The 5 Best Hampton Bay Blinds Reviews, Repairs, Installations & Parts Revealed

The 5 Best Hampton Bay Blinds Reviews, Repairs, Installations & Parts Revealed
Hampton Bay Blinds

So what are the Best Hampton Bay Blinds?

Is it one of the Hampton Bay Cordless Blinds or a Hampton Bay 1in Vinyl Blind or perhaps one of the Hampton Bay Mini Blinds or Vertical Blind?

Where can you get Hampton Bay Blind parts, repairs and installation guides, instructions and customer service?

We will cover all of the this information and more in this article, so please keep reading. We will consider in depth the following topics:

  • What are the Best Hampton Bay Mini Blinds, Cordless Blinds, Vertical Blinds & Vinyl Blinds
  • How the Hampton Bay Vertical Blind has Revolutionized the Home
  • How to Find The Hampton Bay Blinds Website and Customer Service
  • How to: Hampton Bay Blinds Installation Instructions & Manuals
  • 101 Hampton Bay Blind Replacement Parts,  Repairs & Warranty
  • What Hampton Bay Blind Parts Are Available & How To Order Them

What are the Best Hampton Bay Mini Blinds, Cordless Blinds, Vertical Blinds & Vinyl Blinds

Hampton Bay Mini Blinds
Hampton Bay Mini Blinds

Blinds add not only a functional use to your home (blocking light, keeping the warmth in, adding privacy) but also can enhance the decor and style if you choose the appropriate type of blind for the window area.

After much deliberation, we decided on a few of the many blinds that we would recommend based on customer satisfaction, appearance, cost, and ease of installation to name a few factors.

Hampton Bay Mini Blinds

The mini blind is a long-lasting vinyl blind at a very budget and affordable price. What we like about this blind is that it is cordless, so no problems with children or pets getting caught up in the pull strings.

This mini 1 in. vinyl blind includes a very decorative and durable PVC head and bottom rail. This mini blind provides a lot of privacy and light filtering features.

Because they are low cost, these blinds are very suitable for rental properties or as replacement blinds and because they are very lightweight they offer low maintenance.

The blinds, being cordless, are easy enough to use by just pulling or pushing the bottom bar to the height that you desire.

The surface is smooth and comes in a white finish to complement most home and room decor styles.

All of the reviews were positive and the main pros were that they were durable, looked attractive and were easy to install, not to mention the affordable price. At the time of writing the overall review, the score was 5 stars out of 5 stars.

There are cheaper mini blinds on the market, but we feel not as attractive as the Hampton Bay Mini Blinds.

Hampton Bay Cordless Blinds

The cordless blinds come in a large array of styles and colours so it was not an easy choice.

Cordless Blinds that Enhance a Room
Cordless Blinds that Enhance a Room

However, if you have sliding doors then the Hampton Bay Pearl Gray 3.5 in. Vertical Blind is a good choice. In fact, many people find that the Hampton Bay Vertical Blinds block the sun really well, are reasonably easy to install and have an attractive appearance.

We found that at times they can get stuck in the tracks when pushing them to open them. But it doesn’t appear to be a major problem. A cordless wand stick is used to rotate the louvres open and closed or pull them across the track.

Four attractive finishes give you plenty of options to complement your home decor. They include a Heather Buff finish, a Linen Sandstone finish, a Textured Khaki finish and a Pearl Gray finish.

Some of the finishes come with an additional textured finish that makes them stylish and easy to clean.

The Hampton Bay Cordless Blinds package includes a headrail, a valance, the stylish louvres, and of course the easy install hardware.

Overall we are very surprised and satisfied with how absolutely beautiful the blinds look.

For the actual price we paid, it was a very good buy and good value for the money spent.

From a distance, the textured blinds look like cloth. They provide more than adequate Room darkening and they also help to control the room temperature when the blinds are closed.

There is a small amount of light coming through between some of the louvres but that is to be expected with PVC.

Hampton Bay Vertical Blind

Again, so many options and so many that are considered good, but we are looking for great not good.

We would have to choose the L Faux Wood 3.5 in. Vertical Blind to take the coveted first place.

With an elegant and traditional design this Hampton Bay 3.5 in. vertical blind comes in two finishes made with Faux wood, Alabaster and White.

It includes vertical blind headrail, valance and valance clips and brackets. A nice feature is a reversible option allowing you to open the vanes of the vertical blind from left or right.

They feature a cordless wand mechanism and are easy to maintain and clean.

These Vertical blinds are manufactured from thick vinyl and both the back and the front of each slate have a beautifully textured wood type finish.

I must admit that we were a little bit hesitant to purchase after we read some reviews that mentioned that the vertical blinds were not sturdy and at times they broke during and after installation.

We actually found these blinds to be much sturdier than many other PVC 3.5in. vertical blinds we have owned and not one of them broke while being installed.

They look nice and the price was very reasonable. They match our faux wood window blinds. It’s nice to note too that you can also purchase the Hampton Bay vertical blind kit cordless which comes with a Hampton Bay vertical blind wand.

Just a bit on faux wood blinds. These blinds are a substitute for wooden blinds. Faux wood is commonly referred to as Plaswood (which is a term derived from Plastic & Wood).

Hampton Bay Faux Wood Blinds
Hampton Bay Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood is a less expensive option than real wood.

These blinds are a lot more popular as the manufacturing process has improved, making them cheaper and versatile while offering a natural real wood look.

Their aversion to warping in heat, faux wood blinds are very suitable for rooms and windows with high-temperature changes or where there is high moisture, like kitchen areas and bathrooms.

Out of 305 customer reviews, the total score for these blinds was 4.2 stars out of 5 stars and 80% of customers said they would recommend them.

How the Hampton Bay Vertical Blind has Revolutionized the Home

Hampton Bay Vertical Blinds in Room
Hampton Bay Vertical Blinds in Room

Ever since Edward and Fredrick Bopp invented the Vertical Blind way back in 1950, its been a feature of many home interior designs, both for its simplicity, functionality and elegant modern style.

Since then we have come a long way in the actual design mechanisms. One of the more important being the 3.5 in vertical blind kit which comes with headrail, valance clips and valance.

Vertical blinds make use of a wide slat and usually a pull cord so that the slats are stacked together.

These slats are then rotated usually by means of a rotating shaft located in the upper head rail.

Another way they have revolutionized home decor is unlike other blinds, vertical blinds generally will collect much less dust simply because they stand vertically.

Since the Vertical Blind draws to either side rather than using a lifting and lowering mechanism common in the horizontal blind, they are much easier to operate.

How to Find The Hampton Bay Blinds Website and Customer Service

This question has been answered fully on another post named: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

But to give you the shortened answer Hampton Bay is a brand of Home Depot so going to Home Depots website or typing in ‘’ will take you to the Hampton Bay section on Home Depot.

Also, since Lowes sell the Hampton Bay brand as well, you might like to try the search: Hampton Bay Blinds Lowes

Hampton Bay blinds customer service is going to be through the Home Depot customer number. Full details on this number and how to call them are contained in the article here: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

How to: Hampton Bay Blinds Installation Instructions & Manuals

This post would’t be complete without some handy tips and hints on installing your Blinds.

Blinds Installation Manuals & Instructions
Blinds Installation Manuals & Instructions

Each type of blind is different so Hampton bay cordless blind installation would be different from Hampton bay mini blind installation which would be different from Hampton bay vertical blind kit installation.

So first this we would encourage you to do is to consult the Hampton bay blind installation instructions that came with your purchase.

If you do not have the original manual then it can be downloaded here at Sears who have a Huge variety of owners manuals. Please note that Sears PartsDirect gives us a small compensation for our endorsement. But since we have found them to be one of the best manual, parts and repairs services we freely encourage you to at least check them out by clicking here

If you are doing a Hampton bay vertical blind installation the package will come with a valance which is a decorative cover.

How to Guide for Installing Inside Mount Vertical Blinds

  • Position your decorative valance cover so that it is lined up with the edge of the window and facing the room, and place the supplied bracket clips about 3 inches in from the right and left edges.
  • Using the positioned bracket clips as a template, mark the starter holes for the supplied screws.
  • Next, you will need to mark the place where your screws will be going by tapping the starter holes in the topmost slot of the supplied bracket. Insert the screws through the decorative valance and right into the mounting area for each supplied bracket.
  • Next, you will need to carefully hook the front part of the head rail into the installed brackets and then carefully rotate back so it snaps gently into place.
  • When installing the louvres, begin by gently pulling the cord making sure that the stems of the vanes are spaced evenly. Next, carefully pull the cord in order to rotate the stems openings so that they are facing towards you.
  • The first louvre can be attached by carefully sliding it into the stem until it clicks into place. Continue repeating the same process until all of the louvres or vanes are similarly attached.
  • You will need to next install the supplied safety bracket so that the cord will be kept taut. Put the safety bracket close to the bottom of the window making sure that it is positioned where it won’t interfere with the functioning of the vertical blinds.
  • Next, test your Hampton bay blind installation by gently pulling down on the cord to close or open your blinds.

The Hampton bay roller blind installation and the Hampton bay vinyl blind installation are similar but you will need to consult the manuals respectively here.

We also have articles on how to install hampton bay vinyl blind. So please search our website for more installation help and guides.

101 Hampton Bay Blind Replacement Parts,  Repairs & Warranty

The first place we would recommend is going to the Home Depot website and searching for the replacenment parts.

Replacement Parts Repairs and Warranty
Replacement Parts Repairs and Warranty

However, when we did this we found only two parts available – Bracket sets and Wand. If you are looking at replacing other parts such as valence and vanes then you are out of luck here and will need to try other options.

The first place we would recommend for parts and repairs for any Home item is Sears. They will give you a quote before doing the work so you know how much it will cost and they also give you a lot of DIY information if you decide you want to do the repair yourself. They stock many of the parts including Hampton Bay so take a look at them here: Sears Parts and Repairs

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to getting replacement parts for any Hampton Bay item such as ceiling fans, patio furniture, blinds and more then please read our in-depth article here: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

As far as the Hampton Bay Blinds Warranty goes according to Home Depot website the Manufacturer Warranty is a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

That means you are covered for ‘Functional Parts & Labor Coverage‘. If you are anyone like me you may be wondering, well, what does this mean?

First, it’s important that you know that a warranty is not a guarantee. It is only a mere promise.

 The manufacturer will cover the cost of any labour and parts to repair any defects in materials or defects in workmanship that may appear under standard home use. It means that the blinds should not be defective for the role in which they are intended.

When they use the term Limited Lifetime Warranty they are merely saying that they will replace parts of the blinds that break or are defective over the life of the Blind.

However, they are not legally obliged to replace any parts that are not actually mentioned in the warranty or any parts that are broken or misused by the consumer.

Hampton Bay Blinds & Curtains in a Sunny Room
Hampton Bay Blinds & Curtains in a Sunny Room

What Hampton Bay Blind Parts Are Available & How To Order Them

After doing some research we found that there are very few Hampton Bay Blind Parts available online. Home Depot carries a few parts such as a replacement wand and bracket sets. You would order them by going to their website and adding the parts to the online cart.

However, if you visit a website called you will find a great deal more parts available such as cords and strings, tilt mechanisms, mounting brackets, bottom rail parts, tensioners and teats, fasteners, and vane savers to name but a few.

To be honest, the cost of a new blind, in my opinion, is the better option. Hampton Bay blinds are inexpensive and a replacement blind is far easier to install than trying to fix an older blind. Home Depot also offers home installation services on their blinds so you don’t have the hassle of having to install it yourself.

In conclusion, we have found that purchasing the right blind for your window treatment can not only add functionality to your room but also enhance the overall decor and mood.

Taking the time to review and research your options will mean that when you finally make the decision to buy your Hampton Bay Blinds you will be more likely to be happy with the outcome.

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