Hampton Bay Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan

The stunning Hampton Bay Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan can be used either Indoors or Outdoors and evokes a beautiful tropical feel due to its beautiful and elegant bamboo style along with a dark mahogany finish.

With a powerful and efficient 4,531 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) fan, The Tahiti Breeze will refresh any outdoor space up to 20 feet x 20 feet and boasts a 3-speed pull-chain control.

The 5 blades are weather-resistant, and the ceiling fan motor housing is also wet-rated for sustainability and ability to last while out in the open areas.

An integrated light kit that has a dome-style ensures the brightest illumination, even in the darkest situations. This is made possible from the included and energy-efficient 9.5-watt LED lightbulbs.

A nice feature is the very decorative outer canopy ring and outer coupling cover which conceal the installation screws giving this ceiling fan a very clean and finished look.

The Tahiti Breeze ceiling fan is well suited to large rooms and covered patios.

In this post we cover:

Main Features of the Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan

  • 5 bamboo mahogany weather-resistant fan blades
  • Beautiful dark Mahogany finish
  • Dome-shaped frosted light kit with a twist lock glass
  • Two included 9.5-Watt LED lightbulbs
  • 4.5 inch included downrod
  • The ceiling fan height is 20.9 inches with the 4.5-inch downrod
  • The ceiling fan height is 16.40 inch when installed as flush-mount
  • Wet-rated and can be safely used Indoor/outdoor

Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

If you are looking for fan parts for the Tahiti Breeze ceiling fan then please check our post on Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts.

also take a look at our video below on Hampton Bay Replacement Parts.

Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan Installation & Assembly

If you are looking for Installation and Assembly instructions for the tahiti Breeze then take a look at the video below.

This Installation and Assembly video covers:

  • Downrod Installation
  • Fan Electrical Connections
  • Ceiling Flushmount Installation
  • Fan Blade Installation
  • Light Kit Installation
  • Alternate Switch Cap Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Operation

Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan Reviews

This is the time we look into what we and others have found about using this ceiling fan.

Well, we can certainly tell you this fan is well-loved by all its owners. We found a whopping 93% of 335 Customers would recommend this ceiling fan with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. That’s a pretty good recommendation rate for a ceiling fan, considering it requires a little bit of patience with the installation.

We really loved the look of this ceiling fan for the patio outdoors. The biggest wish was that it would be sold in stores.

Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan Outdoors

It looks great and really moves the air in a very cooling way. Since we live in the Florida area and our Summers are very hot, it does its job very well at keeping you cool.

The 20 feet x 20 feet cooling area is very accurate as our outdoor patio area is quite large.

For the installation, I’m no handyman and the last time I tried installing a ceiling fan I actually fell through the lounge ceiling.

So, I was a little bit hesitant to try the installation on my own. Pleasently, after reviewing the supplied instructions I was able to put it together with no problems.

I’m by no means any genius so I did have to redo a couple of things that i messed up. The installation guide was all labeled very clearly, with plenty of wire to make the connections easy. It took me about 2 hours in total to install the ceiling fan.

If you like the look of the Tahiti ceiling fan then I strongly recommend you go ahead and purchase it. We have many other tropical fans inside or house and I can say that this one definitely performs way better than the others. I’m also considering that I will be replacing them with it.

Best Way To Change Tahiti Breeze Lights

You might like to know how to change the lights, especially as we just tried to remove the lightbulb cover and you guessed it, it just wouldn’t budge.

If this is your problem then you need to twist the glass counter clock-wise. It may be easier if you also remove the light kit first and then resume removing the glass. If this fails or you need more help then the Manual is available below if needed.

Hampton Bay Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan Manual

To download this ceiling fan manual please click on the link below.

Hampton Bay Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan Manual

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