Carriage House Ceiling Fan I & II: Manual, Parts, Troubleshooting, Remote & Price

Carriage House Ceiling Fan in a Bedroom

Have you ever gazed up at an elegant lighting fixture and thought “I wish that gorgeous chandelier could also keep me cool?” Well, the days of having to choose between beauty and function in your home decor are over. Let me introduce you to the Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan & the Hampton Bay Carriage House II Ceiling Fan, the graceful marriage of airflow and illumination.

With powerful, yet quiet air circulation and antique-style beauty, the Carriage House Ceiling Fan can address both comfort and décor. Its versatility suits many room types while complementing multiple design aesthetics.

We will discuss the following in this article so please read on:

Download The Carriage House I & II Ceiling Fan Manuals

The owner’s manual for the Carriage House I and Carriage House II ceiling fans provides detailed instructions for installing and connecting the wiring. It also includes information on operating the remote control (if applicable), troubleshooting common issues, replacing parts, and general maintenance.

Both of these manuals are available in PDF format by clicking on the link below. Make sure you select the correct model as there are two download links, one for the Carriage House I and another for the Carriage House II.

Click Here To Download the Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan Manual

Click Here To Download the Hampton Bay Carriage House II Ceiling Fan Manual

Make sure you select the right link above for the correct owner’s manual.

Differences Between Carriage House & Carriage House II Ceiling Fans

Based on my research, the main differences between the Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan and the Carriage House II Ceiling Fan are:

FeatureHampton Bay CarriageHampton Bay Carriage II
DesignAntique pewter finishBrushed steel finish
Traditional cage designModern and streamlined cage design
Lights5 standard candle bulbsIntegrated Edison-style ST19 bulbs
Blades60” real wood blades in cherry/oak60” composite wood blades in walnut
Other FeaturesReversible motor, integrated LED lightingReversible motor, integrated LED lighting, light dimmer switch on the motor housing
Energy EfficiencyComparableSlightly higher energy efficiency ratings for Carriage II
Differences Between Carriage & Carriage II Ceiling Fans

This table outlines the key differences in design, lighting, blades, and additional features between the Hampton Bay Carriage and Hampton Bay Carriage II ceiling fans.

So in summary, the Carriage House II has a marginally more modern, simplified design with dimmable Edison bulb lighting and composite blades instead of solid wood. But both share the decorative cage-style look and offer similar air circulation capabilities and convenience features. The II does have some improved elements though for those wanting a more updated fan model.

Specifications & Features of The Carriage House I Ceiling Fan

With its beautiful Brushed nickel finish, 4-light kit with white linen glass and 5 carved, reversible rosewood/bleached cherry blades, the Hampton Bay Carriage House Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan adds traditional style to any room decor.

The Carriage House ceiling fan also has a triple capacitor for quiet fan operation. Uses four 60-Watt incandescent bulbs (included).

It hugs the ceiling closely with its ceiling mount and suits most home decor situations.

With its reversible blades, you get to choose whether you would like the rosewood look or the bleached cherry look. So versatile and yet elegant.

Here are some of the specifications:

  • 5 reversible rosewood/bleached cherry blades make it easy to change your decor style without purchasing a new fan
  • 3-speed reversible function for year-round comfort and saving
  • 4-light kit with white linen glass
  • Uses four 60-Watt incandescent bulbs (included)
  • Updated traditional hugger design in brushed nickel
  • Designed for rooms 12 ft. x 12 ft. to 18 ft. x 18 ft.
  • Accu-arm blade system for fast installation
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty
  • 54 in. lead wires

This elegant ceiling fan comes in three finishes for you to choose from – polished brass, iron, and brushed nickel.

With an airflow of 4,072 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) it will suit any room that is large up to a size of 18 feet x 18 feet.

This ceiling fan does not come with any remote, however, you can buy one that will work fine with it.

Specifications & Features of The Carriage House 2 Ceiling Fan

Recapture the beauty of times gone by with the Hampton Bay Carriage House 52 in. indoor ceiling fan in an iron finish. The stylish fan features a 4-light kit with antique beige alabaster glass shades and 5 reversible blades in walnut and rosewood finishes for a very versatile look that complements a very wide variety of room décors. The Carriage House’s flush mounting style makes it an excellent choice for rooms with low ceilings. Uses four 60-Watt incandescent medium base bulbs (not included).

The Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan is an elegant and functional ceiling fan designed to look like a carriage house light fixture while providing air circulation. This fan features a unique cage design with five candle bulb light fixtures contained within metal scrollwork resembling a carriage house style.

  • 5 reversible walnut and rosewood blades make it easy to change your decor style without purchasing a new fan
  • 4-light kit with antique beige alabaster glass
  • 3 speed reversible control
  • Flushmount is great for rooms with low ceilings
  • Uses four 60-watt medium base incandescent bulbs
  • Iron finish
  • Airflow rate of up to 4,935 CFM
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 8 in. lead wire


Here’s a table summarizing troubleshooting problems and their respective fixes for the Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan:

IssuePossible CausesTroubleshooting Steps
Fan Not Spinning– Circuit breaker tripped
– Loose or disconnected connections
– Blades not spinning freely
1. Check the circuit breaker for any tripped switches.
2. Inspect all fan connections for looseness or disconnection.
3. Ensure that the blades can spin freely without obstruction.
Fan Wobbling– Unevenly weighted blades
– Insecure blade attachment to brackets
1. Check that all blades are evenly weighted.
2. Tighten screws securing blades to brackets securely.
Lights Not Working– LED bulb connections loose or disconnected
– Remote battery depleted
1. Inspect connections for LED bulbs, ensuring they are securely in place.
2. Check and replace the battery in the remote control.
Noise Issues– Blades not properly aligned
– Loose hardware
1. Ensure that all blades are properly aligned.
2. Tighten all hardware, including screws and brackets, to eliminate any looseness.
Troubleshooting Problems and Fixes

These troubleshooting steps can help users address common issues with the Hampton Bay Carriage House Ceiling Fan.

Can the Lights Be Dimmed By an Independent Dimmer Switch?

Yes, they can be since the fan has a separate wire for the fan speed and for the fan light. The ceiling fans light wire can be connected to a separate dimming switch.

However,  you are going to need a compatible dimmer for LEDs, since this ceiling light kit comes standard with LED bulbs.

Since standard dimmers for the incandescent light bulbs work by reducing the voltage to the light bulbs to make them appear less bright, and LEDs just will not work at the lower voltage, and this is even if they’re dimmable.

With a LED they are either off or on. The dimmers for the LED bulbs work by reducing the frequency of the electric pulse going to the LEDs and they are solid-state.

So you are going to need to install one of these LED dimmers inside your wall switch. After this, you are going to need to separate out the light circuit from the ceiling fans motor circuit. Then you would run the wires from the light circuit, through the ceiling and along to the dimmer switch.

However, as you can imagine it’s do-able, but the big crunch is that its probably not going to be worth the aggravation and time in my own opinion. A qualified electrician should be able to do the job, but would probably cost more than this Carriage House ceiling fan!

Price & Replacement Parts

The Hampton Bay Carriage House 52-inch ceiling fan retails for around $150-250 depending on the finish and retailer.

Common replaceable parts for the Carriage House ceiling fan include:

  • Fan blades
  • LED light bulbs
  • Glass light covers
  • Remote control
  • Blade brackets


The Hampton Bay Carriage House is an affordable and attractive 52-inch ceiling fan that provides reliable performance for most home spaces. With a classic style and finishes to match a variety of decors, it offers a combination of style and function.

With a standard 4.7 star rating, most users found the Hampton Bay Carriage House easy to assemble and install in under an hour. All necessary mounting hardware is included. The instructions received some criticism for clarity issues that caused minor confusion

In total, this seemingly high-quality Hampton Bay ceiling fan delivers reliable value that matches its reasonable price point based on existing consumer experiences and assessments.

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