Editorial Policy


Hamptonlightingadvice.com serves as a resource for homeowners looking for advice and information on home decor products, such as Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze, and Hunter ceiling fans and fixtures. Our objective is to publish well-researched, engaging, and useful content to aid consumers in selecting the optimal lighting solutions for their homes. 


All advice provided strives to be impartial, equitable, and balanced. Brand recommendations are based on objective testing and verifiable evidence. We do not promote one brand over others unless credible sources and studies support it. Any content that is sponsored or paid placement by a brand is clearly labeled as such. Writers avoid bias and share both positive and negative insights in reviews.


Writers thoroughly research topics using the most up-to-date, fact-based sources available. We reference academic studies, industry whitepapers, verified manufacturer specs, government data, and other credible outlets. Sources are properly cited. Writers consult lighting experts such as electricians, designers, and engineers to provide qualified perspective. All statistics, claims, and facts are verified by the editorial team before publishing. We promptly correct any errors and update outdated information.


Hamptonlightingadvice.com is transparent about ownership, relationships, and potential conflicts of interest. We disclose if site owners have any financial stake or personal affiliation with brands mentioned. Brands do not pay for preferential treatment or positive reviews. When brands provide products for evaluation, we note that relationship. We aim to maintain reader trust through openness.

Original Perspectives

Our articles offer more than just regurgitated facts. Writers provide useful how-to advice, buying guides, creative lighting ideas, and installation tips based on original research and experience. We quote external sources accurately and expand on the information. All content is created by our editorial team specifically for this site. We never plagiarize or scrape other content sources.

Reader Service

Our goal is to educate and assist homeowners, not confuse them with complex jargon. Writers use clear, concise language and define any technical terms. The focus is on practical, actionable advice helping readers choose and install ceiling fans & lighting for their unique needs and budget. Content goes beyond just facts to provide analysis, evaluations, and recommendations.

Advertising and Affiliates

We maintain a separation between editorial content and advertising. Sponsorships and ads are designated as such. Affiliate links to purchase products are marked. While advertisers may pay a fee, they have no influence over recommendations made in articles. Ads and affiliate offers follow site guidelines for relevant, family-friendly lighting products and services.