Spoleto II Ceiling Fan

Spoleto II Ceiling Fan

The attractive Hampton Bay Spoleto II Ceiling Fan with a Liquid Nickel finish will bring a contemporary soft feel to any room.

Complete with stylish wall control and a unique liquid nickel finish that is sure to bring a nice shine to any living room or bedroom.

A handy stylish 4-speed wall control unit is also included with this Spoleto Fan and can easily be installed instead of any existing switch for very easy speed-control.

The Spoleto Ceiling Fan has a total of four reversible black/silver fan blades and a very powerful 172 mm x 14 mm fan motor that will produce an airflow well over 5,000 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).

In this article we will cover the following points:

  1. Spoleto Liquid Nickel Ceiling Fan Main Features
  2. Common Questions About the Spoleto Ceiling Fan
  3. Spoleto Ceiling Fan Review

Spoleto Liquid Nickel Ceiling Fan Main Features

  • 4 beautiful modern reversible black/silver fan blades
  • Shiny stunning Liquid nickel finish
  • For Indoor use
  • Included is a handy 4-speed wall unit control
  • 172 mm x 14 mm powerful motor providing an airflow of up to 5,000 CFMs
  • Downrod is included
  • Easy Dual-mount ceiling installation, for both standard ceiling or sloped ceiling
  • Can handle a Large room: from 12 feet x 12 feet to 18 feet x 18 feet
  • Decorative coupling and canopy ring to conveniently conceal the exposed screws and hardware
  • Lifetime warranty for the motor

Common Questions about the Spoleto Ceiling Fan

Here are a few common questions we get regarding the Spoleto Fan

What is the highest Bulb Wattage this fan will accept?

Unfortunately, this fan does not come with an integrated light kit built into it. A nice feature, however, is the metallic “bowl” which is actually a mirrored metal, and not glass so does not have any wiring. This metallic “bowl” is purely and simply for decorative purposes only.

I am certain that there may be a similar fan but different model which does include the light kit.

How is the Ceiling Fan’s airflow reversed?

The reverse switch for the airflow direction is found on the top of the fan motor housing for the ceiling fan.

Is the Spoleto II Fan compatible with handheld remote control?

This model has no remote control for the ceiling fan operation. The four-speed switch mounted on the wall is used for the control of the fan.

Spoleto Ceiling Fan Review

Apparently the ease of installation is what lets this fan down. It’s a little harder to install than other fans.

It certainly does move a heck of a lot of air, and it also looks pretty darn good. However, the installation process is way more difficult than it really needs to be for this fan, it’s still doable in a reasonable time period.

A few important points you need to be aware of though – that big metallic shiny dome that is on the bottom is no light, it’s actually a chrome/metallic ball.

This ceiling fan doesn’t come with any light kit and one can’t be added.

Also, while the ceiling fan has a reverse option, the switch for this is situated right on the top of the fan motor housing, making it out of reach without a high enough ladder.

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that can create a very nice breeze, but are not needing a light and you can see yourself never really needing to reverse it, then this fan is quite a good bargain for the price.

If not, then you will need to make a choice from the other thousand ceiling fans found at the HomeDepot store.

So all in all this is a nice fan assembly, with a good finish. This is an entry-level ceiling fan I would say more for seasonal use than for the typical year-round 24 /7.

The fan motor certainly isn’t big but you can be sure that it is ready and able to do the job of moving air and creating a breeze.

Install for the average DIY person will have issues if you are the sort of person that is not comfortable with electricity.

If this is you then I suggest you turn off the power and read the instructions step by step until you fully understand all the involved steps. Next, proceed only if you are confident and comfortable with the mentioned tools needed and all the electrical connections that are required.

In conclusion, if the fan size and design fits your own needs this is certain to give you many years of very good performance.

Pros: Good Airflow, Stylish & Attractive, Functional
Cons: Plastic Bracket for Support

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