AC-552 Ceiling Fan Manual

AC-552 Ceiling Fan Manual

AC 552 Ceiling Fan

After getting a number of requests for the Hampton Bay AC-552 ceiling fan manual, I decided to do some research and see if I could locate this elusive manual.

The Hampton Bay AC-552 ceiling fan manual is a PDF document that shows you how to install and operate the fan. Along with installation instructions, it also covers a number of troubleshooting questions from: ‘Fan will not start’ to ‘Fan sounds noisy.’ This easy to download document will help you get the most out of your ceiling fan and can be found near the bottom of this post.

I must admit I spent a lot of time researching this particular model. Not because there was a lot of information about it, but because there was very little information. No wonder so many people have questions about this particular ceiling fan. After much research, I managed to find a manual, which can be downloaded below.

I think that the actual problem is that this ceiling fan AC-522 is not one particular ceiling fan but rather a code that groups a number of similar models. I could be wrong, but that is my gut feeling.

Which raises a question that I personally had regarding this ceiling fan:

Where should the AC-552 ceiling fan be placed in the room?

Ceiling Fan in Room

The first thing I found out was that this particular ceiling fan should not be placed any lower than 7 feet from the ground. So, if your ceiling is a low ceiling then omit the down rod. Yes, this ceiling fan comes with a down rod, but it is not a necessity for installation. The reason for this is obvious, anyone close to, or over, 7 feet is likely to be in a sore state of affairs.

Second, make sure that the blades are at least 18 inches from the walls of your room. Not so sure about the reason for this, but after research, I found no answer to this.

Third, place the fan as close to the centre of the room as possible, to ensure even cooling and airflow throughout the whole room.

Below is a table of fan blade lengths to room size.

Fan Size Room Size Room Type
29″ or less less than 50 sq. ft. Hallway, Laundry Room, Walk-In Closet
36″ up to 75 sq. ft. Breakfast Nook, Large Bathroom
42″ up to 100 sq. ft. Bedroom, Office, Kitchen
52″ up to 225 sq. ft. Master Bedroom, Dining Room, Patio Area
56″ Up to 400 sq. ft. Large Living Room, Great

Now, you may be interested to know if sleeping under a fan, with the cool air blowing over you will do you any harm.

Is Sleeping Under a Ceiling Fan safe?

Hampton Bay AC552 Ceiling Fan in Room

While I was away in the Philippines, I came down with muscle aches, which I thought was part of a detox I was doing. My legs were particularly sore and my Filipino wife advised me not to sleep with the fan blowing cool air directly onto you. She believed that it can cause gas to build up in the body and had heard of a case of death. I was very sceptical as coming from a cooler country, no way could I sleep at night without cool air blowing over me.

Well, after doing some research on this I came up with this answer thankfully. Muscles may feel sore and tense up the morning after sleeping under a ceiling fan, due to concentrated cool airflow. However, much to my relief, there are no significant risks, so the bottom line: As long as you feel comfortable, it is safe to keep the fan going through the night while you sleep. If you have any concerns then make sure you sleep away from the direct airflow. The same goes for sleeping with an air conditioner on.

I can say, that after a few days of tense muscles, the pain left and I put it down to a mild detox due to all of the fruit I had been eating.

Ok, that said, there are a few drawbacks of leaving your fan on at night.

First, your fan will be circulating dust and pollen which can aggravate sinuses and allergies.

Second, you may also find that your skin is drier and your throat may also be drier. Not a big deal if you use something to moisturize your skin with and stay hydrated with plenty of water.

Here is another question that we regularly get:

Does Hampton Bay Have a Website?

This is often asked as those of you who have bought a Hampton Bay product may be experiencing some issues and not know where to turn to. We often get mixed up with being the official Hampton Bay website, but I can assure you we are not. We merely help people, like yourselves, with locating manuals for their product. As far as I know, there is no official Hampton Bay website.

So, who is Hampton Bay?

Hampton Bay is a brand of lighting, patio furniture and ceiling fans from the Home Depot company across the United States. Any queries and problems should be directed towards them. The actual manufacturer of the products may be located in China, as most products are produced there, however, the brand is distributed by Home Depot. They can be contacted on 855-HD-Hampton

Hampton Bay AC552 ceiling fan wobble
ac 552 wobble

Another question, which is covered in the manual below is:

Why is my Hampton Bay AC-522 Ceiling Fan not working?

This is maybe why you are at this page to begin with.

The answer is, you may need to check the circuit breakers and switch fuses. Before you do this, you will need to make sure that the main power is switched off. Consult the manual below for further help.

You may also need to check that the wire connections to the fan and the wire connections to the switch within the switch housing are not damaged.

Why Is My Ceiling Fan Noisy?

  1. You may need to check all the motor housing screws to ensure they are tight.
  2. Check that the screws connecting the blades to the motor hub are also tight.
  3. If your ceiling fan is new, allow 24 hours of usage time to allow the fan time to settle. Most noises associated with a new ceiling fan tend to disappear within this time frame.

For further information and help please consult the manual below which can be downloaded.

Click Here to Download the Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan Manual

If you are a proud owner of a ceiling fan then you will no doubt know the value it can add to your home, not just with keeping you cool, but also making the home look more stylish and liveable. Bottom line is, a ceiling fan adds value to your home, in looks and in sellable price.

Please take a look around our other posts and feel free to check out our other manuals all located on our ceiling fans manuals page.

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Click Here to download the Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan Manual

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