Hampton Bay Patio Furniture & Replacement Parts- The Secret Truth Uncovered

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture
Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

A pretty bold statement to make: ‘Hampton Bay Patio Furniture – The Secret Truth Uncovered!’ So what could be these secret truths you may ask yourself.

The first truth about Hampton Bay Patio Furniture is that the quality tends to be on the lower side. And due to the fact that you are getting a lower quality item, you are bound to need a replacement part sooner or later. More on that soon. However, the design and looks tend to be very impressive and very aesthetically appealing.

This tends to be what draws a lot of customers to purchase the patio and outdoor furniture sets, however, unfortunately, they soon discover their beloved chair or table is quickly rusting or not holding up too great with the elements of the weather. Fading is a common problem with many of the fabrics being used. 

If faded fabrics and damaged cushions are a problem for you then please check our article on Hampton Bay Cushions. There you will learn how to clean and restore your beloved cushion. If you are needing help finding a replacement part or repair for any damaged piece of Hampton Bay Outdoor Furniture then please check our in-depth article: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts & Hampton Bay Patio Furniture we also give some advice later below on where to find the replacement parts you may be needing, so please continue reading or scroll down to the bottom of this post.

In this article you will discover:

  • How to Build Your Own Patio Furniture, Garden Chairs, and More
  • Ways to Care For Your Patio Furniture
  • Review of the Best Hampton Bay Patio Furniture
  • Where to Get Replacement Parts for Your Patio Furniture

All this along with secret tips and helpful information posted throughout the article so be sure to read it all.

It’s no secret that spotting quality sets and pieces of outdoor furniture for your own backyard or garden shouldn’t have to be difficult.

It is true that patio furniture may be less expensive to purchase or build than a pool or another outdoor landscape design, but this will surely add beauty to your house as the patio and its particular furniture could be the significant aspect that impacts positively on the value of your home. After all, who doesn’t like to relax outdoors with friends and a BBQ?

If you are wanting to find out where Hampton Bay Patio Furniture is made and if it is any good then check out our article: Where is Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Made?

Ok, this article wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at what the best pieces of Patio Furniture are for quality and value for money. But before we delve into this just remember that designing a patio is a whole lot of fun, but the smallest details ought to be taken into account. Such as durability and colour and design choices.

Build Your Own Patio Furniture, Garden Chairs and More

Build Your Own Hampton Bay Patio Furniture
Build Your Own Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

In fact, if you are interested in building your very own Patio Furniture then another secret uncovered is that it’s not hard to do and any beginner, novice or experienced person can do it. Take a look at the excerpt below:

Why not build your own Patio Furniture and Decks easily and cheaply with no experience necessary by using WoodWorking plans. They are easy to find online by searching ‘Woodworking Plans’. There are thousands of plans and projects with easy step by step instructions to suit both the novice or expert, allowing you to easily build your very own home furniture, garden chairs, shed, dog houses and much more.

Maybe you have already built your Outdoor Patio Set but you are looking for information on cleaning your Hampton Bay Patio Cushions then please take a look at our article: How To Clean Hampton Bay Cushions

Ways To Care For Your Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

For those beautiful wicker patio chairs, you will need to ensure they are covered when not in use for extended periods of time.

Before storing them remember to vacuum them and wipe off any dust with a damp cloth. Don’t leave them uncovered during the winter months.

Your aluminium Hampton Bay Patio Furniture is durable and long-lasting however there are a couple of do’s and don’ts when taking care of them.

Clean them occasionally with mild soap and detergent. They tend to get a white calcium buildup which can be removed using a mild dilution of white vinegar.

For cushioned patio furniture seating you will need to wipe up any spills immediately and clean with a mild detergent and water using a non-abrasive brush. Check out our article on How To Clean Hampton Bay Cushions in 6 Easy Steps. Don’t leave the cushions out in those cold winter months or you may find them growing mold.

With Teak Patio Furniture you get a high-quality material with weather-resistant properties. You can rinse Teak Patio Furniture with a garden hose and apply some Penofin oil to give a darker finish and greater durability.

Lastly, wrought iron has to be the most durable of all types of Hampton Bay Outdoor Furniture. It’s able to stand up to every sort of weather. It just needs a little maintenance clean every so often with a mild soapy detergent and water after which a good hose down will suffice to finish the job. Every so often you may need to apply a little rust inhibitor if you see any rust spots developing.

Ways To Care For Your Patio Furniture

Additionally, There are a lot of other online stores to locate good bargains on low voltage deck lights that can enhance your outdoor patio.

There is also a large selection of wall mount lights that may provide your deck with that very attractive and conventional appearance. You might want to check out our Hampton Bay Lighting section.

Outdoor ceiling fans can definitely be an excellent means to enhance the aesthetics of your own patio or covered porch. But you need to choose carefully as many ceiling fans are not wet rated for outdoor use. Please take a look at our Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan selection.

Half moon lights can be put on your own deck rails to stay visible during the night. Low voltage deck lights serve as much for show as it is for visibility.

Replacement parts, repair as well as maintenance help is found at Home Depot.  You can also find replacement advice on our post: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts and more specifically at the end of this article below.

Review of the Best Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

In this section, we divide the review into two headings, the first being the best Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Dining Table and the second heading being the best Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Chairs.

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Dining Table

We give the Hampton Bay West Park Aluminum Outdoor Patio Dining Table the top spot for this category. There are a few reasons why we gave this Patio Table the top spot.

First, it was very easy to assemble and lightweight yet durable and sturdy. Something you definitely need for outdoor furniture. When we checked the 29 customer reviews we found that they had given this piece of furniture a total of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. And a good 100% would recommend Westpark Patio Dining Table.

It’s only a small table and will seat four people comfortably. So it’s perfect for those small spaces. The only problem we found is in the advertising. It’s advertised as seating 6 people but only four seats will fit around this table.

Second, the price is really good compared to many other patio tables in the same category. Aluminium will tend to resist rust, so it’s very low maintenance. If you are looking for something similar but priced better we would recommend taking a look at this link: Outdoor Patio Table Sets (Affiliate link to Amazon)

The next category we look at is Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Chairs.

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Chairs

The top spot for this category we have given to the Hampton Bay Cambridge Wicker Outdoor Patio Swivel Rocking Chair with Cushions.

Brown Wicker Outdoor Patio Chair
Brown Wicker Outdoor Patio Chair

The review scores tell it all. With 1031 customer reviews it was given 4.6 stars out of 5 stars with a total of 87% customers recommending it.

The reason why the Hampton Bay Cambridge Wicker Outdoor Patio Swivel Rocking Chair is so popular is that it just looks great and is sturdy and easy to assemble. Only taking less than 30 minutes to put together any novice can do the job.

Another reason why we chose these particular patio chairs is the comfy factor. The cushions are just so comfortable. Perfect for relaxing with friends or by yourself in the warm summer months. And if the cushions happen to get dirty or need a good clean then we give you 6 easy steps to clean them with our article: How to Clean Hampton Bay Cushions.

The colour selection is reasonable with 18 different cushion colours, 2 different frame finishes and 3 fabric types. Enough combinations to suit most outdoor decor styles and settings.

There are a few other Hampton Bay Patio Chairs and Tables that are very good but space only allows for the top two selections. We encourage you to do your own research when choosing the right Patio Table and Chairs for your outdoor living space. We also recommend checking out these Outdoor Patio Chair Sets (Affiliate link to Amazon)

For a review of the Patio Heater please check out our article: Hampton Bay Patio Heater

Where to Get Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Replacement Parts

I did some research and found that there are not too many places that stock replacement parts for Hampton Bay patio furniture. You might like to try the two suggestions we outline below.

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Replacement Parts can be found at Home Depot stores throughout the United States and Canada. There are also replacement parts available on online stores such as Amazon.

Well, that’s the short answer, however, if you are going to get a part through Home Depot we suggest you try their parts replacement department on 1-877-527-0313 and select option #4 for Hampton Bay items.

You will then be given 6 options to then choose from depending on what Hampton Bay item you are looking to get a replacement for. For example ceiling fan, patio furniture, fire pit etc. In this case, you will select option #2 for Patios.

As we always recommend have your Model number, Item number or UPC number ready, as they will ask you for this information before you can proceed. We cover all of this in our article: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

If you don’t know your model or item number then customer service can help you locate it or you might like to try using upcitemdb.com  if you know the model name but not the UPC number.

Home Depot doesn’t carry a lot of Patio Furniture replacement parts, however, online stores such as Amazon and eBay can be very useful for finding parts that Home Depot don’t stock. However, you need to use the correct search term such as patio furniture replacement parts‘ (Affiliate link to Amazon)

Many of the parts on Amazon can be Universal Parts so check the description to make sure the part is suitable for your item.

We recommend you read our article: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts if you are looking for replacement parts for your Harbor Breeze item.

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