Hampton Bay Marta 52 in. Ceiling Fan – Manual, Guides & Review

Hampton Bay Marta Ceiling Fan in Matching Living Room
Hampton Bay Marta Ceiling Fan in Matching Living Room

A modern transitional design ceiling fan with three blade and a light kit for your indoor needs.

This fan is designed to cool a large room with its specially constructed blades. The three airspeeds and the reverse functions allow customization of your comfort and savings throughout the whole year. Please check at the end of this article for the manual.

The brushed nickel housing and the silver finish on the blade adds beauty and contemporary look to any setting.

And the flush-mount design helps this fan fit in rooms even if the ceilings are a little low.

And with that light kit, you also get three 40-watt candelabra bulbs.
Additionally, it comes with a full-function handheld remote control for easy operation. You’ll rest easy knowing the motor is backed by a lifetime warranty.

In this article we will consider the following:

The design, quality, and fine attention to detail are the hallmarks of this Hampton bay unit.

Main Features of Hampton Bay Marta Ceiling Fan

  • Brushed Nickel Fixture Finish
  • Three beautiful silver finish blades
  • An integrated three-light kit with a beautiful etched opal glass
  • Three-speed functions for the whole year.
  • Included a hand-held remote control which makes it accessible. You can control it into 3-speed and a manual reverse function which is ideal for changing the movement of warm air in the colder months.
  • Design for indoor uses.
  • Work well for a larger room size from 12 ft. x 12 ft. to 18 ft. x 18 ft. Because of the blade sweep of 52 inches, it is still ideal for room size 20 ft. x 20 ft.
  • A 153 mm x 18 mm motor that supplies a superior air movement
  • An Airflow of 4726, electricity use is 52-watt, with an airflow efficiency of 90.88
  • The ceiling fan can be controlled using a bond smartphone application
  • The light and speed control
  • An integration of bond smart remote or WWB. Note that Bond is sold separately
Hampton Bay Marta Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Marta Ceiling Fan

Can I Make My Marta 52 in. Ceiling Fan Smart with Bond?

Sick of the old fashion ceiling fan where you have to stand up to pull the chains, or need to find the remote control to adjust the speed of your fan? Here is the solution! A Ceiling Fan Remote Hub powered Smart Wi-Fi Bond?

How Bond Works?

It is a focal point that will add control for your wireless ceiling fan in your home or at the office. You can access it using your android phone or apple device. It will allow you to manoeuvre a non- smart device by just using your phone.

Installation is not needed with bond, you just have to connect the Bond Bridge to the home Wi-Fi, and in a few minutes, you are able to control your fan using an easy to use application.

Another feature that I like with bond is the voice control using Amazon Echo and Google Home. You also have the full control of your ceiling fan functionality like turning it on and off, controlling the speed from high to low, low to high, and changing the light if you want it dim.

Just 1 bond can handle up to 30 ceiling fan devices. The Apps for your iOS or Android devices are free.

No rewiring is needed, it is easy to use and install with just a push-button set up.

How To Control The Marta 52 in. Ceiling Fan Using Your Phone – Step by Step Guide

  1. Have your fan turned on and prepare your bond device. If you are using an android phone go to Play Store and download the Apps name Bond Home. After that, you have to open the bond application and create an account. Now that you created a bond account, click the plus sign (+) located on the top left of your phone screen.
  1. After clicking the plus (+) button, allow the app to access your information until you see that it is connecting to bond. Notice that this guide is if you are using an android phone, iOS devices might be slightly different.
  1. Now, you can add your Wi-Fi to the Bond. If you have more than 1 Wi-Fi at home, it will pop up in the option. Choose the network that you would like your Bond to connect to, it will ask your Wi-Fi password. Once you have added your Wi-Fi password, it will connect to Bond. Once it is connected the Bond will turn in to blue. Now on your phone, you will see that it is downloading and updating, installing it and preparing the bond to work in your network. Finally, bond and Wi-Fi are connected. But, we’re not done yet!
  1. It’s time to add your ceiling fan device, you can name it “living room”. Note that this guide is just for adding a ceiling fan device. But there are many other products that your bond will connect to if you wish. There is an air conditioner, electric fireplace, motorized shades, humidifier, motorized windows, smoke detector, doorbell and more.
  1. After selecting the ceiling fan, you can see a checkmark. Mark it as check and select “next”. At this point, you need to use the remote to pair with the App on what functions the remote has, so it is able to control the fan.
  1. When controlling, you need to be within 2 feet with the bond device and wait until it’s flashing, and hold the power button of the remote and once it turns green you can let go, now it says: ““done we found the remote”, please test the function by pressing the buttons below”
  1. Back to your Bond App on your phone it will ask you to run through all the options that the remote has to see as my phone will serve as my remote. In the screen you will find functions like power, speed 1, speed 2, speed 3, light and so on. By this time if you will press the speed 1 you would see that it works in the fan.
  1. After you have gone through and tested all the functions your phone will suggest that you try to know if it is working, you can finally answer “yes” to the question below your phone screen saying: “Is this your remote control? Now it is saving those command to your Bond devices.

Finally, the device is added! You can easily go through it again, adjust the ceiling fan speed, light, or turning it off. Up in the top right of your screen edit and remove functions that you find not compatible to your fan. You can also change the setting like what room or location you are in.

Marta Ceiling Fan in Kitchen
Marta Ceiling Fan in Kitchen

Frequently Asked Question About Marta 52 in. Ceiling Fan

Is the light Optional? No, the light is not optional. It is connected in the bottom of the assembly. But you can choose to turn off the light using your remote control

Does the Light Dim? Yes, a dimming control is included.

What Kind of Light Bulb does it need? It uses Light Bulb Base Code of 2G7

How do I Remove the Light Glass Cover to Replace Bulbs? The kind of glass that this fan uses is a twist lock piece of glass, therefore, in removing the light glass you must twist the glass in a counterclockwise.

If you twist the light glass very tightly when installing, it can cause it to stock and that can be the reason why you find it hard to remove it when needed. If that is the case, you would need another person to help you. One person will be holding the body of the ceiling fan and you can try to turn or twist the glass in counterclockwise.

Another suggestion is to use a WD-40 in between where the glass screw locks into the light fan. In attaching back, the light glass after replacing the bulbs, just simply twist the glass clockwise into the light kit pan

Can this fan be used with down rod? No, this fan is a flush mouth or a hugger fan only. It hangs 12.99 inches from the ceiling.

Does this work with Bond Smart Home control? Yes, this ceiling fan can be control with your Smart phone using Bond.

What is the warranty on Hampton Bay Marta Fans? All other parts of this ceiling fan are warranted for one year. On the other hand, the ceiling fan has lifetime warranty

What is total wattage of the Bulbs? This fan uses 40-watt candelabra bulbs.

Customer Reviews of Hampton Bay Marta Ceiling Fan

When it come to the overall rating of this Ceiling Fan, 88% of 233 customers recommended this ceiling fan, 139 of them gave this unit a 5 star, 54 of them rate these 4 stars.

One user mentioned 3 reasons why he chooses this ceiling fan model. First, it serves its purpose as a ceiling fan hugger. Second, the unique design that looks amazing, it will look great with the stainless appliances. Third, is value wise.

Overall, the performance is great when it comes to the airflow. Also, the remote control is easy to use and functions accurately.

While most find this fan working great some were disappointed, rating this 1- star.

One of the customer concerns is the difficulty in changing the light bulbs. He had been trying every hack that was suggested, but then, nothing to grip while attempting to turn the glass shade.

The only option they got is to uninstall the fan and take it down which is really time-consuming.

Another complaint was about how difficult it was to screw on the globe. They thought it was screwed properly and tightly but the next day the globe fell off onto the floor and was totally smashed into small pieces.

Other negative common reviews of this fan are the loud noise that it makes. One purchaser says “it has a regular clicking sound which is a real nuisance”.

Download the Hampton Bay Marta Ceiling Fan Manual

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the Marta Ceiling Fan Manual in PDF format.

Click Here to Download the Hampton Bay Marta 52 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

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