Hampton Bay Whitlock Ceiling Fan – Illustrative Guide, Review, Manual and Tips

Whitlock 44 inch Ceiling Fan

Keep it cool with the Hampton Bay Whitlock 44 inch Ceiling Fan with LED light kit.

The reversible blades, cherry and oak, give you flexibility with your home decor.

Will fit easily into any room in your home and comes in two beautiful finishes, Mediterranean Bronze or Brushed Nickel.

Features a 3 shade light kit with bright LED bulbs.

A simple and easy wobble-free installation that anyone can install without any prior experience.

Snug close to ceiling mounting option, the Whitlock Fan leaves you with plenty of headspace.

This stylish and small ceiling fan is definitely suitable for those smaller spaces and rooms, up to 10 feet x 10 feet or smaller, with an airflow of 2821 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).

In this article we will cover the following:

Please check the short video below to see the Whitlock Ceiling Fan In Action.

Main Features of the Hampton Bay Whitlock 44 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

  • Stylish 5 cherry/pine reversible blades making it easy for you to change the room decor without having to purchase another ceiling fan
  • The simple and easy Accu-arm blade technology for that accurate and simple installation
  • Stunning 3 venetian white glass shades which brilliantly complement the ceiling fan’s finish
  • A super quiet and stable wobble-free blade rotation
  • Includes three energy-efficient 9.5-Watt LED light bulbs
  • The flush mount option for installation is just right for those rooms with lower ceilings

Review of Hampton Bay Whitlock Ceiling Fan with Video

This has to be the highest rated ceiling fan we have seen.

A total of 162 customer reviews gave the Whitlock Ceiling Fan a total of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars and an amazing 97% said they would recommend the fan.

Its been a real pleasure to review this ceiling fan.

To start with it was an easy installation with a very well designed and solid mounting procedure.

The motor was super quiet, we just love this, with what I would say was more than sufficient airflow in our kitchen which is 12 feet wide x 12 feet long with open style access from either end.

The Whitlock Ceiling Fan has an appealing and attractive contrast to the natural oak traditional drawer cabinets with a modern butcher style block countertop, in an L shaped kitchen.

The ceiling fan also matches our older style chandelier placed at the opposite end of the kitchen hanging over the maple dining table.

All we can say is we would highly recommend the Whitlock Indoor 44 inch Ceiling Fan to a friend and will purchase another for a bedroom.

Pros: Very Simple and Easy to Install, Made Well, Material is High Quality, Plenty of Features, Very Stylish, Bright, Very Good Weight & Size, Design is Nice, A Great Ceiling Fan

Cons: None

As promised we have a video below showing you the contents of the box and what you get with the Whitlock Ceiling Fan including LED light kit.

3 Helpful Tips for the Whitlock Ceiling Fan

Tip #1 If you find that after installing the Ceiling Fan it will not start then:

Check that your main and/or branch circuit fuses and/or breakers are switched on. It seems obvious but you would be surprised how many forget to turn the power back on once the installation is complete.

Check all of the line wires to the ceiling fan ensuring the connections are tight and making contact and all of the switch wires in the switch housing also making sure they are tight and connected properly.

Tip #2 If you find the Ceiling Fan operates noisy then:

Make sure that all of the motor housing screws are tightly screwed in.

Make sure that the screws or bolts that attach the motor to the ceiling fan blade bracket are secure and tight.

Always allow a 24-48 hour “break-in” time period as many noises that are usually associated with a brand new ceiling fan tend to disappear in this time frame.

Tip #3 If your Whitlock Ceiling Fan wobbles then:

Make sure to check that all blade arm and blade bolts/screws are tight and secure.

Many, if not all, ceiling fan wobbles are a direct result of blade levels being unequal. You can easily check the level by choosing a point on your ceiling directly above the end of one of the ceiling fan blades. Then carefully measure from a selected point on the centre of the fan blade to the selected point on your ceiling.

Next, you will need to rotate the ceiling fan to position the next blade for measurement and then take an accurate measure from the exact same point on that fan blade to the ceiling.

This should be repeated for each ceiling fan blade. You should not have any measurement deviation greater than 1/8 in.

Whitlock 44 inch LED Ceiling Fan Illustrative Guide

Here is a small glimpse of what you will find in the Manual below.

Hampton Bay Whitlock Ceiling Fan Illustrative Guide
Hampton Bay Whitlock Ceiling Fan Illustrative Guide

Download the Hampton Bay Whitlock 44 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

To download the Whitlock Ceiling Fan Manual for both the Mediterranean Bronze or Brushed Nickel models please click on the link below.

Click Here to Download the Hampton Bay Whitlock 44 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

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