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Hampton Bay Victoria 70 inch Ceiling Fan in Room
Victoria 70 inch Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Victoria 70 in. Indoor French Beige Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control is another Hampton Bay ceiling fan model that you might have at home. So why buy the Hampton Bay Victoria Ceiling Fan?

You would buy the Hampton Bay Victoria 70 inch Ceiling Fan because it is one of the few ceiling fans that can be adjusted in 6 different speeds, which is not particularly usual. Most ceiling fans have only 3 different speeds, that makes this Victoria ceiling fan the best deal.

The assembled width of this ceiling fan is 70 inches width and 17.32 height.

The Hampton Bay Victoria 70 in. is obtainable in splendid French beige finish, that appears with a customized carved blade.

It contains an inclusive light kit which I like the most and a remote that is in working order.

The Victoria 70 inch Fan uses three 60 watts candelabra bulbs, that are included in the package.

In this article we will look at:

Hampton Bay Victoria 70 inch Ceiling Fan in Bedroom
Victoria Ceiling Fan in Bedroom

Hampton Bay Victoria 70 in. Ceiling Fan Insights

  • Five Blades – made from wood with a custom carved walnut
  • A beautiful custom French beige hand-painted finish.
  • Style- Victoria 70 in. is a classic or rustic design with a French beige finish. It matches well in the room with wooden furniture.
  • It is powered with DC Motors that makes the operation quiet and wobble-free. This latest technology allows the unit to run smoothly and cooler. A ceiling fan that uses DC motors functions using the inner arrangement of magnets that oppose conflict. This will build magnetic fields that will make the torque to make the rotation of the motor’s rotor. With this process, the energy used is lesser, that can reduce the consumption of power up to 70% than the usual AC motors. The motor speed is 118.
  • Integrated glowing light kit. Yes, you can get the built-in glowing lighting fixtures with this unit. The incandescent light bulb is also included in the purchase.
  • This is made specifically for indoors, or dry areas like the living room, kid’s room, and bedroom. Avoid using it in the bathroom or kitchen, as it is not made for that damp area.
  • There are two mounting types for this ceiling fan. The angle mount and downrod mount. In purchasing new ceiling fan make sure that you will ask if the fan can be installed in a sloped ceiling.
  • Room size-This Victoria 70 in ceiling fan is best for 20 ft. by 20 ft. dimension of room or larger sizes than that.
  • A fully functional remote control that consists of 6 speeds, you can also adjust the light if you want it dim. The control is reversible, you can adjust from higher to lower.
  • For tall ceilings, an 80 inches lead wire is embedded.

Frequently Asked Questions about Victoria 70 in. Ceiling Fan, Answered!

Does the Victoria Ceiling Fan light spin when the ceiling fan is ON?

No. The globe light is stationary, it is separated from the work of the fans. Since the light is fixed beneath the fan blades, when fan is on only the blade that is connected to the disk above the light will spin.

Is the Victoria Ceiling Fan Model Available in different size options?

If you will take a look at Home Depot Store you will find that there is only one size available, that is 70 in. by 17.32 in. If you want smaller size, they offer alternate product that will suit your needs.

Is it available in other color options?

The answer is No. Beige is the only color available for this model, find another model that offers the color that you like.

When I turn the fan on it rocks backwards then forward a few times before starting up completely. What could be wrong?

Most of the users commented the same. Manual says that is how it was design that way. When you turn the fan on, the DC motor will initially align the magnet until it picks up and spin properly.

Can I get a Victoria Fan remote replacement if it is broken?

You can visit the Home Depot Website; in their customer service hotline they will be able to assist you with the certain type of remote that you need. You can order it online.

Hampton Bay Victoria Ceiling Fan in Large Room
Hampton Bay Victoria Ceiling Fan in Large Room

Users Experience with Hampton Bay Victoria Ceiling Fan

Here are some reviews from the Hampton Bay Victoria 70 in ceiling fan model. About 53% of the customer recommended this product, for 111 customers, 47 gave there 5-star rating for this product.

Most of the customers gave a good review for the appearance of this model, 4.6 out of 5 stars.

This is telling us that the feature of this fan is stylish and excellent, particularly the French beige finish which for me I never doubted.

It’s beautiful, the size is reasonably large that will give you a nice breeze of air you need during a hot day.

Definitely does its job.

One of the customers said that she feels uncertain with the purchase because the last fan that they use was only 52 inches. When she sees the performance of the fan, she feels super pleased when the major airflow in the room. We would expect that this model will cool the whole room where we installed it.

You would absolutely love the Victoria Ceiling Fan because it runs smooth and quiet, best in cooling a big family living room. What you will see in Home Depot is what you get with this fan.

Another area where customers give a good review for this Victoria 70 in. model is the ease of installation.

The installation is simple and easy to assemble and can be done in just an hour if you will follow the directions. It worked with no problem for many users.

You can find the installation procedure in the manual when you purchased this Hampton Bay Victoria 70 in. ceiling fan. If you don’t have the manual you can download it below.

Although this fan is not highly rated compared to the other models, those who own one have claimed that it is great quality, reasonably priced and the size is huge. Worth its value!

It doesn’t just have a terrific look; it also functions well and is quiet. Although some of the reviews have said they had installation issues.

But most find this a great ceiling fan. The long blades for sure do their task! Its fast, the light is bright, you can use the remote conveniently without any hassle.

As I am doing research about the Hampton Bay Victoria 70 inches ceiling fan, I found out that this particular product has been discontinued.

What does that mean? It means that this product is no longer available in the marketplace. The company are no longer carrying this particular product. But you don’t have to worry.

What you will do if you need a replacement part?

You have to contact Hampton Bay promptly. Make sure that the model number, SKU, UPC of the ceiling fan is ready and accurate. The quickest way to contact them is by making a call, dial 1-877-527-0313 and select option 2.

You can also check out in-depth article here entitled: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

Hampton Bay Victoria 70 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

If you are looking for the Hampton Bay Victoria Ceiling Fan manual then you can download a copy by clicking the link below.

Download Hampton Bay Victoria 70 in Ceiling Fan Manual

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