Hampton Bay Ansley 52 in Ceiling Fan & Owners Manual: Features, Price, Guides with Videos

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Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan

When it comes to home decor, we’re always trying to strike that elusive balance between form and function. The products that really shine are the ones that seamlessly blend those two ideals. Take the Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan, for example. This beauty checks both boxes, cooling your space while adding a dash of style. I found this ceiling fan to be a real masterpiece of design, having a nice white finish, it’s stylish for any room.

The Hampton Bay Ansley ceiling fan is a Tri-Mount 52 in. Ceiling Fan. It is an energy-efficient option for all home interior rooms, including bedrooms, up to 20 feet x 20 feet. This ceiling fan is efficiently Energy Star-rated.

I know from experience how tough it can be to find the perfect fixture. My wife and I spent what felt like forever shopping for the just right ceiling fan for our open-concept living room. We must’ve tried a hundred different options before finding one that worked with our mid-century modern vibe. So believe me when I say this Ansley fan totally delivers.

In this article we will discuss the following:

Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan Owners Manual

For a copy of the Ansley ceiling fan manual in PDF format please click on the download link below.

Click Here to Download The Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan Owners Manual

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Features And Specifications of The Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan

Let’s break it down in simple terms first. The Ansely offers superior airflow using reversible blades that allow you to optimize ventilation year-round. It runs whisper-quiet but still packs a punch in larger areas up to 400 square feet. Installation is a cinch with the included downrod and mounting bracket. Plus, it comes in a handful of on-trend finishes to complement your aesthetic.

Blades5 reversible blades with a white finish on one side and a bleached-white finish on the other.
DesignWhite finish that easily complements many interior rooms.
Light Fixture1-bulb integrated frosted opal schoolhouse light fixture.
ControlWall control unit for easy operation.
MotorMulti-capacitor for super-quiet operation and maximum airflow; 5376 for tri-mount.
InstallationDownrod included for higher ceilings. Tri-mount for flush-mount, standard mount, or slope mount installation.
UsageIndoor use for large rooms, up to 20 feet x 20 feet.
VersatilityCan be easily installed with or without the included light kit.
PlugPlug included for added convenience.
EfficiencyEnergy Star efficiency rated.
Table Showing Features & Specifications of The Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan combines style, versatility, and efficiency, making it a perfect addition to any room.

Now for a bit more detail for those who like to geek out on specs. This smartly-designed fan boasts an energy-efficient permanent magnet motor that’s durably constructed. The LED module provides long-lasting illumination equivalent to two 9W bulbs. And the integrated 19W dimmable LED is dimmable for ambiance control. It’s all easily operated by the included remote and wall control options.

Hampton Bay Model AC-436: The Ansley Ceiling Fan is often identified by its model number, AC-436. This specific model has gained popularity for its reliability and durability. Hampton Bay is known for producing high-quality ceiling fans, and the AC-436 is no exception.

Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan Video

Hampton Bay Ansley Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts & Troubleshooting

Of course, even well-built products hit occasional snags. But have no fear – troubleshooting, and support are there if needed. Hampton Bay’s customer service team can be reached online or by phone, and user manuals are available covering common issues. So you can have confidence in your purchase.

If you need a replacement part then please check out our article: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts which covers every step you need to know to get the right part for your ceiling fan. Whether it’s a new set of blades, a light kit, or a remote control, users can find genuine replacement parts to keep their fan operating at its best.

Ansley Ceiling Fan and Light Not Working

In the rare event that the Ansley Ceiling Fan or its light encounters operational issues, troubleshooting can often resolve the issue. Checking the power supply, ensuring proper installation, and inspecting the remote control’s batteries are some initial steps users can take. If problems persist, Hampton Bay’s customer support is readily available to assist, providing solutions and guidance to get the fan back in working order.

Ceiling Fan Giving You Grief? How To Get Your Hampton Bay Ansley Remote Working Again

Have ceiling fan troubles? Don’t sweat it – we’ve all been there. One minute you’re luxuriating under the cool breeze of your Hampton Bay Ansley, and the next? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Just stifling silence where soothing white noise used to be.

But before you chuck that faulty remote out the window in a fit of frustration, take a breath. With a few simple troubleshooting tweaks, you can get this remote up and running again in no time. Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes. Last summer when my old box fan finally sputtered out, I rushed to buy a shiny new ceiling fan from Hampton Bay. The sleek design and promised ‘whisper-quiet’ setting reeled me in fast. But after just a few weeks, my new fan started showing its cracks – or at least its faulty remote did. Cue the exasperated eye rolls.

But a quick call with Hampton Bay’s helpful customer service rep got me back on track. Here are the same tips I used to troubleshoot my stubborn remote. Try them yourself before you make that frustrated call:

Double Check It’s Plugged In

I know, I know. It sounds obvious. But you’d be surprised how many times a loose plug or tripped breaker is the culprit behind a seemingly broken appliance. Before you panic, check that everything is securely plugged into the outlet and that no fuses need resetting. Make sure the wall switch controlling your fan is flipped to ‘on’ too.

Re-Examine The Installation

Installation mishaps can easily disrupt your fan’s remote connectivity. Check that all blades are correctly and evenly installed. Make sure the fan body is securely mounted into the ceiling and not wobbling around. And ensure the wiring is connected properly according to the manual’s specifications. Improper installations can prevent the remote’s signals from registering.

Swap Out The Batteries

Out of juice batteries are one of the most common remote control killers. Slide open that battery slot and replace the batteries with new ones matching the voltage listed in the manual. While you’re at it, check for corrosion and remove any debris inside the battery compartment. Pro tip: keep extra batteries on hand so you never get caught fan-less again!

Eliminate Signal Interference

Sometimes other gadgets crowding the space can cause signal issues between remotes and their devices. Make sure there aren’t any obstructing objects sitting in the path between your remote and the fan. Relocate nearby electronics if needed to clear up the signal pathway.

If you’ve double-checked all possible power and installation problems, tested the remote’s signal, and replaced the batteries, but are still experiencing issues – don’t lose hope! Call up Hampton Bay’s customer service line and explain the ongoing problem. Make sure to have your fan’s model number handy to expedite the troubleshooting process. Their tech experts can walk you through any additional steps needed to pinpoint the remote’s glitch.

With a mix of methodical troubleshooting, quality replacement parts, and strategic tips from Hampton Bay’s support team, you’ll have your remote up and running again in no time. Don’t let a faulty fan remote ruin your summer! Stay cool and carry on with these handy tricks.


In closing, if you’re seeking to add style and comfort to your home, the Hampton Bay Ansley can provide the perfect solution. Let it cool you off in the summer and shed some light year-round while complementing your decor. This fan certainly earned its spot on my favorites list! Give it a try in your place and see for yourself.

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You can download the Ansley Ceiling Fan Manual here

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