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Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan in Bedroom
Gossamer Ceiling Fan in Bedroom Decor

We had to do a bit of research to get you the facts and information you need for the Hunter Gossamer Outdoor and Indoor Ceiling Fans, including manuals, instructions, reviews and tips.

You will also find the Gossamer design with Hampton Bay Windward models of ceiling fans from Home Depot. So it is sometimes also known as Hampton Bay Gossamer Windward Ceiling Fan.

First, I would like you to note there are three versions of the Gossamer Ceiling Fan, you have the Indoor model known as the Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fan, Outdoor model known as the Hampton Bay Gossamer Lighthouse Model and the Hampton Bay Industrial Ceiling Fan model. We will cover the three versions in this article.

Take a look at the image below and you will see distinctly the differences in the design of the three, however, it’s important to note that as is characterized by the Gossamer Fan design all of the blades are distinctively twisted and tapered to give a very superior airflow and efficiency.

Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fans
Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fans

In this article we will cover the following:

What Makes the Hampton Bay and Hunter Gossamer Fans so Unique?

Please take a look at this important information. it will greatly help you in deciding on what ceiling fan to purchase. What makes them so unique is the way in which they were designed.

The Hampton Bay Gossamer Ceiling Fan and Hunter Gossamer Ceiling fans have a lot of features in their favour.

You will be pleased to know they are very energy efficient due to the unique blade design. In fact up to 100% more airflow than any other standard ceiling fan.

This is achieved by using a graded pitch in the blades. The blades start at a 26-degree pitch and taper to a 5-degree pitch at the tips of the blades. This produces a uniform airflow over the entire blade, reducing energy consumption.

Another feature we found to be very useful with the Hampton Bay Gossamer and Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fans is the use of a dimmable fluorescent lamp that only uses 36Watts and cuts energy consumption down to a third compared to other ceiling fan lighting units.

Finally, we also found that these ceiling fans come with a remote control that can assist in reduced energy consumption. It achieves this through a temperature control unit that can adjust the fan speed to the room temperature and also switch the ceiling fan on and off as needed.

Gossamer Ceiling Fan Remote Control Unit
Gossamer Ceiling Fan Remote Control Unit

Complete with a timer you can also manually set how long you want the fan to stay on for and leave it to switch itself off.

All of this means the Hampton Bay Gossamer Fans, also known as the Hampton Bay Windward Ceiling Fan, and Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fans use only 20 Watts of energy at low speed and 65 Watts at high speed.

Hampton Bay Windward II Ceiling Fan
Windward II Ceiling Fan

What lead to all of this innovation was a desire for Danny S. Parker to produce a more aerodynamically designed ceiling fan blade that would reduce energy consumption. What’s interesting to note (you can read how this ceiling fan was developed in a research paper here: Development of an Enhanced Ceiling Fan), was that it was very difficult to find an engineer that could help with blade airflow efficiency at low speeds.

Low speeds because most engineers were skilled in propeller blades that operated at very high speeds. However the answer was simple.

Parker found the experts in low-speed aerodynamics with the people involved with the Gossamer Albatross design. This was a human-powered aircraft peddled across the English Channel back in 1979.

The company AeroVironment Inc. helped Parker in developing a more aerodynamic ceiling-fan blade. The Gossamer Ceiling Fan was invented.

These enhanced Gossamer ceiling fans are sold by Home Depot local and online stores. King of Fans manufactures the Gossamer fans, with the following Hampton Bay models listed on their web site.

How Energy Efficient is the Gossamer Ceiling Fan Compared to Other Fans

Low Speed Fan Performance and Efficiency Compared to Other Brands

ValueEmerson Ceiling Fan CF705 Emerson Ceiling Fan CF4852Hunter
Breeze Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Gossamer
CFM  1087  1001  1865  1907
  Watts  9.6  7.7  8.7  9.1
 CFM/W  113  130  214  210

High Speed Fan Performance and Efficiency Compared to Other Brands

  Value  Emerson Ceiling Fan CF705Emerson Ceiling Fan CF4852Hunter
Breeze Ceiling Fan
Hampton Bay Gossamer
  CFM  3110  6057  5339  6471
  Watts  50.2  93.1  74.8  49.6
 CFM/Watt  61.9  65.1  71.4  130.5

As you can see from the table above the Gossamer has a 111% air moving efficiency over the Emerson CF705 Ceiling Fan.

Review of the Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Gossamer Ceiling Fan in Master Room
Hampton Bay Gossamer Ceiling Fan in Master Room

Overall this is a very good ceiling fan for the price.

We purchased and installed a couple of these for the kitchen and bedroom.

A nice feature is having a video for setup instructions included, making installation incredibly simple and easy, especially for any first-timer.

The Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan operates very silently and moves a very good amount of air around the room for its size.

The overall look and design is very sleek and modern.

Another very nice feature is that it connects easily and perfectly with the Bond system which connects this ceiling fan to the Google or Alexa Assistant allowing total home automation.

We also really really love that the Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan also came with spare LED bulbs so we didn’t have to locate new ones and change them out immediately.

After having both ceiling fans installed for around a couple of months now we are already preparing and planning on getting a third Hunter Gossamer Fan to install in the master bedroom.

You just simply cannot beat the price for such an attractive and easy to install ceiling fan!

So what are other customers saying about this ceiling fan? Well after 1192 reviews an overall score of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars was given. A total of 84% of customers said they would recommend this ceiling fan.

Download the Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan Manual

Please click the link below to download your PDF copy of the Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan Manual.

Click Here to Download the Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

The manual will cover the Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan basics below:

  • Getting Ready – What You Will Need for the Install
  • How to Install the Ceiling Plate
  • Hanging and Assembling the Hunter Gossamer Fan
  • Wiring electrically the Ceiling Fan
  • Installing the Fan Canopy Trim Ring and Ceiling Fan Canopy
  • Assembling and Installing the Gossamer Ceiling Fan Blades
  • Completing the Ceiling Fan Installation With a Multi-Staked Lighting Fixture
  • Cleaning and Operating Your Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan
  • Troubleshooting & FAQ
Click Here to Download the Hunter Gossamer 55 inch Ceiling Fan Manual

The Hunter Gossamer Ceiling Fan troubleshooting section will cover how to fix excessive wobbling and noisy operation among many other ceiling fan problems. Please also check out our article: Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts which will help you locate replacement parts for your Hunter Ceiling Fan.

If you are needing to pair your Hunter Fan with a Remote then please take a look at our article: How To Pair Hunter Fan Remote

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