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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans
Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Accessories

There are many different styles of ceiling fans available from Harbor Breeze. The customizable options are great for a wide variety of homes. These fans are very easy to personalize and have lots of accessories available for customers to use.

With Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans, customers can pick out the fan blade, the color, the type of light fixture, the ceiling fan blade arms, the downrod, the mounting hardware, and the pull chain. Having control over the styling choices on a ceiling fan allows customers to design what they want.

If you need a new ceiling fan, looking at the options from Harbor Breeze is a great place to start. You can see the styles, materials, shapes, colors, and more online or in person at a local home supply store. Let’s explore some of the perks of choosing a fan from this company!

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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Blade

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Blades
Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Blades

One of the most noticeable parts of a ceiling fan is the blades. The fan blades should operate well to keep your home or outdoor space cool and to keep air circulating. But apart from doing their job, ceiling fan blades should also look great.

There are many types of shapes, colors, and sizes that can make a ceiling fan blade unique. It is fun to decorate your home in your own personal style, so having options of the different products that will make up your ceiling fan is great. Your home should look the way. you want it to look, and updating or adding unique ceiling fans that better match you and your home is a perfect place to begin.

At Harbor breeze, you have color options like white, brown, black, dark elm, oak, dark walnut, and more. You can choose from so many types of wood colors and shades, and this allows you to match your fan to your home aesthetic. You could also paint the blades as well if that’s the style you’re looking for. The prices range from $30-$130 and that is based on how many you get and the material they are made out of. Some fans are plastic and some are wood, choose a look that fits your budget and it will look great. if you are needing to contact Customer Service then please take a look at our article here: Harbor Breeze Customer Service

You can choose how you want the fan to look by first deciding where you will put it. If you are trying to cover a large area, you can choose a fan that has longer blades to better fit the space. If you are putting a fan in a bedroom, then an average size fan blade will work well. It all depends on what you like and where you’re putting it.

These fan blades can come in sizes 18-in, 20-in, 22-in, 25-in, 31-in, and 52-in. The size can also influence the price, so be aware that longer blades can cost more. If that is your style, be prepared to pay a higher price to get what you’re looking for. The lowest prices can usually be seen on the plastic short-sized fans. But, if you are looking for better quality, you will have to pay a little more for it.

Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

The blade arms are what you see connecting the fan blade to the base of the fan. The arms should be included in the ceiling fan blade kit, but you can also buy them separately. If you look at places like Amazon, you should be able to find lots of different styles that you like.

These normally come in the same metal colors that the other products come in. Some options might include copper, bronze, brushed nickel, steel, and more. They screw into the fan blade and fan base so that when you turn on the fan, it moves and provides airflow.

These are pretty cheap when bought on their own. They can cost about $17-$20 depending on where you get them from. But, if you have one that broke or if you want to replace all of the fan blade arms on your ceiling fan, then you can order a new pack for an affordable price. Please take a look at our article: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts to get information on how to acquire parts for your ceiling fan.

Harbor Breeze Light Fixture

Ceiling fans often have lights in them, which helps illuminate a room. It is popular to get lights in your ceiling fan, and there are so many styles to choose from. You can have the lightbulb covered by the glass covering or keep it open, you can have 2, 3, and 4 light bulbs in a light kit, and you can choose the base metal’s color.

You can choose what color the glass that covers the light bulbs is. Some light fixtures have clear glass, others foggy white, and others more yellow. You can influence the color of your light by the type of light bulb you use as well. If your bulb is a pale yellow color, it will make your light and your room look more warm-toned. If you can have a LED light that shines a more pure color of white, then your room will look brighter and more cool-toned.

The most noticeable part of a ceiling fan is the light fixture on it and the fan blades. If your ceiling fan is out of date, one of the easiest ways to update your fan is to change the style of light fixture you have. Updating that and making sure it still matches the fan blades (unless you replace those too) can make your ceiling fan look a lot better than before. Check out the article: Harbor Breeze Light Kit to find out more about whats availble and how to fix any light kit thats not working correctly.

Styles for homes change year by year, so trying to keep your home updated is hard to do. But if you have some side money and you want to do little updates around your home, then little details like ceiling fans can do the trick.

Harbor Breeze sells great options for light kits. They offer Maximum Lighting, which is a basic 3-way light kit that has glass in a cone/cylinder shape around the light bulb. This comes in varying styles and colors, but the layout is the same. Prices for ceiling fan lights can be anywhere around $36-$120. So there are many affordable options, but there are also some expensive options that you may like more. There are many products to choose from, so you can definitely find a style and price you like.

Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

Ceiling fan pull chains come in many different lengths and materials. Some can be plain chains that are a silver color, and others can be designed to have little charms at the bottom of the chain to add some detail and personality to the fan.

Pull chains can come in other metallic colors too. Some are silver, but others could be copper, gold, steel, brushed nickel, clear acrylic, dark chrome metal, brass zinc, bronze, and more. This variety helps you keep your fan consistent and uniform. Making your ceiling fan have the same type or color of metal throughout its design can help your whole fan look cohesive.

Pull chains are for turning the light and fan on and off, and you can pick this accessory out online or in person at a store. It’s easy to find a unique pull chain that matches your home or your personality. This little detail is fun to play around with since it is small and not too distracting.

What you will find is that all of the chains are the same and come in the same variety of colors. But you can pick out a different design to go on the chain that adds your own special flair to your ceiling fan. Some designs look like a light bulb and a ceiling fan so that you can differentiate which chain controls what. You can also have crystal knobs, metal knobs, and other little wood and glass designs that look great at the bottom of a chain.

Choosing a design that matches your fan is fun because you can choose something no one else has, and you can make the fan match the theme or style of the room it is in. For instance, some pull chain designs look like basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, dolphins, diamonds, stars, and more. If you are creative, you can even make your own design for your pull chain and create a unique fan that no one else has.

An extra accessory you can get for your ceiling fan is a ceiling fan remote. That way, you can control your light and fan from anywhere in the room and you don’t need to go to the ceiling fan and turn it on from the pull chain.

Ceiling Fan Downrod

A ceiling fan downrod is important to the fan because though it is not the most obvious piece to look at, it can be very noticeable when it doesn’t match the rest of the unit. This piece is the rod that you see holding the fan to the ceiling. For fans on tall ceilings, you will see this because the fan needs to be dropped lower.

Oftentimes, the color that you choose for the downrod to be is going to be the same color as the ceiling fan blade arms. That way, the pieces of the fan all come together and match each other well. If you are buying a new fan and you are picking out the color and material of the different components, then a great tip would be to have the colors compliment or match each other.

At Harbor Breeze, down rods come in a variety of sizes and colors. The rods are also sold for both indoor and outdoor uses, so you can get any fan design you want from Harbor Breeze. The prices offered for these products are also affordable and reasonable.

For example, a 24-in. Brushed Nickel Steel Indoor Ceiling Fan Downrod costs $18.98, which is one of the smallest downrod sizes they offer. They also sell a 48-in. Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan Downrod that costs $24.98. These prices are quite affordable for those paying for parts separately. Harbor Breeze also sells fans they have already designed that you can take home and put together yourself. You can save money by not spending on each part separately.

The rods come in 4-in, 12-in, 18-in, 24-in, 36-in, 48-in, 60-in, and 72-in sizes. Not all rods come in every size, but you can find a rod that is the same color as you want, just in varying styles. They also offer colors like:

  • Matte white stainless steel
  • Brushed nickel wet steel
  • Dark bronze stainless steel
  • Age bronze steel, midnight black
  • Matte black

With such a big variety of options, you can pick out the specific products you want to help create your ideal ceiling fan.

Mounting Hardware

The mounting hardware is what you see on the ceiling that connects to the downrod. Looking at a fan from top to bottom, you will see the mounting hardware, the ceiling fan downrod, the fan blades, the lights, and the pull chain. The mounting hardware is important because, without it, the fan would have no way to stay on the ceiling.

Mounting hardware is easy to pick out because you can easily spot ones you like and dislike, and you can use the same color as the downrod so that it all matches. With that, all you need to decide is what you want. Some will be in your price range and others will be outside of it.

Do you need your fan on an angle or a flat ceiling? This also helps you narrow down what to get. Oftentimes, ceiling fan mounts like half-spheres that have some curves to them. With so many of them looking alike, there are not many tough decisions to make. The prices range from $11-$64 and depending on how heavy your fan is, you may need a more expensive mount so that your fan is more secure.

The colors come in all of the same metal tones as the other products, and they can look big or small. Some mounts are a few inches in length, and others are up to 10 inches in length. The size is up to personal preference. 

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