Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets – Definitive Guide, Reviews, Designs, Replacement Parts & More

Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets
Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets

We have researched and presented in an easy to follow and helpful way everything you may need to know about Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets, including how to go about getting replacement parts and accessories to choosing the right design.

We have a section below which covers what customers are saying about particular designs and issues and focuses on some of the better options available. This article is for those who are looking to buy and want information, and those who have already bought and need help and assistance.

First, we want to take a brief look at the quality you can expect from Hampton Bay and where the cabinets are made. Then we will look at design options and accessories along with replacement parts. You may want to skip to the section that interests you. To make that easy we have outlined each section with a link below.

Here is what we will cover in this article:

Where are Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Made?

It may surprise you to find out where Hampton Bay kitchen cabinets are really made. Its not just one location or even one country. It did take a lot of digging and researching but we finally found what we think is the real answer.

Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets are manufactured and made in Asia, Florida, California and Texas. In California the company that manufactures the kitchen cabinets are JSA Industries, headquartered in Cerritos, CA, however, they do not sell directly to the public. In Texas, the company that manufactures the cabinets are called Woodcrafters at 3700 Camino de Verdad, Weslaco TX 78596, USA

The country in Asia is most likely China with the Hampton Bay label attached and sold through the Home Depot chain of stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Are Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Any Good?

Are Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Any Good
Are Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Any Good

We took a lot of time checking to see what problems and issues were being faced by many different users of the items regarding quality and workmanship. We also had to factor into the equation the number of items sold compared to the negative and positive feedback and also the price comparisons between similar brands and designs. Here is what we have found.

Hampton Bay Kitchen cabinets tend to be low quality when compared to other similar priced brands such as IKEA. The particle boards are prone to damage, even right out of the box, as they are held together by staples. The wood veneer drawers have a tendency to bubble up if exposed to too much moisture.

However, being in a kitchen environment you would expect some measure of moisture due to condensation, cooking and even just not drying the silverware properly before putting them away. However, we have found that although some have had these issues the majority have found the cabinets to be good value for the price as Hampton Bay tend to be on the lower price scale.

For example, a Hampton Bay Assembled 36×34.5×24 in. Sink Base Kitchen Cabinet would cost you around $95 at Home Depot whereas a Frits Fully Assembled 36×34.5×24 in. Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet by Erbern Designs would cost you around $740. Take a look at the cabinets below and you will see that there isn’t a great deal of difference. So, price-wise Hampton Bay appears to be way better.

Comparison Kitchen Sink Cabinets
Comparison Kitchen Sink Cabinets

The look of the Hampton Bay cabinets is pretty amazing for the price. They do get top marks for style and aesthetics that will make any kitchen look a great deal better. It is just the standard of quality we tend to be concerned with. From broken parts to damaged finishes and uneven surfaces. Fortunately, this is not the case with all purchases and Home Depot do replace any missing or damaged pieces. Check out our article further below on going about getting replacements.

Installation is pretty straightforward; however, you can always get a contractor in to assemble it for you or buy a preassembled set.

Preassembled may be the better way to go as you can check it all over before it leaves the store and you know you are getting the best quality. Any defects or flaws are instantly visible and you don’t have to wait weeks to get your cabinets.

Are Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Made of Real Wood?

Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets are made of MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard and the drawers are generally made of hardwood, which is more durable and hard-wearing.

The Medium Density Fibreboard is denser than plywood and is simply sawdust with a resin or glue that is bonded under heat and high pressure.

However, one drawback of the MDF particles is that they can come apart if the product is handled roughly during transportation.

What Design Options Are Available – Tips & Advice

Hampton Bay has a number of design options available for their kitchen cabinet range. Just doing a quick search on the Home Depot website brings up 879 results for kitchen cabinets by Hampton Bay ranging from simple base cabinets to the Designer Series Range Wall Cabinets with glass doors.
You can get custom made pieces if you are willing to wait 4 weeks with 1000 possible colour options. It does cost a bit more for the custom-made pieces but not as much as any other brand we took a look at.

Here are a few of the design options available by Hampton Bay:

  • Basic Colour Options Include White, Gray, Brown, Espresso, Clear, Reddish Brown
  • Basic Cabinet Shades Include Dark, Light and Medium
  • Cabinet Finishes Include Laminate, Stained, Thermofoil, Unfinished
  • Cabinet Door Styles Include: No Door, Raised Panel, Shaker, Slab Door
  • Cabinet Types Include: Base, Bath, Double Oven, Pantry, Sink Base, Wall
  • Cabinet Construction Includes: Framed and Frameless
  • Cabinet Assembly Type: Standard and Semi-Custom
  • Assembled Widths Range from 12 inches to 42+ inches
  • Assembled Heights Range from 12 inches to 42+ inches
  • Hampton Bay also have their more expensive Hampton Bay Designer Series line
  • Cabinet Collections include: Benton, Cambridge, Edgeley, Edson, Elgin, Gretna, Hampton, Madison, Melvern, Shaker, Soleste, Stratford and Unfinished
  • Kitchen Cabinet Features include: Adjustable Shelves, Dove Tail Drawers, Finished Interiors, Full Depth Shelves, Full Extension Drawers, No Additional Features, Paintable, Soft Close Drawers, Soft Close Doors, Stainable, Structural Toe Kicks, Upgraded Drawer Material
  • Cabinet Locations include: Corner and Drawer Base
  • Corner Cabinet Types Include: Blind, Diagonal, Lazy Susan, Standard
  • Styles Include: Casual, Classic, Coastal, Contemporary, Cottage, Designer, Farmhouse, Industrial, Mediterranean, Minimalist, Mission, Modern, Rustic, Southwestern, Traditional, Transitional
Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets
Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Hampton Bay Kitchen Base Cabinets rest on the floor to support a countertop. They can also be specialized to include corners and sinks. If you are wanting good quality kitchen base cabinets we recommend taking a look at the following link: Kitchen Base Cabinets (Affiliate link to Amazon)

Tall Kitchen Cabinets are ideal for narrow spaces like the pantry.

Wall Kitchen Cabinets hang on the wall above stoves and countertops. We recommend you check out these designs for the best priced and best quality Wall Cabinets (Affiliate Link to Amazon)

A couple of tips you might like to try to get more value for your money is to use Hampton Bay in your rental properties or properties you might want to flip. You can get the unfinished cabinets at a reduced price and then finish them with a coat of paint or stain. Purchase the in-stock specials and special buy deals for added discounts.

For kitchen cabinets, Hampton Bay is at the bottom of the price range, but not surprisingly also at the bottom for quality. The Hampton Bay Designer Series Kitchen Cabinets are a little better and cost a little more, but they are still not much better than Hampton Bay.

American Woodmark has partnered with Home Depot and offer good quality Kitchen Cabinets at reasonable prices. This is probably the cheapest selection that anyone serious about the quality and workmanship of their kitchen cabinets and are concerned about price should really ever put into their own home. However, in saying that, American Woodmark can cost three times the price of the Hampton Bay Designer series kitchen cabinets.

Construction of the kitchen cabinets meets the rigorous strength, quality and performance standards that are set by the (KCMA) Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.

Another little trick and tip is to check out some of your local cabinet companies.

Try to get 2 other quotes, as often each local cabinet company will have a bit of leeway to reduce their price to match a competitor. I can get cabinets from my local suppliers & get my kitchen cabinets made and delivered within a week. The quotes for the kitchen cabinets can be on average 30% less than that of a big-box retailer. The quality and service are better because the local cabinet companies focus on cabinets and not a whole range of different house items.

Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Reviews

Here we give you a bit of insight as to what customers are saying about the Hampton Bay brand of Kitchen Cabinets. What are the biggest complaints and what are some of the best features. We would like to round out this section with a few of the best-reviewed Kitchen Cabinet pieces that you might be able to use in your own home.

Generally, complaints were to do with the quality of the workmanship. This included receiving parts that were damaged or just not manufactured to a good standard such as insufficient wood glue and the shelves not being able to hold much weight. However, in Home Depot’s favour was the fact that any complaint was addressed and a fix was offered. The majority of the purchases were fine.

Most found the cabinets very attractive and so appearance and value always received the higher scores of 4+ stars out of 5 stars.

Quality was often in the range of 3 to 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Let’s take a look at a few of the highest-rated Kitchen Cabinets by Hampton Bay.

Hampton Assembled Base Cabinet in Unfinished Beech

Hampton Assembled Base Cabinet
Hampton Assembled Base Cabinet

This piece is a highly rated popular piece from Hampton Bay with 130 customer reviews it achieved an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars with 88% of buying customers recommending it.

It achieved an overall quality score of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars and an overall value score of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

What we liked about this Kitchen Base Cabinet are the wood drawers for durability along with the adjustable shelf design. It is fully assembled and has a recessed panel door giving it that stylish yet classic look. It will fit most home décor styles as the unfinished beech finish can be painted or stained to match any kitchen colour.

The door frame is solid wood making it durable and the interior is laminated for easy cleaning.

The dimensions are 9 inches length x 34.5 inches height x 24 inches depth.

A nice feature that we like is that the base cabinet comes hinged left, however, the door can be reversed allowing for hinge right if that suits your setup better.

The majority of customers have been pleased with the item and we have found Home Depot to be very good if there are any issues with quality or damage.

We have found the best value for money and the best quality Kitchen Base Cabinets can be found here: Kitchen Base Cabinets (Affiliate link to Amazon)

Hampton Assembled Wall Kitchen Cabinet in Unfinished Beech

Hampton Wall Kitchen Cabinet
Hampton Wall Kitchen Cabinet

Another highly rated popular Kitchen Cabinet with 140 customer reviews giving this kitchen wall cabinet an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars with 86% of buying customers recommending this piece.

Again, one of our top recommendations as these wall units seem to do the job well for the price. They feature sturdy doors and is designed to fit nicely above refrigerators, stovetops and microwaves. The dimensions are 36 inches length x 12 inches height x 12 inches depth

We built wall units using these cabinets and we did the same thing using the larger Hampton Bay cabinets for our other room. These cabinets work very well, but you need to be careful with them as they seem to be easily broken while in transit. The very first time I bought one of these wall cabinets one was damaged in the store and had to get another replacement.

For some reason, it is difficult to cover the unfinished beech wood with paint. It took about three coats of paint to cover the wall cabinet. Given how so inexpensive these cabinets are, I would say that they are very worth the price. We recommend checking out the Wall Kitchen Cabinet Range (Affiliate link to Amazon)

Hampton Bay Benton Kitchen Wall Cabinet Assembled

Hampton Bay Benton Kitchen Wall Cabinet Assembled
Hampton Bay Benton Kitchen Wall Cabinet Assembled

The Benton Kitchen cabinets are part of the Hampton Bay Designer series of cabinets. This particular one is popular and rated highly due to its durability and appearance. It achieved an overall score of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars from 325 customer reviews with 81% of buying customers recommending it.

These wall cabinets are versatile and can be used in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom. This cabinet is assembled and ready to install. The dimensions are 36 inches length x 30 inches height x 12 inches depth.

The Hampton Bay Benton Kitchen Cabinet has a very classical/traditional look and incorporates a furniture grade wood box along with a solid backing for strength and durability. What that means is that the cabinet box is made of furniture board, which is a fancy way of saying particle board, which is then covered in a laminate.

What we do like about this wall cabinet is the two adjustable shelves allowing you to customize your storage space.

Apparently when the Benton collection was launched the wall cabinet came with a hanging rail, however, the design changed and the hanging rail was removed in favour of a reinforced back panel. Also, the cabinet is not designed to be free-standing but designed to be attached to the wall, so it is not recommended that you try to attach legs to the base of the cabinet.

The look and appearance of the Hampton Bay Benton Kitchen Wall Cabinet are very appealing. Most customers were satisfied with how the wall cabinets looked. The main problem was the quality, but this is what you would expect from a cheaper brand.

We can say that the majority of customers who bought the item and left a review were happy with the purchase. A total of 252 buying customers left a 4 star or 5-star review with 20 customers leaving a 3 star and only 53 customers leaving a 1 star or 2-star review. This means that 78% of buying customers who left a review was very satisfied with the purchase.

Most of the problems seem to be that an occasional flaw got through the quality assurance process. Sometimes the particleboard was not lasting very long due to a faulty particle board being installed or the wood pegs were not glued in place. However, Home Depot was quick to fix the problem.

We feel that the best wall cabinets can be found in the items listed below:

Hampton Bay Cambridge Shaker Kitchen Wall Cabinet

Hampton Bay Cambridge Shaker Kitchen Wall Cabinet
Hampton Bay Cambridge Shaker Kitchen Wall Cabinet

The Cambridge Shaker Assembled Wall Cabinet comes complete with 2 Soft Close Doors. We have found that soft close doors are durable, and they provide a smooth and silent closing motion. This means no doors slamming and is a helpful safety feature to protect fingers with the reduced closing speed.

With a total of 146 customer reviews, this wall cabinet received 4.1 stars out of 5 stars with 76% of buying customers recommending it.

We had to do a little research on the Shaker design and just what it actually means. It is essentially a cabinet that uses a recessed panel door or centre panel and is so named because the style mirrors the cabinets made by skilled furniture makers and craftsmen called Shakers.

It is sold as a traditional modern piece of furniture and features a plywood cabinet with a natural wood interior.

The dimensions are 30 inches length x 42 inches height x 12.5 inches depth.

Taking a look at the overall quality and value when we break it down, we find that of the 146 customers who left a review, 114 gave the wall cabinet 4 stars or 5 stars, while 14 gave 3 stars and only 18 gave 2 stars or a 1 star. We can assume that 78% of buying customers were very pleased with their purchase of the Cambridge Wall Cabinet, with only 12% being very disappointed.

After taking a look at what the main concerns were, we find again the quality is an issue.

We found the Cambridge wall cabinets to be very weak in the manufacturing assembly and not very well suited for heavy items. Considering that most were happy with the item, it may be that we received a dud.

However, it is interesting to note that some customers really thought that the Cambridge Shaker wall cabinets were manufactured from 5 pieces to create the recessed door. Unfortunately, it appears that this is not the case. It looks more like it has been cut in a rectangle shape in a slab of particle board by a router and then sprayed with paint without any sanding. The door is not so appealing as the inside corners are round and not sharp as shown in the photos on the website. I would recommend calling into Home Depot before purchasing to make sure you are getting what you want.

At $187 it is a bit pricier than the other kitchen cabinets above, but still relatively a lot cheaper than many other brands. We recommend you take a look for yourself here: Hampton Bay Cambridge Shaker Kitchen Wall Cabinet.

Hampton Bay Pantry Cabinet – Designer Series Elgin Assembled

Hampton Bay Kitchen Pantry Cabinet
Hampton Bay Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

When it comes to Kitchen Pantry Cabinets, we feel that the Elgin assembled from the Hampton Bay Designer Series is a good pick. Why?

It features a frameless construction along with soft close doors and it is Furniture Grade Certified through KCMA.

The shelves are fully adjustable and the dimensions are 24 inches length x 84 inches height x 23.75 inches depth.

It is a relatively new piece with only 17 customer reviews to date. They have given the Hampton Bay Elgin Pantry Cabinet a total of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars with 100% recommending the item. A total of 76% gave the item 4 or 5 stars out of 5 stars with only 12% giving it a 1- or 2-star rating.

The pantry cabinet is very nice and looks good but we feel that it should have come with at least one more removable or adjustable shelf for the price. Pleasantly surprised by the quality and we like the soft close doors.

This is suitable as a middle of the road cabinet and good value for the price of $535. Again we recommend you take a look here: Hampton Bay Elgin Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Assembled

Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Replacement Parts & Accessories – How To Guide

If you are needing a replacement part for a kitchen cabinet that you already own then there are a couple of options available to you.

The first is to check on the Home Depot website. I typed in the search box ‘Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinets Parts’ and the site returned 211 results. Be aware that some of the parts are only available online and cannot be purchased is your local store.

The next way to get any Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinet part is to:

  1. Call HomeDepot on 1-877-527-0313 number then select option #4 for Hampton Bay items. After which you will then need to select the option for Cabinets.

We have gone through the whole detailed process step by step on our post: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

Follow the instructions on that post but rather than using the example for ceiling fans use the options for cabinets. We have a video showing you how to make the call and what options are available. It is easy and will provide you with the quickest way to know what parts are in stock and available for you to purchase. Be sure to check out Hampton Bay Replacement Parts.

If you still cannot get the replacement part you need then try getting a custom made part from a local woodworking or joinery place. You might like to try these guys first as they seem to be one of the manufacturers for Hampton Bay in the United States:

  1. Woodcrafters
    3700 Camino de Verdad,
    Weslaco TX 78596, USA
    Phone + 1.956.647.8300
    Email + customerservice@woodcrafters-tx.com

For Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinet Accessories we suggest you try searching the Home Depot website. You might want to start here: Hampton Bay Accessories

The website page will also display a section on ‘End Panels’ and a section on ‘Molding, Filler & Toe Kicks’ and a section on ‘Other Cabinet Accessories’.

If you can’t find what you want, we suggest you try calling Home Depot using the suggestions above.

Please be sure to check out our page on Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts here: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts

Problems FAQ & Trouble Shooting Kitchen Cabinets– How To Get Help & Manuals

As with any purchase, it is always good to know where to go for help and advice when problems arise.

The best way to get you problem sorted is to start with the store you bought the item from. They will be able to assist you with any replacement part you may need or advice on installing the item.

The next best place is to refer to the manual for your item. Most of the manuals have a troubleshooting section that you can use to fix your issue.
We will be providing a service soon on this website for downloadable manuals of Hampton Bay Cabinets, much like what we do here for ceiling fans: Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

A final option is to use the suggestion above for Replacement Parts and call the Home Depot number to talk to someone that may be able to help you with the problem.

Best Kitchen Cabinets – Top Pick – Hampton Assembled Wall Kitchen Cabinet in Cognac

Hampton Bay Kitchen Wall Cabinet in Cognac
Hampton Bay Kitchen Wall Cabinet in Cognac

We would have to say the Hampton Bay Cognac Kitchen Cabinet is our top pick. It is a very popular item and looks good with four colour options available to suit most home décor styles.

With a beautiful Maple door and adjustable shelves its hard not to be impressed by the rich look.

With 3719 customer reviews, a total of 2652 gave the Kitchen Cabinet in Cognac a 4 or 5 star rating with 78% of buying customers recommending it.

The dimensions are 30 inches length x 30 inches height x 12 inches depth
What we love about this item and not just us but many of those who have purchased it, is the very high-end look with a budget price. It appears to be sturdy, however, sometimes damage can occur in transit.

We recommend the Hampton Bay Kitchen Wall Cabinet in Cognac at $189.

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