bronze Hayward 52 in. Ceiling Fan and the Hampton Bay Hayward 52 in. LED Indoor Mediterranean with Light Kit.

This Mediterranean Bronze style ceiling fan that uses a hugger mounting design comes with a beautiful light kit with 4 stunning champagne glass units. Looking at it hanging in your ceiling you can’t help but appreciate the design of this model, especially with the modern design of the glass shades that produce soft light.

Notice that both of these models have the light kit included in the purchase. But what I found interesting are some subtle differences. One of the differences is the number of lights. The first model, Mediterranean Bronze, has 4 light bulbs and is only compatible with CFR or Candelabra bulbs. While the other model consists of a 3 light bulb kit and is only compatible with LED bulbs. Although both models have lights that are shaded with a champagne glass.

Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan in Lounge
Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan in Lounge

In this article, I will be sharing some of the information that I have found while doing research for this ceiling fan unit. Below are some of the topics that I will discuss in this article.

Main Feature of the Hampton Bay Hayward 52 in Ceiling Fan

  • A beautiful fan that is done in a Mediterranean Bronze finish.
  • A flush-mount installation that works best in low ceilings.
  • Indoor ceiling fan that is ideal for room sizes ranging from 12 ft. x 12 ft. to 18 ft. x 18 ft.
  • Five blades that are reversible, you can choose either dark cherry or oak finish. This feature is a good way to change the decoration style to your room without purchasing a new ceiling fan unit.
  • The screws and hardware can be concealed making the outcome pretty and styling.
  • Powered by Accu-arm technology that is helpful for accurate installation purposes.
  • It is compatible with 40 watts candelabra bulb with a recommended light bulb shape code of E26.
  • Four champagne glass shades included that will bring style to any room of your home where you want to install this fan.
  • An 8 inches lead wire included in the package
  • 153 mm x 15 mm motor which means that it can offer a greater amount of air movement.
  • Sufficient airflow up to 4,915 CFM
  • A reversible 3-speed function that offers comfort and proficient savings throughout the year.
  • A lifetime duration of motor warranty

What Size Room Is Hayward 52 in. Ceiling Fan Good For?

Ceiling fan size is measured through its blade span. It can be done by measuring the diameter of the circle of your ceiling fan unit. A ceiling fan with a blade span size ranging from 52 inches to 56 inches will work well in a room size up to 350 square feet, like a large bedroom, master’s bedroom, media rooms, or a family room. Since this is a hugger flush mount fan, it is not recommended for installing on a high ceiling.

In any case, before buying a ceiling fan make sure that you have measured the size of the room so you can install the unit appropriately.

Can I Use A 52 inch In A Small Room?

Yes, you can if that is what you want. But, remember that each model of ceiling fan was made according to its purpose. It is the same situation when it comes to its size, different sizes serve for differing room size.

Can You Put 52 inch Blades On A 42 inch Ceiling Fan?

The answer is NO. Even though a 42 inch ceiling fan and the 52 inch model are the most usual choice, take note that the fan motors are the ones accountable for giving a superior airflow.

Fan blades are not responsible for cooling your rooms efficiently. Although it’s a help, in the end, will depend on the fan motor.

Hayward Ceiling Fan in Lounge

Frequently Asked Question about Hampton Bay Hayward 52 in Ceiling Fan

  1. Does the Hayward 52 in come with standard light bulbs?

Most of the purchases of this model mentioned that they got a 4 candelabra bulb with the ceiling fan. But, the details of this product stated that the bulb is not included. I am not certain if there is a discrepancy going on here. Or it is possible that they bought the 4 candelabra bulb with the fan.

  1. Are the lights dimmable?

Yes, the light can be set in to dimmed if it is installed with a dimming switch control in the wall.

  1. I find the Lighting not bright enough. Can I use LED light in this Ceiling Fan?

According to Home Depot experts, LED bulbs are compatible with this fan.

  1. Is there a cover included if I don’t want to use the light kit?

No, the cover is not included, but it can be ordered online. Just call customer service at 1-855 HD-Hampton (855-434-2678).

  1. Can you use a down rod with this fan?

No, this fan is a flush mount only. If you want to check a fan with a down rod installation, it is usually shown in the photo that it is down rod.

  1. Does this come with remote?

Nope, hugger ceiling fans are designed with a pull chain. It is not designed for use with remote control. Also, there is no area in the hugger’s motor housing to install and hold a receiver securely. If you want a fan with a remote control check other models with remote control in the description of the product.

  1. Is this Product still available in the market?

As I did my research, I found out that this product is discontinued! Home Depot is no longer carrying this particular product.

Customer Reviews of Hayward 52 in. Ceiling Fan

After 103 customer reviews, this Hayward ceiling fan recorded 4.1 stars out of a maximum of 5 stars, with 83% of customers recommending it. Out of 103 customer review 56 of them rate this ceiling fan a 5 star, 25 of them gave 4 stars, 8 gave 3 stars, 4 gave 2 stars, and 10 of them gave this ceiling fan a 1-star rating.

I will discuss below some of the reasons why there are customers that don’t like this ceiling fan. if you are looking for an all-round ceiling fan then the Hampton Bay Glendale Ceiling Fan is worth a look into.

Attributed to the ratings are appearance with 4.7 score over 5; quality with 4.1 score over 5; ease of installation with a score of 4.1 and value score of 4.2 over 5.

So, why did this ceiling fan get 10 customers that had rated it 1-star? What don’t they like about it?

Before discussing the negative comments for this unit, I want to consider first the positive reviews of this ceiling fan.

One of the customers mentioned that she is proud to display this beautiful fan and that it is attractive.

It uses high-quality materials, looking great with lots of features and a nice design. It is also stylish, unique in its own way, well made and very bright.

Hayward Ceiling Fan by Hampton Bay
Hayward Ceiling Fan by Hampton Bay

Another customer needed a hugger fan due to reduced headroom and this fan provided an excellent solution for their needs. This fan serves well for this purpose.

Few noticed how easy this fan could be installed. One of the customers purchased 2 of these units, installing the first one took 35 minutes but the second one only took 15 minutes.

Why this unit got 10 persons that rated it 1-star?

A few complain that after installation the ceiling fan is not operating. It needs to be disassembled and returned to the store, which is really a hassle.

Another user finds this ceiling fan not good when it comes to the airflow.

They do not circulate air well at all, with an annoying noisy sound. The fan is spinning but nothing happened.

Others complain about the motor that failed to work, even with removing and trying to install it again.

One suggestion I found helpful in buying any ceiling fan is to make sure that you don’t get one that was returned. Always be careful and double-check your fan before installing it to know if it is one that was returned. This will also save your time from installing a ceiling fan unit that is defective.

Download the Hampton Bay Hayward 52 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

To download a copy of the Hayward Ceiling Fan in PDF format please click on the link below:

Click Here To Download The Hampton Bay Hayward Ceiling Fan Manual

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