About Us

About Hampton Lighting Advice

I’m Juan Paul, the guy behind HamptonLightingAdvice. I work with a small team of volunteers helping people like you to find answers and solutions to your Home Decor problems, including locating manuals and information related to Home Decor items.

I’ve been interested in Home Decor over the last few years and have become obsessed with improving my knowledge of the industry through research and hands-on experience.

Nearly every day you’ll find me searching for newly updated trends and styles to help myself and others who visit this site. Over the last few years, this website has grown into a pillar of the Home Decor industry with tens of thousands of site visitors each month.

Spending many years with a self-owned digital imaging and photography business from 1998 to 2005, I was able to bring the creative flair into Home Improvement and Decor which is very visually driven.

When I am not involved with anything to do with Home Improvement you will find me at home playing the piano and keyboards, having graduated Royal School of Music Grade 7 examinations back in 2003.

I enjoy also writing and composing music having composed a number of piano pieces in my spare time.