Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals: Easy PDF Download and Instructions

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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals

We have put together a list of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals for many of the popular Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan models. However, it is not an extensive list and we are continually adding to it. Please find your model below and click on the link to be taken to your downloadable PDF manual.

If you are having problems with your ceiling fan we suggest you contact Harbor Breeze directly by checking out this article: Harbor Breeze Customer Service

Harbor Breeze make a lot of different finishes and even sizes for each model of ceiling fan.

We are not responsible for the information that is contained in each manual, we merely locate the manuals online so that you can easily download a copy. Many hours have been spent by volunteers to locate the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals below. Check the end of this article for answers to some common questions.

Here is a quick video below on how to use this page to get your ceiling fan manual.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals

Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan

Mazon 44-in Indoor Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan is a very popular choice for cooling smaller rooms. It comes in a number of finishes including brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black and white. This ceiling fan comes complete with a LED light kit.
Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan Manual

Centreville Indoor Ceiling Fan

Centreville Indoor Ceiling Fan: The Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan comes in a few different sizes and finishes. From the smaller 44 inch size suitable for smaller rooms to the 52 inch for those larger rooms with finishes to match most room décor styles.
Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan Manual

Harbor Breeze Merrimack Ceiling Fan

Merrimack Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan: Suitable for both the room or patio both the Merrimack and Merrimack II ceiling fan come with LED light and remote control. The larger 52 inch size means better airflow for larger rooms. Choose from a Galvanized finish or an Antique Bronze finish.
Harbor Breeze Merrimack Ceiling Fan Manual

Hydra 70-in Indoor Ceiling Fan: For those very large rooms the Hydra ceiling fan can move a lot of air with its 70 inch diameter and 8 blades. Suitable for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms. Convenient remote control included with reversible airflow and integrated light kit.
Harbor Breeze Hydra Ceiling Fan Manual

Parklake Ceiling Fan Manual

Parklake Indoor Ceiling Fan: The Parklake fan features an elegant crystal-like light kit that makes it a showpiece of style with a very efficient 52 inch diameter giving good airflow for larger rooms. Comes only in a brushed nickel finish with 5 blades and is recommended by 93% of buying customers.
Harbor Breeze Parklake Ceiling Fan Manual

Saratoga Ceiling Fan

Saratoga Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan has a number of different models that include indoor and outdoor combinations along with 60 inches and smaller 48 inch diameters, making it suitable for small or large room layouts. There are also a number of different finishes including oil rubbed bronze, milky white and white.
Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan Manual

Armitage Ceiling Fan: You will fall in love with this ceiling fan with 52 inch diameter and 42 inch diameter options. Flush mount with colour options ranging from Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, Bronze to White. The most popular option being the 52 inch brushed nickel finish. This ceiling fan comes highly recommended, being quiet with a good price tag.
Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan Manual

Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Manual

Kingsbury Indoor Ceiling Fan: Only available in one finish at the time of writing, Roman Bronze. Although it does not come with a light kit, it is adaptable for a light kit. The blades are a beautiful walnut finish and come in a 52 inch diameter size. Although a convenient pull chain is provided for changing the ceiling fan speeds it is compatible with the Hunter remotes or any Universal remote.
Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Manual

Harbor Breeze Waveport Ceiling Fan

Waveport Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan: With its unique blade design that looks like large leaves this fan has a very good reputation for moving air. It will suit most rooms with its variety of finishes and two diameter sizes, 44 inch and 52 inch, to choose from. The frosted glass light kit makes for good lighting in your room. It is easy to install with a few different finishes to complement most spaces.
Harbor Breeze Waveport Ceiling Fan Manual

Harbor Breeze Fairwind Ceiling Fan

Fairwind 60 inch Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan is a very good size to move a lot of air. With three blades it looks very modern and with a few finishes should complement most room décor styles. Being damp rated it is suitable to use in outdoor protected areas such as a covered patio or porch. The LED light kit finishes the ceiling fan making it an ideal choice. Most of the issues with this fan is the difficulty understanding the installation instructions. However, if you are handy at DIY jobs then this shouldn’t deter you as it’s a nice overall ceiling fan.
Harbor Breeze Fairwind Ceiling Fan Manual

Harbor Breeze Lansing 42 inch Ceiling Fan

Lansing Indoor Ceiling Fan: Three finishes to choose from Bronze, Aged Bronze, and Brushed Nickel. The smaller 42 inch diameter makes it ideal for cooling smaller spaces such as bedrooms. The three-arm light kit and five reversible blades make for interesting combinations. With its very good price tag and easy installation, this ceiling fan should be a real pleaser for most homeowners. It appears to move a lot of air and keeps the room very cool for its size. The main issue many have is with the light kit. Some of the ceiling fans’ light kits have a tendency to short, needing to be replaced.
Harbor Breeze Lansing Ceiling Fan Manual

Platinum Portes Ceiling Fan: Of the many models of Harbor Breeze fans this one has a very poor customer satisfaction rating. There seems to be a number of defect issues with this ceiling fan Model # 8293 ranging from problems with the remote to blade mounts cracking. Although there have been a few more issues than other models of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, there are also a number of satisfied purchases. With its 52 inch diameter, it will move a good deal of air. Two finishes are available in Matte White and Aged Bronze.
Harbor Breeze Portes Ceiling Fan Manual

If you are waanting to know what accessories you can get for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan then check out this article: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Accessories.

Where is the Model Number on a Harbor Breeze Fan

The model number on a Harbor Breeze fan can be found on the purchase receipt, the box, within the instruction manual or on the top of the ceiling fan by the motor. It is usually a 5 digit number. You will need this model number to help you locate replacement parts for your ceiling fan.

When you have located your model number then please check out our posts: How Do I Contact Harbor Breeze Customer Support and Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts

Both of these articles will help you to get the needed support for fixing, repairing or even replacing your ceiling fan or just help you to find out additional information regarding your ceiling fan.

It may also be helpful to have your item number. The item number is usually a 6 digit number and can be used instead of the model number. Having both numbers is helpful in getting better support for your ceiling fan, although only one number is necessary.

How To Reset a Harbor Breeze Fan

To reset your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan you will need to turn the power off on the ceiling fan remote then on again and then push the ‘reset’ button or ‘learn’ button. You will need to ensure you hold the reset button down until the ceiling fan light comes on and the fan speed goes to medium.

We cover this in-depth in our post: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working? Definitive Troubleshooting Guide & Replacements

In brief if your ceiling fan remote has a ‘learn’ button, and many of the newer fans do, it is straightforward. Pressing the ‘learn’ button is all that is needed; however, the full process is outlined in the article mentioned above.

If you have an older ceiling fan then you will have to change the dip switches. The dip switch settings on the ceiling fan should match the dip switch settings on the remote control. Again, check the article mentioned above to see how to do this.

Why Is My Harbor Breeze Fan Not Working

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fan may not be working because the wall switch is turned off. Turn on the wall switch. If the power is off or the fuse has blown at the breaker then check and replace the fuse at the circuit box. If there is a faulty wire connection, then turn the power off and check the connections in the outlet box.

Here is a more in-depth process you can follow below to get your ceiling fan working again:

  1. Check your season slide switch on the remote control to see if it is fully engaged. If it is not fully engaged, then push the slide switch to either fully left or right on the remote.
  2. Check that your wall switch is turned on.
  3. Check the power is on by plugging an electrical device into a power socket in the same room.
  4. Check if the fuse or circuit breaker has blown. Replace if it has blown.
  5. Check all the connections in the outlet box to make sure there are no faulty wire connections.

How Do You Program a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

To program your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan you will need to push the ‘reset’ button or ‘learn’ button on the remote. If your ceiling fan uses dip switch settings you will need to sync the dip switch settings on your remote and ceiling fan.

To find out more about this please check our post: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote

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