Hampton Bay Vercelli Ceiling Fan

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Vercelli Ceiling Fan

The versatile Vercelli 52 inch Indoor Ceiling fan with LED integration accents a very retro-era styling bringing an ultramodern look to your room and home decor.

It shows-off a unique and exclusive wire cage housing blended with a LED integrated opal glass lighting exhibiting exquisite and unique framework.

Every one of the five fan blades has a finish of brushed nickel finish bringing that very modern feel to any bed or living room.

A powerful and efficient 188 mm x 20 mm motor, with reverse, and a handy wall remote control provides a versatile 3-speed ceiling fan control along with a full range lighting dimmer sure to suit anyone’s individual requirements.

The patented Smart Bond WiFi Ceiling Fan Remote Hub allows you total control of your ceiling fan, including the lighting.

Bond works with Google Home and Amazon Echo. It is also compatible with Alexa and other smart home items.

In this article we will look at the following:

Main Features of the Vercelli Ceiling Fan

  • Integrated dimmable LED lightbulb (no changing of lightbulbs)
  • Five ceiling fan blades in finished in silver
  • Patented technology that allows for a quieter motor producing more airflow with a great deal less noise
  • Installation is simple and quick with a Slide-on bracket
  • Includes hand-held remote control and downrod
  • Totally maintenance-free, light that lasts 50,000 hours and shines brighter
  • Fan controlled by a bond smartphone app
  • Smart ceiling fan with absolutely no rewiring
  • Bond integration with seamless one-click

Troubleshooting Your Hampton Bay Vercelli 52in. Ceiling Fan

My Ceiling Fan and/or Remote is Not Operating

  1. Make sure that your remote control is inside the 20-foot receiving range of the fan receiver
  2. Steps to reset the handheld remote: 1) Using the circuit breaker or the wall switch turn off the electrical power to the ceiling fan. 2) Open the battery compartment in the remote and remove the batteries. 3) Wait for at least 10 seconds. 4) Replace the batteries back into the remote and then turn the power on
  3. Always check the batteries to make sure that they are ‘good’ and working and oriented properly
  4. Check and ensure that the DIP switches (Frequency Switches) from the Handheld remote control to the ceiling fan receiver are all set to the exact same frequency settings. Please read here for help on Hampton Bay Remote Control
  5. Check both the branch and also the main fuses/breakers
  6. If you are using a Variable-Speed-Wall-Switch (VSWS), make sure that it is designed for being used with a fan.
  7. Check all of the wire connections to the ceiling fan and all of the switch wire connections within the switch unit housing
  8. If the Vercelli 52 inch Ceiling Fan is still not working, please refer to the Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts & Repairs post for further help.
Hampton Bay Vercelli Ceiling Fan in Kitchen

My Vercelli Fan is Noisy

  1. Ensure all of the screws for the motor housing are securely tightened
  2. Ensure all of the screws which are used to attach the ceiling fan blade to the motor are secure and tight
  3. Ensure the wire-nut connections are not clattering against one another or rattling against the inside wall of the switch-housing
  4. Allow for a 24-hour break-in. You will find that most operation noises of the new ceiling fan should disappear during this short time period
  5. If the ceiling fan comes with a light kit, ensure the glassware is tightly secured
  6. Ensure there is only a small gap from the top of the ceiling fan canopy to the ceiling. It is important that the canopy does not touch the ceiling!
  7. Ensure your Vercelli ceiling fan box is tight and secure and the isolator pads are being properly used between the outlet box and the mounting bracket

My Vercelli Ceiling Fan Wobbles

  1. Make sure that all of the blades and all of the fan blade bracket screws are tight and secure (we find that most of the ceiling fan wobble issues are usually caused by loose parts). Once the ceiling fan is correctly installed as per the supplied instructions, run the Vercelli ceiling fan for about 10 minutes to allow the fan to self-adjust.
  2. If the wobble still occurs after you have run the fan for the full 10 minutes, then verify the fan blade level by using the following process:
    • a) choose a point above the tip of one of the ceiling fan blades on the ceiling. Next, select the ceiling fan blade and then proceed to measure using a measuring tape from the centre of the blade you selected to the point on the ceiling. Next, rotate the ceiling fan until the following blade is positioned and then repeat each measurement ensuring you are using the very same point from the ceiling for every single fan blade. The measurements should all be within 1/8 in.
    • b) If you find that all of the deviations are less than 1/8 in. and the ceiling fan still continues to wobble, you will need to order a free Blade Balancing Kit.
  3. If you find that all of the deviations are less than 1/8 in. and the ceiling fan still continues to wobble, you will need to order a free Blade Balancing Kit. Please call the Home Depot Customer Service (1-800-986-3460)

My Hampton Bay Vercelli 52 inch Ceiling Fan Light is Not Working

  1. Examine the light bulb to ensure it is correctly installed
  2. Remove the bulb that is not working and replace with a light bulb that is a good functioning bulb
  3. To reset the handheld remote: 1) Using the wall switch, turn off the power to the ceiling fan. 2) Remove the batteries from the remote control. 3) Wait at least 10 seconds. 4) Replace the batteries and then turn the power on

Review of the Vercelli Ceiling Fan

This Vercelli ceiling fan is just gorgeous. We previously had a very cheap white ceiling fan in our kitchen area, however, after buying new steel appliances, we were wanting a ceiling fan which would accentuate the beauty of our remodelled kitchen.

This Vercelli ceiling fan just does that so beautifully. We easily installed the ceiling fan hassle-free.

This is such a really, really, really nice fan.

Pros: Very Functional, Looks Beautiful, A lot of Nice Features, Very Nice Design, Stylish

Hampton Bay Vercelli Ceiling Fan Manual

To download the Vercelli Ceiling Fan manual please click on the link below. Please note the manual is in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader to view it.

Click Here to Download the Vercelli Ceiling Fan Manual

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