Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals

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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals

Please take a look at the manuals below. These manuals are for the different Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan models. Just search for your model below and then click the link which will take you to the correct page for your particular model. Please note this is a free service so we would really appreciate it if you link back to us or Facebook share and like our page.

Please check the links below as there is a lot of information on each individual ceiling fan including tips, videos, review, pictures, installation instructions, manuals and lots more. So be sure to click on the link to your particular Hampton Bay ceiling fan below. Please also check out our top recommendations for the Very Best List of Ceiling Fans (Affiliate link to Amazon)

If you have a particular model that is not listed here then please make sure to add a comment below and we will search for your manual and then post it to this page.

  1. Hampton Bay Edisto 844 854 Ceiling Fan ManualEdisto 844 854 Ceiling Fan: This fan will complement any interior room with its 5 blades and light kit that gives extra illumination. The pull chain provides extra control of the light kit and blade speeds.
    Hampton Bay Edisto Ceiling Fan 844 854 Manual
  2. Farmington 52 in. Indoor Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling FanFarmington Ceiling Fan: Available in three different styles to suit any room with its 52-inch blades to move as much air as possible. This fan is the choice for many home decor enthusiasts.
    Hampton Bay Farmington 52in Ceiling Fan Manual
  3. Hampton Bay Ansely 52in Ceiling Fan ManualAnsley Ceiling Fan: Sleek white finish with blades that can be flipped to either a white finish or a bleached white finish. Comes with a frosted light shade and bulb that will match any interior room.
    Hampton Bay Ansley 52in Ceiling Fan Manual
  4. Altura Ceiling FanAltura Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan comes complete with an all-weather medium wall nut finish blades. The high-quality blades move up to 25% more air than your standard ceiling fan blades.
    Hampton Bay Altura Ceiling Fan Manual
  5. carriage ceiling fanCarriage House Ceiling Fan: This fan comes with a triple capacitor for quiet fan function. Comes with 4 light kit and reversible blades. Suits most interior rooms with traditional decor.
    Hampton Bay Carriage House 52in Ceiling Fan Manual
  6. Hampton Bay Wentworth 52in Ceiling Fan ManualWentworth Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan is suitable for most rooms with its Tri-mount option for installation on slopped or standard ceilings. With a very modern look and stunning brushed nickel finish.
    Hampton Bay Wentworth 52in Ceiling Fan Manual
  7. Hampton Bay Vasner 52in ceiling Fan ManualVasner Ceiling Fan: Contemporary stepped housing with remote control and bright halogen light kit. This fan is versatile in summer and winter months with a 3-speed operation and reversible switch.
    Hampton Bay Vasner 52in ceiling Fan Manual
  8. Tuxford Ceiling FanTuxford Fan Manual: Easily and simply integrate the Tuxford ceiling fan and light control right into your Google or Amazon smart home system. Comes with the Bond app bundle.
    Hampton Bay Tuxford Ceiling Fan Manual
  9. Trenton Ceiling FanTrenton 52in Ceiling Fan: This beautiful ceiling fan comes in a Brushed Nickel Finish, with a 4.5 in downrod making an assembled height of 14.5 inches. A very stylish 5 Reversible Blades in either Black or Cherry finish.
    Hampton Bay Trenton Ceiling Fan Manual
  10. Torrington Ceiling FanTorrington Ceiling Fan: The Hampton Bay Torrington 52 in. Ceiling Fan showcases a nice bead-board housing design and cottage wood blades perfectly suited for the kitchen area. 
    Hampton Bay Torrington 52in Ceiling Fan Manual
  11. Tipton Ceiling FanTipton Ceiling Fan: This chic Hampton Bay ceiling fan, styled with maple/walnut blades that are reversible, is certain to update and modernize your modern-chic interior decor. Its fan speed and candelabra light can be controlled with the included remote.
    Hampton Bay Tipton Ceiling Fan Manual
  12. Tahiti Breeze Ceiling FanTahiti Breeze 52in Ceiling Fan: The Tahiti Breeze  Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan evokes a very tropical feel due to its unique bamboo style and dark but subtle mahogany finish to match any decor.
    Hampton Bay Tahiti Breeze Ceiling Fan Manual
  13. Sussex Ceiling FanSussex Ceiling Fan: A gentle and soft contemporary style design, this Sussex II Ceiling Fan is very certain to complement and enhance any decor and room. Five reversible black/silver fan blades.
    Hampton Bay 52in Sussex Ceiling Fan Manual
  14. St Regis Ceiling FanSt Regis Ceiling Fan: Beautiful Spanish Alabaster Glass Dome this ceiling fan was a favourite among homeowners. Very antique bronze finish with intricate design and 60-inch blades to move plenty of air around your room.
    Hampton Bay St Regis Ceiling Fan Manual

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  1. Spoleto Ceiling FanSpoleto II Ceiling Fan: Very modern ceiling fan complete with 4 beautiful reversible ceiling fan blades in a black/silver finish. Suitable for a large bedroom or living room.
    Hampton Bay Spoleto II Ceiling Fan Manual
  2. Huntington III Ceiling FanHuntington III Ceiling Fan: This beautiful ceiling fan has 5 reversible black/cherry blades. The style of the Huntington III is timeless and a more than perfect fit for any bedroom or living room. Built with a motor for that super quiet but powerful operation.
    Hampton Bay Huntington III Ceiling Fan Manual
  3. AC - 522 Ceiling FanAC552 Ceiling Fan: The stylish and beautiful ceiling fan will suit most home decors. Find out a lot more about the AC 552 Ceiling Fan and how it can enhance your home. Download the manual.
    Hampton Bay Model AC552 Ceiling Fan Manual
  4. Covington Ceiling FanCovington Ceiling Fan: A timeless ceiling fan with 5 beautifully crafted Rosewood blades and a convenient thermostatic handheld remote for your ease of use. The revolutionary blade design means lower energy costs.
    Hampton Bay Covington Ceiling Fan Manual
  5. Vercelli Ceiling FanVercelli Ceiling Fan: A contemporary and very unique ceiling fan, with a unique and eye-catching caged housing. A stylish finish of brushed nickel complemented by a glass shade of etched opal. Dual mount for sloped and standard ceilings.
    Hampton Bay Vercelli Ceiling Fan Manual
  6. Caffe Patina Ceiling FanCaffe Patina Ceiling Fan: Classic design, with an airflow suitable for large rooms. Designed for wobble-free quiet operation. Remote control and light kit included with an integrated halogen bulb.
    Hampton Bay Caffe Patina Ceiling Fan Manual
  7. Windward II Ceiling FanWindward II Ceiling Fan: A very stylish ceiling fan that is able to move a lot of air due to its 29-degree blade pitch. Comes in a variety of colours and finishes. Thermostatic remote control unit for your ease of use and convenience.
    Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fan Manual
  8. Windward IV Ceiling FanWindward IV Ceiling Fan: This is one of our best-reviewed and recommended ceiling fans. It has a look of modern elegance with its 5 tapered blades which are designed to save 75% energy and move 40% more air.
    Hampton Bay Windward IV Ceiling Fan Manual
  9. Altura 56 inch Ceiling FanAltura 56in Ceiling Fan: This fan comes in three attractive finishes with Brushed Nickel, Gilded Espresso and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Five carved wood blades complete the look with an optional light kit available.
    Hampton Bay Altura 56in Ceiling Fan Manual
  10. Campbell Ceiling FanCampbell Ceiling Fan: This fan comes in two finishes, a Mediterranean Bronze and Brushed Nickel finish. The Accu-Arm technology is utilized for easy installation. Very good wobble-free operation.
    Hampton Bay Campbell 52 inch Ceiling Fan Manual
  11. Whitlock 44 in Ceiling FanWhitlock Ceiling Fan Manual: This ceiling fan has one of the highest customer ratings we have seen. It’s super easy to install and just looks amazing. This ceiling fan will keep any smaller room cool.
    Hampton Bay Whitlock Ceiling Fan Manual
  12. Hampton Bay Victoria Ceiling Fan in Large RoomVictoria 70 in. Ceiling Fan: This is one of the few ceiling fans that has 6 different adjustable speeds to cool down those very large size rooms. Comes in a French Beige  Colour.
    Hampton Bay Victoria Ceiling Fan Manual
  13. Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan:  Good for average-sized rooms this ceiling fan comes in a gleaming finish. Comes with standard three speeds and a reverse switch.
    Westinghouse Contractors Choice Ceiling Fan Manual
  14. Redington IV Ceiling FanRedington IV Ceiling Fan: Part of the transitional collection this ceiling fan has 5 blades and 4 lightbulbs for good adequate lighting. Pull chain for speed control and reverse operation.
    Hampton Bay Redington IV Ceiling Fan Manual
  15.  Hunter 55 in. Outdoor Gossamer Ceiling Fan: The Gossamer ceiling fan comes in three versions, indoor, outdoor and industrial. With one of the highest energy efficiencies, this ceiling fan will save your power bill.
    Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan Manual
  16. Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling FanLandmark Ceiling Fan: What Makes This Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Unique? Read our article for the full detailed writeup of this ceiling fan, along with the manual and illustrative guide.
    Hampton Bay Landmark Ceiling Fan Manual
  17. Hampton Bay Brookedale Ceiling FanBrookedale 60 inch Ceiling Fan: We compare the Brookedale Ceiling Fan with the Brookedale II Ceiling Fan and tell you what we think. Both move a lot of air with their 60-inch blades.
    Hampton Bay Brookedale Ceiling Fan Manual
  18. Hampton Bay Hawkins 44 in Ceiling FanHawkins 44 inch Ceiling Fan: The Hawkins White Ceiling Fan comes in a few other similar models. We have the LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan and Tarnished Bronze Ceiling Fan. Please check out the reviews and manual.
    Hampton Bay Hawkins 44 in. Ceiling Fan Manual
  19. Hampton Bay Model # AG804-LN Winfield 54 in – Download
  20. Marta Ceiling FanMarta 52 inch Ceiling Fan: The Marta ceiling fan comes in two finishes, Brushed Nickel and collins Bronze. This ceiling fan is compatible with Bond & Smart. See the step by step guide.
    Hampton Bay Marta 52 inch Ceiling Fan Manual
  21. Hayward Ceiling FanHayward 52 in Ceiling Fan: An indoor ceiling fan designed for low ceilings. Available in two unique models. Works well in large rooms such as a large bedroom, master room or family room.
    Hampton Bay Hayward 52 inch Ceiling Fan Manual
  22. Hampton Bay Model 728-046 heirloom 52in Ceiling Fan – Download
  23. Alida Ceiling FanAlida Ceiling Fan: This stylish and simple fan has four, rather than the five,  reversible medium maple/maple fan blades. Complete with a bowl-design integrated light kit with a stylish amber type glass for room illumination.
    Hampton Bay Alida Ceiling Fan Manual
  24. Hampton Bay Alida 52 in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan Manual
  25. Hammock Bay 52 in. Bronze Ceiling Fan Manual
  26. Pendleton Ceiling FanPendleton Ceiling Fan: This stunning catching ceiling fan has an Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish with five walnut blades. We also compare the Hunter version of this fan and give you our verdict.
    Hampton Bay Pendleton Ceiling Fan 
  27. Industrial Ceiling FanIndustrial 60 Inch Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan is built with a powerful motor to deliver good airflow to rooms 20 feet x 20 feet and larger. Comes in three finishes, White, Brushed Nickel and Black. 
    Hampton Bay Industrial Ceiling Fan Manual
  28. Hampton Bay Glendale Ceiling FanGlendale Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan comes in two sizes, 52 inch and 42 inch along with a number of different finishes. This makes it ideal for many different home decor styles.
    Hampton Bay Glendale Ceiling Fan Manual
  29. Hampton Bay Sinclair 44 in. Tarnish Bronze Ceiling Fan Manual
  30. Hunter Bayview 54 in. Outdoor Provencal Gold Ceiling Fan
  31. Hampton Bay Rothley 52 in. Indoor Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan Manual
  32. Hampton Bay Romanesque 52 in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan Manual
  33. Hampton Bay Clarkston 44 in. White Ceiling Fan Manual
  34. Hampton Bay Clarkston 44 in. Antique Brass Ceiling Fan Manual
  35. Hampton Bay 52 in. Veranda Ceiling Fan Manual
  36. Hampton Bay Veranda II 52 in. Natural Iron Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan Manual
  37. Greco III 52 in. LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual
  38. Hampton Bay Model AC 552 Ceiling Fan – Download
  39. Hampton Bay Redington III Ceiling Fan Manual
  40. Hampton Bay Romano Ceiling Fan Manual
  41. Hampton Bay Southwind 52 in. Matte White Ceiling Fan Manual
  42. Hampton Bay Flowe 52 in. Mediterranean Bronze Ceiling Fan Manual
  43. Sidewinder Ceiling FanSidewinder 54 inch Ceiling Fan: Five silver blades with a beautiful and mesmerizing motion due to the unique shape of the fan blades, yet fully functional moving a good amount of air.
    Hampton Bay Sidewinder 54 in. Ceiling Fan Manual
  44. Southwind 52 in. Venetian Bronze Ceiling Fan Manual
  45. Hampton Bay Cressner 60in Ceiling Fan Manual
  46. Carriage House 52 in. Indoor Iron Ceiling Fan

  47. Hampton Bay Windward 44 in. Indoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual
  48. Hampton Bay Middleton 42 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual
  49. Hampton Bay Tripoli 48 inch Ceiling Fan Manual
  50. Hampton Bay Cailin 48 in. Gilded Bronze Ceiling Fan Manual
  51. Hampton Bay Clarington 52 in. Indoor Gilded Mahogany Ceiling Fan Manual
  52. Hampton Bay Littleton 42 in. White Ceiling Fan Manual
  53. Hampton Bay Portland Ceiling Fan manual
  54. Hampton Bay Four Winds 54 in. Indoor/Outdoor Weathered Bronze Ceiling Fan
  55. Hampton Bay Lyndhurst 52 in. Indoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual
  56. Hampton Bay Eden Lake 54 in. Distressed Walnut Ceiling Fan Manual
  57. Hampton Bay Costa Mesa 56 in. Indoor Outdoor Weathered Zinc Ceiling Fan Manual
  58. Hampton Bay Rockport 52 in. LED Ceiling Fan Manual
  59. Hampton Bay Sovana 44 in. White Ceiling Fan Manual
  60. Hampton Bay Colonial Bamboo 52 in. Ceiling Fan Manual
  61. Metro 54 in Indoor/Outdoor Rustic Copper Ceiling Fan Manual

  62. Durango 9 Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual
  63. Merwry Ceiling FanMerwry Ceiling Fan: Give your home that beautiful sleek, and very modern look in your lounge room with this very stylish and elegant 52 inch Merwry Brushed Nickel  Fan from the Home Decorators Collection.
    Merwry 52 in. LED Indoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual
  64. Savona 52 in. Indoor Weathered Bronze Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control Manual
  65. Gazebo II 42 in. Indoor/Outdoor White Ceiling Fan Manual
  66. Hampton Bay Holly Springs Low Profile 52 in. LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual
  67. Holly Springs 52 in. LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light Kit Manual
  68. Vaurgas 44 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan Manual
  69. Mondrian 52 in. Indoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Manual
  70. Holly Springs Ceiling FanHolly Springs Ceiling Fan: This ceiling fan comes in three models with a low profile option and a Smart option using Bond. Stunning design along with many great features you have come to expect from Hampton Bay.
    Hampton Bay Holly Springs Ceiling Fan Manual

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