Redington IV Ceiling Fan

Redington IV Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Redington IV Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Redington IV 52 inch Ceiling Fan comes complete with a traditional style white finish with 5 reversible White/Bleached Oak blades.

This is one of those more difficult ceiling fans to find information on as it seems to be discontinued.

In this article we will take a look at:

  • History of the Redington 52 inch Ceiling Fan
  • Features of the Redington IV Ceiling Fan & Replacement Parts
  • Review of the Redington IV Fan
  • Download the Manual of the Hampton Bay Redington IV Ceiling Fan

History of the Redington 52 inch Ceiling Fan

Apparently, Home Depot conceived The Redington brand in early 1990 on a ceiling fan that was quite different in appearance to the Redington IV. It seems Home Depot recycle their ceiling fan models without associating a specific style to them.

The very first Hampton Bay Redington fan that looks like the current Redington IV ceiling fan was introduced back in late 1996.

This apparently was the original model of this series of ceiling fans. This model was initially categorized as an ultra-modern look complete with an integrated 4-light kit and a convenient handheld remote control unit.

However, not all of the produced finishes were readily available at the local stores.

Redington IV Ceiling Fan

When it was mass-produced it had the best motor and blade pitch combination of any ceiling fan-produced with the Hampton Bay logo. The motor was a powerful 172mm X 20mm with a blade pitch of 14º and was manufactured by Chien Luen Industries.

They were manufacturing the Hampton Bay Redington II 52 inch Ceiling Fan way back in the early part of 1999.

This Redington II fan was the model produced until mid-2003, when it was changed to the newer Redington III Fan.

This Redington III was more or less the same as the Redington II, however, it wasn’t as expensive.

It wasn’t until early 2005, that Hampton Bay launched the Redington IV ceiling fan, featuring a pull chain (the Redington I, II, and III models had remote controls), however, they still made the Redington III version with the remote control unit.

Up until sometime around 2008 Home Depot was still selling the both the III and IV models. Sometimes the IV is misspelt Redington 4 Ceiling Fan.

There is no Redington I Ceiling Fan. The actual name ‘Redington’ was launched back in the early part of 1990. The very first ceiling fan with the Redington trademark was a Polished Brass and Rosewood ceiling fan with a blade style arms of a flying “V”.

The Hampton Bay Redington II was considered the first Redington in the sequence of fans to incorporate a similar style to the flying “V” blade arms.

‘Air Cool’ did a revision of the Redington II and the Redington III models and ‘King Of Fans’ produced the Redington IV models.

Features of the Redington IV Ceiling Fan & Replacement Parts

  • 5 Reversible 52″ Blades
  • Lifetime guaranteed 153mm x 18 mm motor size
  • Complete with 4 1/2″ length downrod
  • Suitable for Indoor use only
  • Handheld Remote Control
  • Good illumination with included 4 x 40w lightbulbs and light kit

Replacement parts, including blades and light shade glass are still available for the Redington II, Redington III, Redington IV and Redington V ceiling fans.

Hampton Bay Redington IV Ceiling Fan in Modern Room
Redington IV Ceiling Fan in Modern Room

Review of the Redington IV Ceiling Fan

The 52″ Hampton Bay Redington IV fan came in a few different finishes but the one we happened to like was the brushed steel finish.

These finishes and models were sold in Canada Home Depot stores up until early 2013, however in the United States they were discontinued back in 2010.

The ceiling fan features a handy remote control unit as well as pull chains for changing the speed and turning the lights on and off.

We like how the Redington IV implemented the Quick Connect system. This made the blades very easy to install without having to use screws but the downside was that it was a little more expensive.

Overall, we found it to be a pretty good fan for a Hampton Bay model, although there happen to be a lot better makes of ceiling fans out there.

The Redington IV uses 4 Candelabra lightbulbs which seem to throw off an ample amount of light.

The 3- speed motor operates at High (205 RPM), Medium (180 RPM) and Low Speed (90 RPM).

At High speed, the Redington IV produces a decent amount of airflow and is really stable when it runs, unlike some other Redington models.

Pros: Like the look. Its a blend of the 90’s contemporary and modern 2000 style with the spotlights. Also, it is pretty versatile because the blades are reversible with one side plain gloss black and the other side Rosewood. I personally prefer the look of Rosewood.

Another nice feature is that it can be installed either with a downrod or a flush mount. And the Redington IV can also be installed with or without light kit.

The metal parts are good quality and the fan moves a surprisingly good amount of air. The wobble-free operation is also quiet, not a lot of motor noise can be heard.

Cons: Not a lot of cons only that the brushed steel finish easy to scratch.

In conclusion, The Hampton Bay Redington IV 52 inch ceiling fan is one of the better Hampton Bay fans of the time.

Download the Hampton Bay Redington IV Ceiling Fan Manual

Please click on the link below to download a PDF copy of the Redington IV ceiling fan manual and user guide.

Click here to download the Hampton Bay Redington IV Ceiling Fan Manual

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