Hampton Bay Umbrella Replacement Parts: Best Ways To Get Your Umbrella Fixed Fast

Hampton Bay Umbrella Replacement Parts
Hampton Bay Umbrella Replacement Parts

In this article, we researched and located a few specific places that should be helpful to get your Hampton Bay umbrella repaired and fixed along with locating replacement parts if you are savvy enough to fix and repair it yourself.

To get replacement parts for your Hampton Bay Umbrella try Home Depot’s special dedicated phone number just for Hampton Bay replacement parts: 1-877-527-0313.

Be sure to choose Option number 4 for Hampton Bay items when you make the call then select Option number 2 for Patios or Option number 6 for ‘All Other Products’. A customer support person will help you locate the required part you might be needing.

You can also call Hampton Bay Customer Service available from 8 am – 7 pm, EST (Eastern Standard Time) Monday – Friday, and on Saturday 9 am – 6 pm, EST, on 1-855-HD-HAMPTON

As we have mentioned in our article: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts you will need to have the item number or model number on hand when you make the telephone call. You can find the model number on the box that came with the Umbrella or in the instruction manual.

If you don’t have the instruction manual you might like to download a copy on the Home Depot website.

Having the model number on hand is helpful as there are a lot of different styles and models of the Hampton Bay umbrellas. You have the Patio Umbrellas, the Cantilever Umbrellas and a number of Solar Umbrellas and LED Umbrellas.

In this article we will also cover:

How to Locate Hampton Bay Umbrella Parts and Accessories on Amazon
• Local Home Improvement Stores for Umbrella Replacement Parts & DIY Advice

How To Repair a Hampton Bay Umbrella Yourself
• How To Replace An Umbrella String
• How To Replace Your Umbrella Canopy
• How To Rebuild and Repair a Hampton Bay Umbrella
• Related Questions

We had a look on the Home Depot website for replacement parts, however, there are not many available on the website, this is why we recommend using the telephone number above. On the website, you will only find accessories such as Umbrella stands, covers and bases.

It is important to note that Hampton Bay Umbrellas are made in China. Home Depot import them and brand them with their own brand under Hampton Bay. So, it is not easy finding replacement parts for these Umbrellas.

However, if you do a little digging you can find a lot of workarounds with universal parts and general Umbrella companies that can fix your Umbrella depending on the problem. Hampton Bay umbrellas are good umbrellas in that they are rebuildable. You can salvage parts off one Umbrella to use on another. Check out the video later on how to go about doing this. And also check the video on how to repair your umbrella yourself below.

But first, we would like to show you how to go about checking on Amazon for replacement parts.

How to Locate Hampton Bay Umbrella Parts and Accessories on Amazon

How to Locate Hampton Bay Umbrella Parts on Amazon
How to Locate Hampton Bay Umbrella Parts on Amazon

Amazon is a great resource for finding replacement parts if you use the correct search phrases or contact the right sellers. In this section, we will explain the process of getting the right parts on Amazon.

To locate the correct parts on Amazon, use the search phrase ‘Hampton Bay Patio Umbrella Parts’ (Affiliate link to Amazon) Many of the parts are Universal and should be ok for your Hampton Bay Umbrella.

We also recommend you try a more broad search such asUmbrella Parts’ (Affiliate link to Amazon). This broader search term will return more results including items such as:

  • Umbrella Poles
  • Cords & Strings
  • Umbrella Canopies
  • Cone Wedges
  • Hole Rings
  • Spline Socket Crank Handles
  • Swivel Tilt Metal Umbrella Soft Box Holder Flash Bracket Adapter

You will find a lot of replacement canopy options available that can be used if your original canopy is damaged or faded. Often times the replacement canopies are better quality and more durable than the original. We recommend you check these replacement umbrella canopies (Affiliate link to Amazon)

Local Home Improvement Stores for Umbrella Replacement Parts & DIY Advice

A place you might not have considered when looking for a replacement part for your Hampton Bay Umbrella is your local home improvement store.

A visit to the store with the part you want to be replaced or with a picture of what you might be needing can result in some nice ‘bush’ fixes that won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Remember a lot of these stores cater to the DIY guys so they know plenty about DIY fixes.

In fact, if you take a look on YouTube you will find plenty of How To Videos on fixing your Umbrella. Many of these videos are great places to start when you want to repair or get a part for your broken umbrella. It may just be that you can actually make a repair with the part that is broken saving you the trouble of trying to find a replacement.

We will share with you a few fixes and videos about common umbrella problems below so please keep reading.

How To Repair a Hampton Bay Umbrella Yourself

*Hampton Lighting Advice is not liable for any incidents that might happen from applying the techniques that are portrayed in the videos. Below. Hampton Lighting Advice has no affiliation and is simply presenting the video content.*

After a while of owning your own Hampton Bay Umbrella, you may encounter some of the common problems, such as torn or faded fabric, broken strings, and bent poles.

Fortunately, there are a lot of online resources and videos for learning quickly and easily how to fix your umbrella. Just making a simple search on YouTube will return hundreds of videos that provide great tips, tutorial and advice.

How To Repair a Patio Umbrella Rib at Home

This is a relatively simple and easy fix that anyone could do at home using a drill, some nuts and bolts and a hammer.

As you can see in the video above it’s a simple fix, but if you need the steps, here they are in writing:

  • 6” long piece of copper tubing which can be purchased from any local hardware store
  • Using the hammer, flatten the copper tubing down so that it easily slides over the broken umbrella ribs
  • Push each end of the broken rib into each end of the copper tubing to fix the break allowing space in the middle to drill a hole.
  • Fix the umbrella to the hole securing it with a nut and bolt
  • Drill a hole at both ends of the copper tubing to allow a rivet to prevent the copper tubing from sliding

How To Replace an Umbrella String

Again, a simple step by step process outlined in the video to replace your broken umbrella string. Just use a replacement string, Philips screwdriver, pliers and flat head screwdriver.

  • Remove the cover from the umbrella frame
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver unscrew the screws at the housing where the crank is located
  • Lay the housing for the crank handle aside along with the screws
  • Using some needle nose pliers remove the cotter pin and unscrew the nut
  • Remove the gear and washer
  • Remove the crank out of its casing by twisting it back and forth while pulling it
  • Remove the string debris from the eyelet on the crank handle
  • Remove the support bracket by popping the rivet
  • Locating the umbrella hub, unscrew the cover that keeps all of the umbrella ribs in place
  • Remove the broken string all the way out
  • Run your new string through the opening that you just removed the old string from
  • As you get down to the end of the string tie a small knot to prevent it from passing all the way through
  • Resecure the bottom hub
  • Attach a straight pin to the end of the string and guide it through the top pulley so that it comes out the other side
  • Take the open end of the string and push it right back through the bottom end of the pulley and drop it down through the hollow shaft of the umbrella support pole
  • Locate the hole where you removed the crank handle and using a j hook or screwdriver pull the string through the hole of the crank handle space
  • Grab the crank handle and push the support bracket so that it is tight up against the washers on the crank handle and then feed the string through the eyelet hole on the crank handle. Tie a small knot on the string
  • Take your string and push it back through the crank handle hole
  • Push the crank handle back through the umbrella support hole
  • Reattach the cotter pin assembly and gear
  • Reassemble the crank handle housing
  • Check to see if everything is working correctly by turning the crank handle – the umbrella ribs should fold out and in with the crank handle turning either left or right
  • If everything is working correctly reattach your umbrella fabric

How To Replace Your Umbrella Canopy

Replacing your umbrella canopy is easy as long as you know the umbrella dimensions. In this video, you will see step by step how easy it is to replace the canopy. For replacement canopies we recommend you check out these canopy replacement covers (Affiliate link to Amazon)

  • Measure between the points of the end with Umbrella extended to know what the diameter is and count the number of spokes or arms – this is so you can order the correct size canopy if you are replacing
  • Unpin the cover from all of the umbrella arms
  • If the top of the umbrella has a housing cover for the canopy then remove this
  • Remove the umbrella string from the canopy by undoing the knot
  • Remove the canopy cloth. You may either now wash or replace the canopy
  • Reassemble everything in reverse order to how you removed the canopy

Check out some of the cool replacement canopies below:

How To Rebuild and Repair a Hampton Bay Umbrella

In the video below you will see how easy it is to rebuild your broken Hampton Bay Umbrella by using parts of another Hampton Bay Umbrella of the same model. So, if you have an old broken umbrella, don’t throw it away when you buy a new one. Those parts can be used when your new umbrella needs fixing.

This is the good thing about the Hampton Bay models of Umbrellas. Since most are unassembled and in parts when you first purchase. Then following the instructions, you assemble it all. This means that you can disassemble and replace just about any piece of the Umbrella.

Related Questions

Here are a few questions you may have asked yourself about the Hampton Bay umbrella you have but may have not known the answer.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Umbrellas?

Hampton Bay umbrellas are sold throughout the Home Depot stores. However, they are manufactured probably in China and then branded with the Home Depot Hampton Bay logo.

How Do You Open a Hampton Bay Umbrella?

Each model of umbrella is different so it is best to consult the instruction guide that came with your particular model of umbrella.

For example, the 11 ft Solar Umbrella requires you to loosen the knob that is located on the umbrella shade by turning it in a counter-clockwise direction.

Then hold the umbrella handle and carefully but firmly push the long bent tube in an upward direction until the solar umbrella has been fully extended.

Finally, fully tighten the solar umbrella shade knob clockwise so that the handle is locked in place.

These steps will raise the umbrella. Next, undo the Velcro belt that is attached on the canopy and then shake the canopy so that the umbrella ribs are separated.

Then turn the crank handle clockwise to open the solar umbrella.
When the solar umbrella has been fully opened, carefully fasten the Velcro belt under the hinge of the short bent tube. This will ensure the solar umbrella is stabilized. Tighten the belt.

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