Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan, Style & Comfort: Manual, Parts, Features & Installation

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Wentworth Ceiling Fan
Wentworth Ceiling Fan

If you’re looking to add some style and comfort to your home, the Hampton Bay Wentworth ceiling fan is an excellent choice. Part of the Good Housekeeping Seal consumer program, this stylish fan provides efficient and reliable operation that looks great in any room.

The Wentworth ceiling fan from Hampton Bay provides efficient airflow and a stylish design to complement any room décor. Unfortunately, this specific model has been discontinued by Home Depot. However, replacement parts and repairs may still be available.

You will learn the following in this article, so please read on:

Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan Owners Manual

Actual Image of the Wentworth Ceiling Fan
Actual Image of the Wentworth Ceiling Fan

Get the Full Wentworth Fan Instructions

Need guidance on installing, operating, or maintaining your Wentworth ceiling fan? Download the official Hampton Bay Wentworth manual right here to get complete instructions and all the product details in a printable PDF format.

Click Here To Download The Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan Manual

Inside you’ll find:

  • Step-by-Step Installation Guides
  • Parts Listings and Hardware
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Warranty Information
  • Fan Dimensions
  • And more!

Don’t struggle to install or utilize your Wentworth fan without precise directions! Download the product manual now in convenient PDF form and gain access to the manufacturer specifications and support information. Keep the file handy on your phone or tablet for easy reference.

Get comprehensive guidance to maximize the performance and lifespan of your ceiling fan. Download the Wentworth Manual Here!

Click Here To Download The Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan Manual

For our complete range of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals please check out our article: Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals

Video On The Wentworth Ceiling Fan

Specifications & Features of the Wentworth Ceiling Fan

The Wentworth ceiling fan from Hampton Bay offers efficient performance and versatile design. While this specific model has been discontinued, it was feature-packed while available. Let’s dive into the details.

Motor & Performance

The powerful 153mm x 18mm motor delivered substantial airflow up to 5,193 CFM to keep spacious rooms feeling comfortable. Three speeds settings via pull chains allowed for customized cooling power.

Motor Size153mm x 18mm
OutputUp to 5,193 CFM
Control3-speed pull chain
OperationReversible with manual switch
Table of Motor & Performance

Blades & Pitch

The fan included four 12° pitched silver blades optimized to move air efficiently at all speeds for quiet cooling power.

Number of Blades4
Blade ColorSilver
Blade Pitch12°
OperationQuiet airflow delivery
Table for Blades & Pitch

Light Kit

The integrated light kit contained three candelabra bulbs (included) with a stunning etched opal glass fixture, delivering brilliant illumination for rooms up to 225 square feet.

Included Bulbs3x 40W candelabra
Glass StyleEtched opal
CoverageUp to 225 sq. ft.
Table of Light Kit

Ceiling Mounting

Convenient tri-mount installation worked for standard flat ceilings but also angled and flushmount applications. Downrods of varying lengths were included for flexible positioning.

Mounting OptionsFlushmountStandardSloped
Downrod Lengths3.5 in.6 in.
HardwareAll included
Table of Mounting Options

So while discontinued, the Wentworth integrated the ideal mix of style, illumination, performance and versatility for ceilings of all types up to 20′ x 20′. This made it a go-to choice for homeowners for many years during production.

Who Is The Manufacturer of the Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan?

The Wentworth ceiling fan was made by Hampton Bay. Specifically:

  • Hampton Bay is a lighting and ceiling fan brand owned by The Home Depot. They market several lines of ceiling fans through Home Depot stores and website.
  • The Wentworth model appears to have been one of Hampton Bay’s mid-tier offerings featuring an integrated light kit and reversible motor operation.
  • As a Home Depot exclusive brand, all Hampton Bay products including the Wentworth ceiling fan were designed and manufactured for The Home Depot retailer specifically.

So in summary:

Brand: Hampton Bay
Manufacturer: for The Home Depot stores
Product Line: Wentworth (now discontinued)

Details like where the actual ceiling fan components were sourced and assembled are not as transparent, since Hampton Bay fans are made exclusively for and marketed under Home Depot as a store brand. But the overall branding and responsibility lies with Hampton Bay rather than a third party.

Why & When The Wentworth Ceiling Fan Was Discontinued

Home Depot has not provided details on why this model was discontinued. As a retailer, they refresh their product lines periodically based on business needs, technology changes, and consumer preferences.

The Wentworth seems to have been discontinued sometime in 2022 or late 2021, as manuals and support documentation was still available on their website until recently. Consumers who owned this fan model were able to enjoy several years of usage until supplies, replacement parts, etc. were exhausted.

Replacement Parts For The Wentworth Ceiling Fan

As the Wentworth ceiling fan model has been discontinued, sourcing replacement parts requires some diligence. Here are a few options to try:

  • Check Our Comprehensive Replacement Parts Article: We show you the best places to find and locate parts for your ceiling fan & get repairs here: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts
  • Check Home Depot: Though no longer actively sold, Home Depot inventory turnover may still produce some fan components. Inquire directly with stores and customer service regarding availability.
  • Search secondary retailers: Check major online marketplaces as well as classified ads for Wentworth parts being sold as excess inventory or salvaged.
  • Explore universal components: Consider whether generic fan blades, downrods, or light covers could substitute. Measure dimensions to verify compatibility.
  • Contact Hampton Bay: Directly engage customer support to check for available stock and if discontinuation provisions allow goodwill replacements.

With effort, viable repair parts may still be obtained to extend the lifespan of your Wentworth ceiling fan despite being an inactive model line. But component access will only diminish over time.

Wentworth Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions

The Wentworth ceiling fan supports three installation methods using the included downrods:

  • Flushmount directly to the ceiling
  • Standard ceiling with downrod
  • Angled/sloped ceiling with longer downrod

Here is a summary table outlining key installation instructions for the Hampton Bay Wentworth ceiling fan:

Follow these steps to safely install your Wentworth ceiling fan:

1Turn off power at circuit breaker
2Secure mounting bracket using provided hardware matched to your ceiling type (sloped, standard, flush)
3Attach downrod to motor housing loosely
4Lift assembly into position and connect downrod to mounting bracket
5Tighten downrod set screws and mounting bolts securely
6Connect fan wires matching colors to ceiling wires
7Install fan blades onto motor brackets using blade screws
8Install light kit by connecting wires and sliding over switch housing
9Turn power back on at circuit breaker
10Check installation then proceed with fan operation
Table of Simple Step by Step Installation Instructions

Always follow included safety procedures. Use stepladder for high reach areas. Get assistance if needed during the installation process. Contact Hampton Bay customer support for guidance.

Refer to the manual for detailed installation instructions for your ceiling type. All mounting hardware is included.

How To Identify Your Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan

Video on How To Identify The Hampton Bay Wentworth Ceiling Fan

It’s easy to identify if you have the Hampton Bay Wentworth ceiling fan installed in your home. Here are the key details to look for:


  • Silver finish blades
  • Quantity: 4 blades
  • Pitch: 12 degree blade pitch
  • Length options: 52 inches, 54 inches

Motor Housing

  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Flat profile design
  • Pull chain controls for 3 speeds

Light Kit

  • Opal etched glass fixture
  • Houses 3 candelabra bulbs (typically 40 watts)

Other Identifiers

  • Hampton Bay branding printed on motor housing, blade brackets
  • Wentworth model name should be included on product labels

You can also match any features or specifications to those listed in the Wentworth owner’s manual or official product page when it was available from Home Depot.

If you have a ceiling fan installed that doesn’t match this description, then it is not the Wentworth model. There may be similar fans made by Hampton Bay, but the Wentworth has these very clear characteristics that set it apart from other styles.

Checking a few visible attributes against the details above makes it easy to determine if your installed ceiling fan is in fact the Hampton Bay Wentworth model or not.

Does Hampton Bay Fans Come With a Lifetime Warranty

While this specific fan model is discontinued, Hampton Bay provides the following warranties on ceiling fans:

Fan motorLimited lifetime
Light kit & glass1 year
All other parts1 year
Table of Common Component Warranty

Lifetime refers to the duration of ownership by the original purchaser.

Troubleshooting Tips for the Wentworth Ceiling Fan

If you experience issues with your Wentworth ceiling fan, there are a few quick troubleshooting things to try before seeking repairs. Refer to this table for guidance:

IssuePossible CauseSolution
Fan will not startPower off
Loose wiring
Faulty switch
Ensure power supply is on
Check/tighten all wire connections
Test/replace pull chain switch
Fan makes noiseBlades loose
Blades unbalanced
Check blade attachments to brackets
Adjust blade alignments
Lights not workingBulb burnt out
Loose wiring
Check/replace bulbs
Check light kit wire connections
Light flickeringLoose light wires
Incorrect bulbs
Check wire connections at light kit
Verify bulb wattage/type
Remote control not workingBattery dead
Out of range
Replace remote battery
Use remote within 30 ft range
Table of Common Wentworth Ceiling Fan Issues and Fixes

First, ensure the fan blades spin freely without obstruction. Then verify the fan is properly mounted per the installation guide.

Use a stepladder when checking wiring connections to prevent injury or product damage.

For continued issues, refer to Hampton Bay customer support options including service center contacts for further inspection or repairs. Follow safety precautions and manual instructions closely.


The Wentworth ceiling fan delivers attractive style blended with strong performance thanks to a powerful motor and efficient curved blades. Convenient installation options and remote-controlled operation increase enjoyment. However, the integrated design limits customization, and eventual discontinuation raises sourcing issues.


  • Stylish brushed nickel profile
  • Reversible airflow direction
  • Robust airflow up to 5,193 CFM
  • Easy 3-speed remote operation
  • Tri-mount installation functionality


  • Non-removable integrated light kit
  • Limited blade customization
  • Eventual model discontinuation
  • Replacement part sourcing difficulties

In summary, the Wentworth fan offers reliability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal – an all-around versatile option to effectively refresh room décor and cooling. Yet discontinued status limits long term access and repairs down the road.

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