Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan

Another Hampton Bay ceiling fan that will match perfectly to your traditional indoor designs. An additional design that will make your room stand out and beautiful while enjoying the comfortability of your home throughout the year.

I did some research to find more information that can help you decide if this is the ceiling fan that you are looking for. It will include some features, instructions, reviews, and manuals that you need to know before purchasing this Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan.

In the home depot website, they call this model the Hampton Bay 52 inch LED Landmark Indoor Ceiling Fan with 3 bulb Light Kit in Polished Brass finish.

Here is what we will discuss in this article:

  • What Makes This Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Unique?
  • Why is the Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Good at Making your Room Cool?
  • Frequently Asked Question About Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan
  • Reviews of Landmark Ceiling Fan
  • Download the Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Manual
Hampton Bay Landmark 52 inch Ceiling Fan
Hampton bay Landmark Ceiling Fan in Room

What Makes this Hampton Bay Landmark 52 in Ceiling Fan Unique?

First, I would like to emphasize that this fan was made explicitly for indoor uses, that matches very well with those traditional room styles due to of its polished brass finish.

We love the old pull chain style of ceiling fans that just seem to make the room look so much trendier. The pull chain, for those of you who may not know, controls the ceiling fan speed as follows: 1 pull – High Speed, 2 pulls – Medium Speed, 3 pulls – Low Speed, and 4 pulls – Turns the Ceiling Fan Off.

It is a medium ceiling fan that will work best in a large room with a size of 12 ft. × 12 ft. up to 18 ft. × 18ft. Attach to it is the pull chain that is positioned right on the ceiling fan that can also help in accessing the power on and off of the fan easily. You can also adjust the speed of the fan using the pull chain as we have mentioned already above.

Another feature of this ceiling fan that I like is the light kit included in the purchase. Three light kits with an LED bulb. Notice that the ceiling fan can function without the light, which is a good thing especially when using the fan during the day time and when you are trying to save on energy.

I find it interesting that the fan blades are reversible therefore you have the option to choose what color you prefer for the blade from rosewood or oak. If you are sick of the color of the blades as the fan hangs in your ceiling, later on, you can assemble it again and choose the other color to be exposed. Which is handy instead of purchasing a new ceiling fan just for the sake of blade color.

Why Is The Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Good At Making Your Room Cool?

This fan has 5 blades with a size of 52 inches blade span and an airflow of 4,529 cubic feet per minute, which is great in giving you the comfort and freshness that you need during warm weather.

Many ceiling fan designers use five-blade fans because it is nicely and evenly balanced with a sustainable amount of noise and are more effective in cooling your space.

Adding the efficiency in cooling your room for this fan is the powerful motor behind it. The motor speed or RPM of this fan is 163. Some factors that you will need to consider in adjusting the speed settings for warm or cool weather includes the ceiling height, room size and numbers of fans in the room. Another ceiling fan that we recommend you check out is the Hampton Bay Glendale Ceiling Fan

During warm weather position your fan blades forward. Doing so makes a downward airflow that will create a cooling effect. It is helpful if you want to use your air conditioning at the same time. You can set the air conditioner on a higher setting without affecting your comfort.

On the other hand, during cool weather, you can reverse the fan blades. For what reason? Reversing the fan blades can produce upward airflow and it moves warm air off the ceiling surface, which is really good during the winter. This permits you to adjust your heater into a lower setting without affecting your comfort.

Frequently Asked Question About Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan

Can this be Mounted in Angled Ceiling? The answer to this question is YES, this ceiling fan comes complete with an angled mounting option that’s simple to install. The model comes with a short downrod that you can use in installing it in the angled ceiling.

  1. Can this Ceiling Fan be requested in other size?
    NO, this model is only available in 52 inches.
  2. What is the Base Size of the Bulb?
    The recommended light bulb shape size code is E26.
  3. Is there a remote-control conversion kit for this fan available?
    How can I purchase it?

    As I did research about this model of ceiling fan, I found out that there is no remote control included with this model.

Reviews of Landmark Ceiling Fan

Let’s consider the customer’s review of this Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan. With a total of 248 reviews, this ceiling fan was given 4.5 stars out of 5 stars and 93% of customers recommending it. Out of 248 customers, 176 of them gave 5 stars which are really quite reasonable reviews for this model, it shows that this product is of good quality.

Some factors that attributed to the rating are:

Appearance ¬ 4.7 ratings
Quality – 4.3 ratings
Ease of Installation – 4.6 ratings
Value – 4.6 ratings

As I was doing research I found one review really interesting. A customer mentioned that they bought this same fan over 20 years ago, and it is still functioning really well. Wow! that is incredible, who would have thought that this unit can last that long.

It’s good to know that after 20 years it can still function well. I’m not sure if this is standard with all of these models. No wonder they purchased another new one for their newly converted garage. It was totally a no brainer and they are hoping that the new one they purchase will last 20+ years too.

It is an absolutely beautiful, efficient and affordable fan. I love the wood blades and elegant design

Download the Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Manual

To download a copy of the Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Manual please click on the link below. You will need Adobe PDF Reader to view the download.

Click Here To Download the Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Manual

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