Harbor Breeeze 70 inch Kingsbury Fan: Manual, Review & Price

Harbor Breeze Kingsbury 70 inch Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze Kingsbury 70 inch Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze Kingsbury fan is a ceiling fan ideal for cooling down large spaces. With its 70 inch blades, there is no denying that many ceiling fan enthusiasts would choose this for their big bedrooms, lounge, and offices.

The Harbor Breeze 70 inch Kingsbury Ceiling Fan was manufactured before December 2018. This product was exclusively sold in Lowes stores at $230 from April 2010 to December 2018.

As I have researched and studied the Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Fan, I noticed that Lowes no longer sells this model. I was getting curious about why this good-looking fan had been stopped. As I dig deeper, there are some exciting things that I discover about this ceiling fan that you should know about and examine if you own this particular model.

Harbor Breeze 70-inch Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Features

The Kingsbury ceiling fan features a 70 inch blade span in a bronze finish. This fan also features 5 reversible blades with a mink and distressed mocha finish. It comes with a frosted light bulb and a remote control unit making it easy to switch on and off and change the fan speed.

The frosted light bulb causes some problems that we have to talk about further in this article.

Below are some pros and cons of this ceiling fan that might help you decide weather you want to try and find a second hand one or not.

PROS of Harbor Breeze Kingsbury FanCONS of Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Fan
Great Air MovementLight Burns out Frequently
Bright LightRemote does not Respond Correctly
QuietLight Bulb Falling Problem (Serious Problem)
Pros and Cons of the Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan

Now we get onto some serious reasons you need to consider about this fan if you own one or if you are thinking of purchasing a second hand one.

Here is a Youtube Video showing this Ceiling Fan in Action

Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan in Action

Why The Harbor Breeze 70-inch Kingsbury Fan has been Recalled by HKC-US?

The HKC-US, a private label manufacturer of ceiling fans serving customers in the United States, has recalled the harbor breeze 70-inch Kingsbury fan due to the hazard of the light globes falling from its housing. The recall date happened on the 7th of October 2020 after HKC-US received 76 reports of the light bulb falling that includes four consumers with laceration injuries.

The Harbor breeze Kingsbury ceiling fan had about 280,000 units[1][2] sold in the United States and you may be one of the consumers of this certain unit. Knowing this ceiling fan has been recalled because of some incidents regarding the light globes, you can carry out a certain procedure to fix the problem and to avoid these incidents from happening in your home.

So, what should you do if you own a Harbor Breeze Kingsbury 70-inch ceiling fan? Below are detailed instructions on what to do if you own one of these units.

What Should I Do If I Own The Harbor Breeze 70-inch Kingsbury Ceiling Fan?

  1. Stop using the ceiling fan.
  2. Contact the HKC -US[3] immediately- the remedy imposed by HKC-US is a new manual for the Kingsbury ceiling fan (you can also check out the updated instructions below and download the Manual with the updated instructions)
  3. To request the manual, you can contact HKC-US toll-free number at 877-239-7267 from Monday- Friday 8 AM-5 PM.
  4. Another way is to contact them through email at HKCRecall@hkcus.com or online at www.hkcfans.com for more information.

If you own the 17- inch Harbor Breeze Kingsbury ceiling fan contact the HKC-US toll-free immediately at 877-239-7267 from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or get in touch via email at HKCRecall@hkcus.com or online at www.hkcfans.com for more information.

Here are the updated instructions if you own the Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan[3]

Updated Instructions for the Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan
Updated Instructions for the Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan

These are the updated instructions for the 184428 Kingsbury Fan manufactured before December 2018. If you have a unit manufactured after December 2018 then you should have the updated instructions above already supplied in your manual.

Those who did have the glass bowl falling while using the ceiling fan were because they failed to secure the glass bowl as instructed i.e. “Lift the glass bowl into the ligh pan and turn in a clockwise direction. When you feel some resistance push the glass bowl up and continue to turn until it locks into place. The glass should turn about 1/4 of a rotation (approximately 4 inches) before it is secure.

Hence the warning: “Caution: Failure to properly secure the glass bowl, may cause the glass to fall, which could cause serious injury.”

These new instructions can be found on page 15 point 8 of the manual, which you can download below.

If you need help to know what the manufacturing date of your Harbor Kingsbury Ceiling Fan is then you can locate this information on a label located on the top of the housing in the date format MM-YYYY.

Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Manufacture Date
Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Manufacture Date

Here is a video version of the Fix on Youtube:

Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Recall Fix

Check the download below for the updated Kingsbury ceiling fan manual.

Harbor Breeze Kingsbury 70 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

Download the updated version of the Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Manual with the updated instructions on how to properly secure the glass globe so it doesn’t fall. This manual is in PDF format so you will need a PDF reader to view it.

Click Here to Download the Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Manual

Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan Review

We couldn’t find any reviews for the Kingsbury ceiling fan as this model is now discontinued.

To check out our other manuals in the Harbor Breeze range please visit this page: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Manuals

For any customer support issues please take a look at our Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Support page.


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[3] https://hkcus.com/recall

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