AC-552 Ceiling Fan Manual, Parts, Remote & Troubleshooting: The Definitive Guide!

AC-552 Ceiling Fan installed in a room.
AC-552 Ceiling Fan

I found myself in the ceiling fan aisle of my local Home Depot utterly perplexed while shopping for the perfect bedroom fan. Brands like Hampton Bay might as well have been speaking a foreign language with their AC-552s and other model numbers. All I wanted was something sleek yet functional to keep my room breezy in the summer and efficiently circulate warm air during the winter. So what do we know about the Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan and how can we help troubleshoot your problems with this fan?

The Hampton Bay AC-552 ceiling fan is also known as Model # Y52YH5-06. Its UL listing[1][2] is AC-552 which means it has been rigorously tested and meets nationally recognized standards for safety. The fan comes complete with five blades, a light kit, and a pull chain.

Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan Picture
Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan Picture

It’s important to note that AC-552 is not unique to a specific fan. You should be able to locate a sticker on your ceiling fan with the additional UPC number or model info. If you are unsure check the photo above to see if it matches the look of your ceiling fan, which is the Model # Y52YH5-06. If it doesn’t match, then take a look at our list of ceiling fan manuals and find the fan that looks like yours. It has also been associated with the Model number e75795.

I have personally spent over 10 years researching and testing ceiling fans to ensure we provide the most up to date and relevant information. Many hours have been spent in locating the right manuals to ensure you have the most accurate information available for the AC-552 Ceiling Fan.

Keep reading as we discuss the following in this article:

  • AC-552 Manual with Download Link
  • AC-552 Ceiling Fan Remote
  • Replacement Parts for the AC-552 Ceiling Fan
  • AC-552 Light Kit, Blades & Capacitors
  • Wiring Diagram For the AC-552 Ceiling Fan
  • Trouble Shooting and Installing The AC-552 Fan
  • Concluding Review of the AC552 Ceiling Fan

So let’s get into discussing this further and providing you with all of the details you might need.

Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan Manual Download Link

This is the PDF downloadable copy of the Hampton Bay AC-552 ceiling fan manual:

Click Here to Download the Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan Manual

When you click the link above you will be taken to a download page where you will be given further instructions to get your free copy of the manual along with installation instructions and parts.

Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan Video Guide

AC-552 Ceiling Fan Remote

If you are having trouble with your remote or you need a replacement remote for the AC-552 ceiling fan then you can replace it with this model RR7083TUDL with Up Light (UC7083T) Remote Control which can be found here: RR7083TUDL with Up Light (UC7083T) Remote Control for Hampton Bay (

If you are having problems with your existing remote not working then check out our extensive remote troubleshooting guide here: Troubleshooting Hampton Bay Remotes

Replacement Parts For The AC-552 Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan comes with the following parts:

  • Five Fan blades
  • Canopy
  • Hanger Bracket
  • 1 Downrod Assembly & 1 Extra Downrod
  • Fan Motor Assembly
  • Set of 5 Blade Brackets
  • Light Kit
  • Switch Housing
  • Glass Shade
  • 2 Pull Chain and FOB
  • 2 60 Watt Medium Base Light Bulbs
  • Mounting Hardware – 3 Wire Nuts
  • Blade Attachment Hardware – 16 Screws
  • Balance Kit

If you need help locating any of these parts then please check out our guide: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

AC-552 Light Kit, Blades & Capacitors

Here is a brief summary of installing the light kit. Be sure to download the manual above which gives detailed instructions.

  1. Power Off: Disconnect power by turning off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse before starting.
  2. Attach Light Kit: Remove the plug from the switch housing, attach the light kit, and secure it tightly to prevent vibrations.
  3. Wiring Connections: Connect the white and blue wires from the switch housing to the corresponding wires on the light kit (white to white, blue to black).
  4. Connect Wires: Snap together the wire connection plugs while holding the light kit assembly under the fan.
  5. Secure Light Kit: Push all wires back into the switch housing and install the light kit assembly onto the mounting plate with provided screws.
  6. Install Pull Chains: Pass the pull chains through the chain holders on the light kit, and install the fobs to the pull chains.
  7. Bulb Installation: Install two 60-watt bulbs (included) and the glass shade with thumb screws, ensuring not to over-tighten.
  8. Restore Power: Turn on the power to make the light kit operational.
  9. Troubleshooting: If the light kit doesn’t work, turn off the electricity, lower the canopy on the ceiling fan, and check that the blue wire is connected to the black household wire.

The Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling fan comes complete with five blades, if you need any replacement blades or capacitors that might be faulty, please check out our Guide: Hampton Bay Replacement Parts where we cover how to locate the right part in-depth.

Check out the wiring diagram below

Wiring Diagram For the AC-552 Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay AC-552 Wiring Diagram Figure 1

Below are optional wall control wiring.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan AC-552 Wiring Diagram Figure 2 & Figure 3
Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan AC-552 Wiring Diagram Figure 2 & Figure 3

Troubleshooting & Installing The AC-552 Fan

Below are some common problems associated with the Hampton Bay AC-552 Ceiling Fan.

Why Is My Hampton Bay AC-522 Ceiling Fan Not Working?

The answer is, that you may need to check the circuit breakers and switch fuses. Before you do this, you will need to make sure that the main power is switched off. Consult the manual below for further help.
You may also need to check that the wire connections to the fan and the wire connections to the switch within the switch housing are not damaged.

Why Is My Ceiling Fan Noisy?

  1. You may need to check all the motor housing screws to ensure they are tight.
  2. Check that the screws connecting the blades to the motor hub are also tight.
  3. If your ceiling fan is new, allow 24 hours of usage time to allow the fan time to settle. Most noises associated with a new ceiling fan tend to disappear within this time frame.
    For further information and help please consult the manual below which can be downloaded.
    For the installation instructions please download the manual with the download link above.

Conclusion & Review

Once installed, the AC-552 exceeded my modest bedroom expectations. Even my cat Pepper seems happier as she stretches out napping in patches of sunlight the fan spreads through my room. The faint whirring white noise is somehow soothing, lulling me to sleep each night. I almost forget it’s there until the seasons change and I reach for that remote to switch the direction. Who knew something as simple as a ceiling fan could improve my quality of life so much? When hot summer rolls around again, I know right where to find the perfect model to keep every room breezy and comfortable. The Hampton Bay AC-552: an unexpected solution to beat the heat and keep your energy bills affordable.

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