Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Windward II Fan

Windward II Ceiling Fan
Windward II 54 inch Ceiling Fan in Room
Windward II Ceiling Fan

This manual was a lot easier to find than many other manuals we have searched for online. The only real problem we encountered was the many versions of Windwards available. Looking at Home Depots website they list at least two versions – the Windward ii or Windward 2 and the Windward iv or the Windward 4.

This PDF manual document that can be downloaded at the end of this post for the Hampton Bay Windward ii ceiling fan covers: Safety Rules, the installation and operating of your fan, including the remote control, along with the care of the fan and troubleshooting. The last sections of the manual will cover the specifications of the ceiling fan and basic warranty information.

Here is what we cover in this article:

Before we get into why you may need the Manual and how you can download it, we have done an additional bit of research that we encourage you to read as it may be helpful regarding this model of ceiling fan. I am no expert on these ceiling fans, but a little research reveals a lot of helpful pointers and tips.

What Exactly is the Windward II 54 inch Ceiling Fan?

It’s a stylish ceiling fan made by Hampton Bay and sold at Home Depot stores. After looking at a number of reviews it seems like a very reliable fan that can move a lot of air. More on that later.

It is available in a variety of colours from white to a black finish along with brushed steel options. It’s important to note that if you are looking at this page you probably have had your ceiling fan for a while as it seems to be discontinued and replaced by the Hampton Bay Windward IV ceiling fan.

However, don’t be disappointed as after recently checking Home Depot website there are still replacement parts available for purchase.

The fan kit comes with a down rod that you can either use or not depending on the height of your ceiling. However, I would recommend using the down rod as the ceiling fan blades are large, flexible and tend to have a lot of lift. There is also a light bulb that comes with the ceiling fan.

How Good is the Windward II Ceiling Fan at Keeping Your Room Cool?

First, you will note the insane pitch on the fan blades.

A 29-degree blade pitch means this fan will move a lot of air even on low speeds. Along with the excellent blade pitch you have a very good motor spinning at 195 revolutions per minute on high speed. The fan comes with three-speed settings: 1. High 2. Medium and 3. Low

Since this is a 54-inch fan the blades are 54 inches in diameter. They seem to be made of plastic though instead of wood.

Hampton Bay Windward II 54 inch Ceiling Fan in Bedroom

Windward II Ceiling Fan Remote Control

The ceiling fan comes with a thermostatic remote control.

I found out that what this basically means is that you can set the desired temperature on the remote and the fan will automatically adjust and continue to readjust speeds depending on the air temperature.

There is also a reverse and forward button that allows you to either have the airflow up or down. I have found that sleeping at night, airflow up, is better for me as it prevents me from waking with tense muscles. Cool airflow over your body while sleeping can cause muscle tension.

One cool feature of the remote is that the light button glows in the dark. Apparently, it was only available on the newer models, not the older ones.

There is also a light delay button, which after some playing with, finally worked out that if you press it, the light will stay on for 3 minutes then switch off. I guess that could have its uses.

Another cool feature of the remote is the timer function, which you can set for light or fan or both.

If you turn the remote control over and pull off the battery cover on the back of the remote you will see 4 AAA batteries and dip switches.

This is as close as you will get to a smart fan without it actually being a smart fan

If you are needing a replacement Remote Control then you can buy them on eBay. Just search for ‘Hampton-Bay FAN9T Thermostatic Remote Control’.

Can the Fan Direction Be Reversed with the Remote?

The quick and simple answer is ‘Yes’, all of the fan functions work off the remote control. If you have high ceilings and use a 3ft down rod, which you can also get from Hunter, then this feature will save you having to get up on a ladder to flick the direction switch on the ceiling fan.

This Hampton Bay Windward 54 in ceiling fan is very quiet, any noise comes from the massive amount of air that it moves and not any mechanical reasons.

You must remember that on the older models that come with the round light bulbs you can change the direction from the remote control. On the newer models, you cannot.

Replacement Parts for the Windward II Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay brand ceiling fans are made for Home Depot. If you need a replacement part, I would start with your local Home Depot store, not the “national”, number.

The Winward brands, I consider them to be the most proven for both air movement and lighting.

One owner stated: “I have contacted their warranty and or replacement department on two occasions in the last decade and have had a 100% success rate (failed transmitters for remote transmitters & replacement remotes.”

From my experience, the only place to find replacement parts for the Winward is through Home Depot. On the glass, the Winward series I, II and III all have the same general dimensions so the glass has to be available through them but again, you’re stuck with having to deal with them.

Glass replacement

If you are having problems getting replacement parts I can only suggest two possible solutions.

  1. Change out the ceiling fan altogether. These fans seem to be designed as if they’ll never encounter a problem. Once they may be impossible to fix. As near as I can tell, Hampton Bay and Home Depot are one and the same.
  2. Try ‘King of Fans’ in Florida. They also make the same brand of ceiling fan.
  3. Check out our Article on Hampton Bay Replacement Parts. We show you a number of places you can contact and give you the phone numbers and business names.

A few things you might like to note, that can easily be fixed by yourself or someone else. If you are getting a lot of vibration, then you may need to check the blade screws. They may need tightening.

If the light is out and not turning on you may need to check the ballast contacts. ‘Snug’ them up if they have worked loose or lost contact.

How To Change the Light Bulb on the Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fan?

To change the light bulb, you will need to remove the plastic housing by turning it counterclockwise and then pull down. This will expose the bulb. Undo the power clip from the light bulb. Pull the bulb down out of its metal clip holders.

You will need to have a 9″ bulb, which no stores carry in Canada, and must be specially ordered. If you are in the US, I believe Lowes carries them.

Download The Windward II Ceiling Fan Manual

Click on the link below to download the Windward II Ceiling Fan Manual in PDF format.

Click Here to download the Hampton Bay Windward II 54” Ceiling Fan Manual

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